• tmi.me - NathanTheWanted: Quick stop off

    tmi.me 06 Aug '12, 9am

    Quick stop off in Singapore to change for flight to Sydney! Gutted we are not getting the chance to visit Singapore today, but will be coming back soon to see ya all!!!

  • FearDept: Good news! Our

    tmi.me 11 Oct '13, 11am

    FearDept @FearDept Good news! Our financial partners are now firing customers at the mere mention of #bitcoin. http://www.coindesk.com/capital-one-closes-bank-account-bitcoin/ via @bitcoininfo #BTC 2013-10-11

  • YMCMB_BW: Bow Wow

    tmi.me 13 Feb '13, 4pm

    Bow Wow & Chris Brown to team up in film world! Plus Bow Wow speaks on Air Jordan Commercial & Theme Song http://thegrio.com/2013/02/12/bow-wow-on-teaming-up-with-chris-brown-gonna-be-big-in-the-film-world/

  • sophiesumner: I can't quite

    tmi.me 13 Oct '12, 3pm

    I can't quite get my head round the fact Singapore is 12 hours ahead... It's like there in the future over there... It's Sunday over there!! #itsthesmallthings

  • Yeowoogata: When I walked

    tmi.me 04 May '13, 11am

    When I walked to onew and he said x"annyeonghaseyo" to me I almost fainted. I told him I was a fan from singapore and he just ohhhhh, singapore? My interaction with him was the least and the most normal bc he was the first in line, and my brain wasn't working, but he was all smiles an...

  • InfiniteUpdates: RT @.seobified

    tmi.me 16 Jan '13, 3pm

    RT @.seobified: INFINITE turned back when we mentioned Singapore HAHAHAHA they don't know when they're coming back tho! Dongwoo said he wanna come back

  • OfficialChip: RT @LaLa_Laikz

    tmi.me 01 Dec '12, 1pm

    RT @LaLa_Laikz: Cos all she ever talk about is Louis, Louis.. All she ever talk about is Louis Vuitton and nigga I can't fuck with her no more.

  • BAP_Bangyongguk: #SEOUL #NEWYOR

    tmi.me 28 Jun '14, 2pm