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A divisional director from the Manpower ministry gave testimony last week at the Committee of Inquiry looking into the Little India riot. Based on a report in the ...

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  • New ministry, old ideas

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 20 May '16, 1pm

    Young filmmaker Boo Junfeng posed two questions to Lawrence Wong, the incoming Minister for Community, Culture and Youth during a phone-in chat last Friday evening (14 September 2010). The minister’s responses don’t inspire much confidence. The new MCCY ministry is not yet operational...

  • The sickening sound of sucking up

    The sickening sound of sucking up

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 28 Mar '16, 11pm

    In a Facebook post on Friday (March 25) evening, which has since been shared by around 7,000 users of the social network, Dr Lee [Wei Ling] wrote that her father would have objected to the “hero worship” just a year after his death. “In looking at acts of commemoration in general, I w...

  • To lose one party may be regarded as a misfortune, but three?

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 05 May '16, 6am

    As a person, Chiam See Tong has what many people including those that condemn him in this blog doesn’t have – A BACKBONE! He dared to stand against the PAP and win in Potong Pasir – how many people have done it & done it consistently? No many! So for those who chose to condemn him or ...

  • White is a superior colour, all the rest is dirt

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 09 Apr '16, 2pm

    Personally, I think it’s a dangerous and slippery slope if we value “competence” more than “character”, especially when it comes to leadership. In my humble opinion, both are equally important, and if I have to choose, character trumps competence. Running a country well shouldn’t be p...

  • PAP control of the presidency: Singapore will pay the price

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 20 Feb '16, 3am

    The [Tunisian National Dialogue] Quartet was formed in the summer of 2013 when the democratization process was in danger of collapsing as a result of political assassinations and widespread social unrest. It established an alternative, peaceful political process at a time when the cou...

  • Guess the religion, the country, and the year. #WUT

    Holy murder of freedom of expression

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 22 Feb '16, 2pm

    As Shepherd of his flock, His Grace Archbishop William Goh has made representations to various Ministries and Statutory Boards to communicate the Catholic Church’s grave concerns. Noting that whilst the Catholic community appreciates that “the task of the government in balancing freed...

  • Cup of honour runneth over

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 01 Apr '16, 11am

    The fee to attend is S$3,800. It includes a gala dinner — more champagne under chandeliers? — and two nights’ stay at the Fullerton. Why is accommodation necessary? The Fullerton is barely 200m from Raffles Place MRT station. Perhaps Honour Singapore is thinking of attracting foreigne...

  • Why does thy feel familiar?

    Signs of yes-men

    yawningbread.wordpress.com 20 Mar '16, 1am

    It struck many people as mindless: the notice banning the playing of chess in common areas of public housing at Block 11 Haig Road. How could playing chess in public areas be such a nuisance that it merits a heavy-handed ban? In any case, isn’t the sight of retirees playing chess in v...


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