My Singapore News - A simmering dissent brewing

Over the weekend I read a forum letter in the ST expressing aloud the fear that there will be no minority president in the future. Today I read that the Tamil language on the sign boards of a hospital was removed and only English and Chinese were left. The fear on the president issue is the need for a popularly elected President and statistically it is biased in favour of the majority. The minority races would be disadvantaged. The reason given for removing Tamil from the signboards was that the customer profile in Khoo Teck Puat hospital does not necessitate the use of Tamil language. The excuse is lame for sure. Taken simply, the problems will only be solved if the proportion of minority races increases to a point where all are more or less equal. This, I think, shall not take too long and it is only a matter of time when all the 4 racial groups will form about 25% each ...

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