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A divisional director from the Manpower ministry gave testimony last week at the Committee of Inquiry looking into the Little India riot. Based on a report in the ...

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  • Brompton bikes, before the real story gets erased

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 20 Aug '15, 6am

    Second: how was the particular brand, Brompton, chosen? NParks clarified that it had no particular brand in mind. It was open to considering all brands. Hence, the quotation on the Government website adopted general specifications to ensure that as many dealers as possible could come ...

  • Rich but feeling empty, exhausted and alienated

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 30 Jun '15, 10am

    Wealth does not buy happiness. The state of Singapore society today is perhaps proof of this adage. A newly-released joint study by Gallup and Healthways is a wake-up call to anyone who still thinks that prioritising economic growth is the master key to happiness. Especially coming, a...

  • Saint Lee

    Saint Lee

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 29 May '15, 12am

    It remains unclear how commercial exploitation will be defined and who will be affected by this law. Will political cartoonists who sell books with Mr Lee’s image be banned? Will websites that use non-copyrighted images of him be banned if they display advertisements? Who must apply f...

  • Sack HDB, disband People's Association

    Sack HDB, disband People’s Association |

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 16 Jul '15, 10am

    First, the HDB as part of the government machinery is abusing its power as land owner of common property in HDB estates to help PA to achieve the political objectives of a) preventing elected MPs from holding activities at the excluded sites which are strategically located and conveni...

  • Behind the brat looms an oppressor still | Yawning Bread

    Behind the brat looms an oppressor still

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 17 May '15, 10am

    The judge’s decision therefore involves a reinterpretation of the obscenity law to expand it to include material that draws widespread social disapproval. Now, immense moral wickedness is no longer the threshold for determining “obscenity”. It is sufficient for the material to be shoc...

  • The reporters who wouldn’t let me ignore the Funeral |

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 04 May '15, 1am

    Enough time has passed since the Funeral for me to write about the whirlwind of media enquiries during that period. Virtually all the enquiries came from Western media, though a Hong Kong newspaper was an exception. The initial thrust of questions posed to me was somewhat dismaying. L...

  • A must read on Singapore, past, present and future “@janicekoh: Agree or disagree, read it anyway.

    A second republic

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 08 Feb '15, 1pm

    Among the statements made in an attempt to mollify objections was that sale and consumption of alcohol would remain possible past 10:30 pm inside licensed establishments or in homes. This is still unsatisfactory. Firstly the effect of this would be to drive drinkers into commercial es...

  • Legal Elmina: The judgement by the Court of Appeal, affirming the constitutional validity of Section 377A of

    Legal Elmina

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 04 Nov '14, 10am

    The judgement by the Court of Appeal, affirming the constitutional validity of Section 377A of the Penal Code, is a landmark… in the way that Elmina Castle in Ghana is a landmark. Section 377A is the law that criminalises sex between men and is the fount for a cascade of discriminator...


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