05 May '15, 1pm

Crisco’s Challenge: Eat Durian! We brought in @TDurianKSTP​ to try the fruit that he shares his name with:

Durian is a fruit and a delicacy in some parts of the world. But it smells and tastes utterly disgusting. So we brought in Tom Durian from KSTP-TV to try the fruit that he shares his name with. Crisco tried it as well.

Full article: http://www.ks95.com/criscos-challenge-eat-durian/


Durian Fruit Of Southeast Asia

exploretraveler.com 03 May '15, 3pm

Durian Fruit is know through out all of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Southeast Asian Countries, as the “King of Fru...

Durian Oh Durian via @shakiddo

Durian Oh Durian via @shakiddo

shakiddo.com 05 May '15, 6am

Ramai yang pulang ke kampung. Aku pun pulang ke Sungai Besar. Tetapi postpone pada pagi Jumaat sebab dapat tahu jalan agak...