16 Oct '17, 7pm

Let’s talk about Durian Riders legacy. The positives and the negatives. https://t.co/CBbDLkj2tl

Now that Durian Rider's main channel has been terminated what is his legacy. In this video I talk about the postive and negative mark he's left on the vegan youtube community. And also we have an update. Harley is now uploading onto a new channel and a European marxist has claimed responsibilty for the channel take down.

Full article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgLzc-kGJII&feature=youtu.be


Durian Rider’s Channel has been Terminated http...

youtube.com 15 Oct '17, 8pm

FREELEE is gone from Instagram, I predict DURIANRIDER's channel will be terminated today

I liked a @YouTube video

youtube.com 16 Oct '17, 12pm

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I liked a @YouTube video

youtube.com 19 Oct '17, 1pm

Menampilkan Dimas Danang dan Imam Darto, duo kocak ini akan mengomentari berbagai macam hal, mulai dari video, footage, ga...