03 Sep '11, 8am

The rear desk #singapore

The rear desk #singapore

“We had a house of squawkers and scrapers,” recalled Ruth Chia, daughter of Paul Abisheganaden who passed away recently (Straits Times, 2 September 2011, Death of a maestro). I was one of them. I must have squawked and scraped more than most. I was probably no more than 13 or 14 when I first set foot in his house, introduced by my music teacher to play the cello in the amateur orchestra that Abisheganaden led. I think they were short of cellists, so even students were drafted to help out. On the other hand, learning to play in an orchestra is part and parcel of learning music; you get to learn about co-ordination within a group, tone and volume control (when to pull back, when to push forward to take the melodic line), phrasing and dynamics, and a hundred other things that you can never quite learn playing solo. In a sense, the drafting was an integral part of learning mus...

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