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A Durian Revolution? Scientists found a way to remove the bad smell:

A Durian Revolution? Scientists found a way to remove the bad smell:

It sounds like it's too good to be true. But Songpol Somsri, a Thai government scientist, has successfully eliminated the offensive smell from durian and may soon make signs like the one above obsolete. The odorless variety, Chantaburi No. 1, and similar subsequent varieties are poised to hit Thai markets by 2013 or 2014. North American and European markets, where Somsri expects to make significant inroads for the controversial fruit, are expected to follow afterward. Whether it turns into a smashing success remains to be seen, however, because this new durian is practically soulless, say its detractors.

Full article: http://www.thedailymeal.com/soulless-durian




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Inginnn!!! Durian Ucok #fruit #culinary #NGIDERmedan #visitMedan #medan #indonesia @ Ucok Durian

Inginnn!!! Durian Ucok #fruit #culinary #NGIDER...

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AsianCorrespondent - The durian experience – Ma...

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Its fans believe it to be one of the world’s greatest delicacies, yet equally as many have derided its flavor in extremely...

Es durian

Es durian

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Aaaaaa :'9~ #melted #pancake #durian

Aaaaaa :'9~ #melted #pancake #durian

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Lempok durian asli lampung silahkan dicoba

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Cara Memasak Rendang Padang seperti rendangnya orang Minang Ingin membuat masakan rendang sapi, tapi maunya memiliki cita ...

Durian Pontianak @ Durian Teuku Umar

Durian Pontianak @ Durian Teuku Umar

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Pesta Durian~

Pesta Durian~

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Durian eating session at Lloyd's pad. :) @ Avida Towers New Manila

Durian eating session at Lloyd's pad. :) @ Avid...

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Durian eating session at Lloyd's pad. :)

Ibu made the day ~ ~(/´▽`)/ #kuliner #durian

Ibu made the day ~ ~(/´▽`)/ #kuliner #durian

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Surga dunia no. 5 "@andidfatin: Pancake durian \m/

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HOLY SHIT!!! @andrewzimmern Now they're pandering to you: #wimp

HOLY SHIT!!! @andrewzimmern Now they're panderi...

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In a shady grove of tall, half-wild durian trees, Dr. Songpol pauses to crack open the Chanthaburi #2, a hybrid of the pop...