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Advertorial So as I told you guys, my car sponsorship with DUO Rewards is that I get to change my car once every 4 months! The time has comeĀ ...

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  • Professional blogging at its best! @XiaXue Review on Slim Couture

    Review on Slim Couture

    xiaxue.blogspot.com 26 Jul '14, 12am

    This post was written on my Dayre two days ago. I wrote it at 4am - 5am and deleted it at 530am (thereabouts) because I had wrote about a company, Slim Couture, that I was supposed to do a slimming ad for. In the end I rejected the ad as the treatment... Well let's just say it literal...

  • There is only 2 wedding dream theme shoots i would like to do (someday/foreveralone.jpeg lol) with my soul mate...

    Sunrise Greece - Wedding Photoshoot

    xiaxue.blogspot.com 25 Jun '14, 4pm

    When I first got the invitation by Sunrise Greece to go to Greece to do a wedding photoshoot, I must admit I was skeptical. Flying my husband and I to Greece? To Santorini, one of the most beautiful places on Planet Earth, for a shoot? It sounds too good to be true. In any case, I cou...

  • aww dash will be having a great time growing up.. so many cute moments

    Poker with Dash

    xiaxue.blogspot.com 20 Mar '14, 6am

    Only $100 for each small square! Links will be here permanently. Click here to buy your own pixels!

  • @LauraDonovanUA @Sharlynegger @Sombrera and now that I've bummed you out, I leave you with a happy LDR link.


    xiaxue.blogspot.com 30 Apr '14, 6pm

    ON 31ST MARCH 2014 DASH TURNS ONE!! I know a lot of you have requested a meet and greet with Dash! Since I am hosting a birthday party for him and people have requested that they wanted to pass a present to him, I decided to also organize a meet and greet! For the first time ever, if ...

  • "FUCK YOU. Until you become a mom and know how tough it is, please stfu."

    A Prime Choice

    xiaxue.blogspot.com 19 Mar '14, 9am

    When I was pregnant with Dash, I met up with a business associate who is also a mother. She asked me, "So are you going to get a maid?" She was referring to after Dash is born. "No," I replied. She raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Why not?? You're gonna need one." "Nah," I said dismi...

  • The Longest Hiatus: I know you've all missed my blog entries, the ones that aren't advertorials. I've had my l...

    The Longest Hiatus

    xiaxue.blogspot.com 02 Nov '13, 5pm

    I know you've all missed my blog entries, the ones that aren't advertorials. I've had my longest hiatus ever since Dash was born, the longest break I ever took from blogging in ten years. And weirdly enough, it's this period of time that the most exciting thing happened in my life (ha...

  • @Xiaxue hates Michelle Saram a.k.a Ye Sha

    @Xiaxue hates Michelle Saram a.k.a Ye Sha

    xiaxue.blogspot.com 13 May '14, 11am

    Really haven't been blogging properly for a while now.. I used to update everyday, but now, I realised that I don't really have any things to bitch about. Thats coz I seldom go out nowdays, and the only places I go to are June's and Idris' house for projects. However, the projects are...

  • Lazy? I don't think so.

    xiaxue.blogspot.com 17 Apr '14, 4pm

    I'm in quite an awful mood now. Can't quite say the reason, but well, feeling a little bored at home so I thought I'd blog and complain. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH EARLY RISERS?! Seriously man. Since I was a kid, I've always been shaken awake even during weekends by my daddy, as he t...


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