24 Sep '15, 10am

순내정 헬로비너스 3회 열대과일 베스트 5 The Ranking Is Up To Me! …: How can they put durian on last number?

[ English / Japanese / Chinese subtitles will be available soon! ] [ Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function! ] [★순내정 매주 수요일 공개! Coming every Wednesday!] 헬로비너스의 2015 아듀 SUMMER TIME! 여름&유영이 야심차게 준비한 열대과일은?! 물놀이를 마치고 즐기는 헬로비너스의 새콤달콤 열대과일 시식! HELLOVENUS's favorite Tropical fruit best 5! The Ranking Is Up To Me! (Soon Nae Jung) #‎HELLOVENUS Episode

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There are no words to explain this fruit, Abe and I went through some pain and misery trying to eat this. Pain that we hop...