24 Aug '11, 2pm

Wheel Sport

Don't ever think that when you start working, you might lost all your time to your job! So today, I give myself a off day so that I am able to play! Before I am going to type any more, here a video to introduce you the sport I am playing(Video Quality Low) Cool right! This girl is my inspire to play slalom. Don't Look At Me! I am still a freaking noob kays!

Full article: http://www.ahgirlplussize.com/2011/08/wheel-sport.html


Blacklist Buyer: Gabe WJ'slzx

ahgirlplussize.com 25 Aug '11, 9pm

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1850480301 Name : Gabe WJ'slzx Reason for being: Backoff order last min before goin...

The Glass Spinning Wheel by Andy Paiko

The Glass Spinning Wheel by Andy Paiko

deluxeduck.livejournal.com 20 Aug '11, 6am

a fully functioning spinning wheel crafted in blown glass and Mexican Cocobolo wood with a black leather double-drive belt.

In two years, the Singapore Flyer will no longe...

todayonline.com 20 Aug '11, 5am

Las Vegas has announced plans for the world's tallest Ferris wheel, which will be more than 100ft (30.48m) higher than the...