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  • yax-713 Research controversy risks Singapore's credibility

    yawningbread.org 26 Jun '14, 11am

    The last statement gives a clue as to what A*Star may be striving for: an integrated biomedical sector, where the bottom line is really industry and its contribution to Singapore's economy. A*Star is not in it for pure research or even for medical applications alone, unlike what Lee W...

  • guw-102 Same-sex love in classical Indian literature

    yawningbread.org 11 Dec '13, 8am

    It must be noted that in pre-colonial India, not a single person was ever executed for homosexual behaviour. In contrast, gays were vilified, tortured and/or executed. In 1860, the anti-sodomy law came into being and incorporated in the Indian Penal Code (Section 377). While this prov...

  • imp-116 Extract PM Goh interview Time magazine

    yawningbread.org 28 Jun '14, 11am

    5 February 2003 Q: How much is it a marketing problem as much as because the perception that Singapore isn’t somehow, Singapore is still controlled from the top-down will hamper certain types of foreigners from coming here and setting up a business. And if the reality is different, yo...

  • yax-357 Here's hoping Today doesn't become yesterday

    yawningbread.org 03 May '14, 11am

    One has to be careful how much credence to give to bulletin board “news”. The story making the rounds this week about a management shake-out in the newsroom of ‘Today’ is probably exaggerated. The only thing that I know is definitely correct is that Rahul Pathak has quit as Deputy Edi...

  • yax-444 The mess that is our presidency

    yawningbread.org 23 Apr '11, 4pm

    The government's reply was an empty one (see the excerpt from the Straits Times on the right). Basically it said that the policy on state funerals was "still evolving" and is decided on a case-by-case basis by the Prime Minister and the cabinet. You'd notice that it completely failed ...

  • I don’t know if I can publish the contract but Alex Au has written about some of the workers’ issues before:

    yax-962 Muddy Singapore swallows China workers

    yawningbread.org 11 Mar '13, 10am

    The way things are supposed to work in Singapore is that when employees are in a dispute with en employer, the Ministry of Manpower issues them with special passes so that they can remain in Singapore until the issues have been resolved. Having a letter from the Ministry of Manpower s...

  • @shahsalimat Alex Au wrote about some of it before:

    yax-962 Muddy Singapore swallows China workers

    yawningbread.org 11 Mar '13, 10am

    Wanting to press for a resolution of his dispute with his employer, Xue Hanming, a construction worker originally from Jiangsu, China, called the Ministry of Manpower on 3 December 2008. "Ms Foo [Kim Hui] told me to go down to the ministry the next day," he told me. On the 4th, he arr...

  • #Malay #language

    yax-455 Who is Malay?

    yawningbread.org 19 Jan '14, 1pm

    After the 10th century, the Javanese kingdoms began to eclipse Sri Vijaya and Jambi, and by the 14th century, the new kingdom of Majapahit based in eastern Java conquered most of Sumatra. While Majapahit was not Malay, but Javanese (and Hindu), by then the tradition of seafaring trade...


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