26 Aug '11, 7am


August 26th, 2011 | Author: Denesa The PRICE of not earning an income when not being a tai tai (rich man’s wife) : To feel GUILT-STRICKEN when overspending. I have reminded myself not to overspend since I gave up my career. I am proud that I have been resisting all temptations to BUY although the sky seems to fall on me overnight especially when I have always been able to spend without guilt with my self-earned income. During this period, I have successfully taught myself what is value for money and how I could buy at lower cost the same range of products from smaller retail shops. Though my sponsor at home has not advised me against shopping or buying, I have volunteered to be considerate by SAVING - of course except for GOOD FOOD and BOOKS! So, I have practised self-discipline till this week when I have the sudden urge to BUY! Supermarket. Bookshop. Kids’ shop. Day in, d...

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