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  • New blog post from @zoeraymond on online smart casual dresses shopping Singapore

    Le-Contour:Japan Edition 2

    zoeraymond.com 18 Nov '17, 2am

    Hi! My name is Zoe! In 2008, I decided to start a blog as an online diary for friends and family. I write about everything from how my day was to travelogues and food! And because I wanted to eat so much good food, I needed to stay fit! So I signed myself up for my first ever yoga cla...

  • Love to eat and Travel and eat even more while maintaining fitness? Then you’re going to want to check out...

    Vivre opens at Bugis Junction!

    zoeraymond.com 18 Apr '16, 3am

    We left the store very happy, especially Christine! She bought a top, tights and a new yoga mat! Vivre is always stepping up their game to manufacture new gears for you to pick from every month, so do follow them on IG @vivreactivewear.com to be informed of new arrivals going up the r...

  • #TGIF! Relax this weekend & try #yoga w/FUTURO tips & tricks from @ZoeRaymond

    Yoga with 3M Futuro

    zoeraymond.com 28 Aug '15, 8pm

    There are a lot of standing postures in yoga that hurts my knee, especially the warrior poses. In fact, it is not just yoga, most sportsmen would face knee pains sometime or another, whether you are a runner, tennis player, badminton player or even a ballerina! 3M™ FUTURO Custom Dial ...

  • Check out this blog by Zoe... Cool Stuff!!!

    Blink Mints!

    zoeraymond.com 09 Jan '14, 11am

    These are the 5 fruity flavors of Blink Mints ! Having tried them all, Blackcurrant and Blink PeachBerry are my favorites! I haven't had anything close to a strawberry flavor mint so I was really excited to taste it and falling in love with it! I love anything blackcurrant flavored an...

  • @usachu_

    Sparking eyes.

    zoeraymond.com 18 Sep '13, 7pm

    I've ordered these contact lens online before, some of them always come faulty or torn even and hurts my eyes. Ended up wasting more money when initially wanted to save some money.

  • @halalSG here it is thanks! towards the bottom. i'll pull out the quote for you

    Tokyo, Japan- Day 5!

    zoeraymond.com 22 Jul '13, 8am

    Tsukiji Market consists of an inner market where most of the wholesale business and the famous tuna auctions are taking place, and an outer market whose retail shops and restaurants carter to the public. A few restaurants are also found in the inner market. I didn't wake up at 4am to ...

  • Blogged Mothers' Day dinner with the supermoms!!!

    Happy Mothers' Day!!

    zoeraymond.com 13 May '13, 12am

    The meal worked out to be about S$300. Not very cheap to think of it. The portions were very small. But I liked some of the dishes like the Black pepper crabs, pork ribs and white bee hoon. The kids favorite is the prawn paste chicken. They finished our plate and 1/4 of the adults' ta...

  • Hi guys @_episkey @felzywelzy I wanna try

    CreaTeaf Waffles.

    zoeraymond.com 02 Apr '13, 3am

    CreaTeaf is focused on serving quality specialty tea and coffee, as well as delicious sweet and savory waffles. They believe quality drinks and food do not need elaborate apparatus and brand. Simplicity and back to basic delivers the best result. CreaTeaf believe that Quality does not...

  • En route to a perfect smile.

    zoeraymond.com 21 Mar '13, 1pm

    HEy Zoe thanks for the interesting post on ur amazing journey! Can I ask if there is a way of accelerating the braces journey to like 1yr or so instead of 1.5yrs and will it be more ex??? I see that you wear metal braces. DO u recommend those ceramic or any other kind that you know wh...

  • Everyone is ravin abt Shiok Maki. Here's me dining there twice and combined in 1 post so I can blog&share more food!

    Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

    zoeraymond.com 15 Mar '13, 11pm

    With Melody! She drove us to dinner again! Hehe! Ignore my unsightly baby hair. I find it sooo annoying and there was once that I complained to a friend about them and he replied, you must be glad that you are still growing hair! Lololol! Our new favorite spot to take ootd is Sheila's...

    1. Shiok ohsofickle.blogspot.com 17 Mar '13, 2pm
  • FINALLY! Blogged my Flea sale with many pictures! See the crowd, no joke, book your stalls!

    Flea with For Flea Sake!

    zoeraymond.com 12 Mar '13, 12pm

    This is such a backdated post, I am so sorry and thank you for being patient with me. Work has been really busy and I haven't been prompt on the blog. Anyway, remember I was sharing that I did my second flea last month at Scape, Cineleisure? (((: This flea, I had it with my sister, Zo...

  • Blogged my Saturday with my Godson!

    I love you, Zyan!!!

    zoeraymond.com 03 Mar '13, 4am

    Zyan is one of the few babies i see with so many expressions and poses, ever since he was a few months old. And so, the 3 of us took Zyan to gai gai. It was my treat to Zyan's very first swimming lesson! He had so much fun and kicked like crazy. Zyan is a natural in the water! Too man...

  • Hihi! I have been hardworking and blogged about my Chinese New Year 初一 2013!!! Please read! (:

    Chinese New Year Day 1 初一 2013!

    zoeraymond.com 26 Feb '13, 1am

    Kueh Bangkit is my other favorite CNY goodie after Pineapple tarts! I love this shot because there is my yummy CNY snack and pretty close up prints of my favorite dress! (: Pretty sad to see that we visit lesser and lesser houses these days. I share that with my friends and they agree...

  • Blogged about my Reunion Dinner!

    Reunion Dinner 2013.

    zoeraymond.com 22 Feb '13, 5am

    Took awhile to filter the pictures but here's the start of my Lunar New Year blog posting as promised! Reunion dinner is always a day earlier so everyone can dine together that is my Gugu's family too. Xiao Shu (Small Uncle) just got a new dog so it's my first time meeting Roxy! (:

  • With the Lunar New Year reaching us in a few days time... Read about your 2013 Zodiac Feng Shui!

    2013 Zodiac Feng Shui

    zoeraymond.com 04 Feb '13, 12pm

    OVERALL: 2013 is predicted to be a good year for Horse people. While there can be some challenging energy that can negatively affect your health and work life, you can control it with proper feng shui cures for health, as well as career cures. WEALTH and CAREER: You will find good sup...

  • Today's blog post has pretty pictures of Zonia Raymond and I! Also the best Putu Piring in Singapore!

    Putu Piring.

    zoeraymond.com 02 Feb '13, 2pm

    Not too sure if you have done you new year shopping! This Cheongsum dress came just in time! Didn't have chance to wear it out yet so it was some pictures taken at home before Zonia and I headed out for our hair appointment with Von! The dress is slightly loose for me at the bust area...

  • Had lunch at one of my favorite buffet place because of Abacus Kick Off 2013!!!

    Gala Night 2013

    zoeraymond.com 01 Feb '13, 2pm

    Been really busy at work these days! We just completed an annual event with some training and goals for the new year! We wear a different Abacus Polo tee every year and am always looking forward to it! (: Wore it with Hollyhoque's Tweed Between Gold Skirt which you can still get it he...

  • Auspicious colours to wear on CNY!

    zoeraymond.com 31 Jan '13, 2pm

    HELLO! Thank you for visiting! I have done up a tab "Post worth reading", in there you can find frequently asked questions, makeup tutorials, posts on beauty and food! Alternatively, you can look for LABELS, also on this side bar! My posts are well categorized so you know just where t...

  • Blogged a new Korean BBQ place I had with the girls a few weekends ago! If you love Korean like us... go read!

    Superstar K with Purink!

    zoeraymond.com 29 Jan '13, 1am

    After the initial consultant and recommendation of number of treatments has been discussed you are booked for your first treatment. The area to be treated is cleaned and shaved then the chilled hand piece is applied directly to the skin. Once the entire area has been treated, calming ...

  • Blogged my CNY nails; Bed of Roses by The Nail Status.

    Bed of Roses by The Nail Status.

    zoeraymond.com 11 Jan '13, 1pm

    It's my second long skirt from this online store! The last asymetrical one was so well received, you will now see more of these classy black skirts. This time round, I didn't have it all black, i paired the skirt with a dressy top so you see if looks good casual/ semi-formal. The skir...

  • TNS New Year gathering at Trattoria Lafiandra. Very good Italian food!

    Trattoria Lafiandra.

    zoeraymond.com 10 Jan '13, 1am

    Dropped by the Hollyhoque office to meet Sheila to go for dinner with the TNS girls. I was in Hollyhoque 's Pantkins and a sequinned top initially but Sheila recommended her latest neon colored blazers. Melody got the one in yellow while I got the orange one. The blazers are now avail...

  • Blogged: Caught a movie which I have been waiting for release for months now with my girls!

    Wreck-it with Purink!

    zoeraymond.com 06 Jan '13, 2pm

    Movie timeeeeee! Got en to book us tickets cause it's hardly possible to get tickets on Saturday night. En got us tickets 5 hours before the movie and the best seats available were second row from the front ):

  • For the ♥ of SUSHI ZOE RAYMOND: Maki-San – Design Your Own Sushi and Salad!

    Maki-San – Design Your Own Sushi and Salad!

    zoeraymond.com 17 Dec '12, 2pm

    After the walk, went to The Cathay for dinner. En recommended Maki-San which allows us to Design Your Own Sushi and Salad. We love Japanese food, especially Sushi, so we were there.

  • Hello Kitty Love!:

    Hello Kitty Love!

    zoeraymond.com 14 Dec '12, 12am

    The new 4300mAh Hello Kitty Portable Charger lets u charge your phone longer! It allows you to charge up your smartphones to 100% effortlessly. Blue light indicator for your kitty's current battery level. Promo: Like fb page + Key in "ZOERAYMOND" in voucher code for 10% discount with ...

  • Christmas Shopping with Kwerkee!

    Christmas Shopping with Kwerkee!

    zoeraymond.com 12 Dec '12, 3am

    I am sure everyone has heard of Reebonz. If you haven't, Reebonz ia a renowned luxury fashion e-tailer where fashionable people shop Prada, Miu Miu, Coach at big fat discounts. On the 16 April 2012, Reebonz has proudly debuted Kwerkee , a website dedicated to all things aesthetically ...

  • Dinner at Mikuni, Fairmont Singapore. This is the most experience Japanese restaurant i've been too!:


    zoeraymond.com 23 Nov '12, 8am

    Had lunch with a new colleague in AIPL HQ at Raffles City. He made a reservation at Mikuni at Fairmont located at Raffles City. It's my first time to Mikuni and i thought it looked real grand!

  • Blogged on this super nice cafe which serves really good waffles! Drools*

    Strangers' Reunion.

    zoeraymond.com 22 Nov '12, 1am

    The place is unable to occupy many so be there early especially weekends. As I was sitting at the first table nearest to the door, I heard some asking for tables of 6 and such and being asked to wait. I am not too sure if they take reservations, but here's their number, you may like t...

  • Hiii! I blogged about my Dewali holiday with my family!

    Happy Dewali!

    zoeraymond.com 16 Nov '12, 3am

    The manager was really nice to give us a private room for the 6 of us. Though i've dined there a couple of times now, i haven't realized that they have so many private rooms! They even have a table that can take 19 people! Ah Ma was so happy and said to bring the whole Tan family here...

  • My very first black and white film and it's bloody good!


    zoeraymond.com 15 Nov '12, 12am

    I truly love this movie. It's one of my favorite adult cartoons now. frankenweenie is the first black and white film i have ever watched. When the movie first started, i was thinking to myself, whole movie black n white? I am sure not going to enjoy it. But I was wrong! It's so easy t...

  • Visting Korea, Day Two!

    zoeraymond.com 14 Nov '12, 2am

    The restaurants in Korea expect everyone to order at least 1 main. So if there are 3 of us, we have to order 3 even if 1 person is not dining. This was the bad thing because we can never seem to finish.