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It's baaaaack! #whywelomo

It's baaaaack! #whywelomo

Max Pinckers , Brussels/Ghent, Belgium Favorite Lomo cameras: LC-A+ Favorite effect produced by Lomo cameras: Colors, double exposure, analogue Favorite film: Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus Professional (EPP) Favorite photos taken with a Lomo camera How long have you been doing Lomography? Three years. What got you started in Lomography? I started with Lomography because I wanted to be a photographer. I thought that an LC-A would be a good buy for a first camera. When I got it I was so excited that I spent the first few days riding my bike through Ghent shooting everyone that I passed on the bike. It became something so exciting, spontaneous and magic that I became a complete addict! I took my little pocket sized LC-A with me everywhere I went. I began to photograph my everyday life, my friends, the people I met and the places I went. I began to experiment with long exposures, ...

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BCBG vs. Proenza??

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is a brand that’s so widely carried an advertised, most of us probably have some preconceived notions about what the brand...