17 Sep '14, 2pm

Düsseldorf trio The Durian Brothers to debut on @KONTRAMUSIK with Das Macht Modern mini LP

The Durian Brothers are known for an alternative take on music making, and a facet of their production process often involves prepared turntables, where elastic bands and other objects are used to create sounds that are then looped, sequenced or effected with pedals and other generators. Made up of Stefan Schwander, Mark Matter and Florian Meyer, the three Durian Brothers run their own Diskant label which has so far released all of their music, two records by Harmonious Thelonious and debuted Meyer’s solo project Don’t DJ. Kontra are clearly excited they’ve lured the trio away from their label for the first time by saying, “this mini album is so soaked in organic movement and compulsive rhythms that it should probably be tried out as a experimental treatment for coma patients.” Listen to the aforementioned “Weggeputscht” below and more of the release over at Kontra-Musik’s

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Durian crepe! Yummy!

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