19 Aug '11, 6am

By @rinaz Marina's Bloggariffic - A beautiful day boating in Capri

The day after the wedding, Alessandra and Fabrizio arranged for all of us to go boating around the island. I was very excited at the thought. Even though Cart and I already have done this , but the day was extra special as we’d be surrounded by friends.

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Newsflash of the day!

Newsflash of the day!

blogshopr.com 23 Aug '11, 7pm

Simply buy any O2 mask instock & a full size instock Innsifree/Holika Holika skincare item to get this Gorgeous Tony Moly ...

ShopBop Day!

ShopBop Day!

thebaghagdiaries.com 24 Aug '11, 3am

My top picks (which includes a perennial favorite)-- The Bags: Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffel You ask, again? But why? O...

Solar Powered Boating: The State Of The Art #green

Solar Powered Boating: The State Of The Art #green

metaefficient.com 20 Aug '11, 6pm

Powering boats with solar power makes a lot of sense. Solar power is a highly portable source of energy, and this is ideal...

New blog post : Our last day in gorgeous Capri ...

rinaz.net 26 Aug '11, 6am

It was our last day in Capri and as always, we woke up to another beautiful morning. I was already feeling a little sad at...

Teachers’ Day Special «

adelogy.wordpress.com 30 Aug '11, 6pm

Look out for the Teachers’ Day Special on the 2nd of September. It was my first time doing an ‘interview’ sort of thing. A...

New blog post : A wedding in Capri

rinaz.net 10 Aug '11, 10am

Anyhoo, after our lunch, we returned back to the hotel to change for the wedding! I was feeling rather nervous that I was ...