09 Jul '11, 10pm

Blogged: Abbreviations that ought to exist

I tweet more often than I blog these days, and sometimes I wish there were more universally-understood abbreviations so I could type less and say more within the 140-character straitjacket. These would be handy, for example: OOC: Out Of Curiosity OTP: On The Phone (I've been trying to bring this to IMing for years) NNTR: No Need To Reply (as brought to my attention by the Email Charter ) TLFT: Too Long For Twitter Labels: Life in the internet age

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Inspiration to b a cheapest fashionista

yasminetran.blogspot.com 08 Jul '11, 8am

Witness the largest e-commerce community come to you “live” for the first time in Malaysia! Browse through more than 250 b...

Lipsy Advertorial blogged

Lipsy Advertorial blogged

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, that defines the spirit of modern fashion, a label conceived only with