The long and not so winding trek down a route less travelled #OurRailCorridor @greencorridorsg

The long and not so winding trek down a route less travelled #OurRailCorridor @greencorridorsg

Among the things that I was able to find out from the brief encounters with BG Tan that the trek afforded, was that there were as yet no specific plans for the redevelopment of the former railway land, that despite Mr George Yeo’s speech in his capacity as Foreign Minister during the budget debate in March of this year in which he made mention of plans in place for the development of Silat Estate and the expansion of the One North Busines Park commencing from 1st July (see Straits Times report dated 4 March 2011 ). There also are no specific plans as yet for Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Bukit Timah Railway Station which many would like to see use of which would make it more accessible to members of the public than what we have seen with a few other National Monuments and Conserved Buildings. One thing that was significant that did come out was that there were indeed c...

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