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Every time Avril Lavigne visits Singapore, my wife and I would attend her concert. Her first concert was at SunTec City. Must have been ten ...

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  • Marvel Heroes Omega – The Final Curtain 2017.12.31 – WilfridWong.com

    wilfridwong.com 24 Nov '17, 7am

    This is a transcript for one of my YouTube videos on the final shutdown of Marvel Heroes Omega servers. Hello Marvel Heroes fan, my name is Wilfrid and I have spent around 4,000 hours playing this game. I have also spent US$660 supporting Marvel Heroes. And once upon a time, I was a o...

  • A Spanish Homework: Un Robo Extraordinario Que Tuvo Lugar En Barcelona

    wilfridwong.com 24 Sep '11, 4am

    10 years ago, I worked in the island of Mauritius. While it is a great place for honeymooners, it can be a rather depressing location for the expats. It is because the infrastructure in the country as a whole supports the tourist industry more than the community of foreigners who work...

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love – Finding Your Manhood

    Crazy, Stupid, Love – Finding Your Manhood

    wilfridwong.com 11 Sep '11, 5am

    Cynthia was pretty hyped up about “Crazy, Stupid, Love”. TK went along with the romance comedy wagon. I am a huge fan of romance comedy films. Except, I think, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” is more like a drama of romance than a comedy. Most bits are rather real, rather sad. The 40-year-old v...

  • Apple Of My Eye – A Taiwanese Movie, A Nostalgic One For Me

    Apple Of My Eye – A Taiwanese Movie, A Nostalgic One For Me

    wilfridwong.com 09 Oct '11, 4pm

    How many of us end up spending the rest of our lives with our school day sweethearts? Do you remember the time when love was so awkward, so childish? We kept on reading and sending the signals wrongly, but yet our puppy love affair appeared to be at the center of our universe, all tha...

  • Ayumi Hamasaki Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour Final 7Days Special – Simply Amazing

    Ayumi Hamasaki Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour Final 7Days Special – Simply Amazing

    wilfridwong.com 01 Oct '11, 3am

    I have been collecting Ayumi’s concert recording for years. Each time I would think to myself: there is no way she can top that. And she tops her performance time and time again. Imagine a concert with a massive stage that extends deep into the audience, giant screens that blend the v...

  • Nan Lian Garden

    Nan Lian Garden

    wilfridwong.com 26 Oct '11, 12pm

    Today is Deepavali. We will never forget last year’s Deepavali when we started our trip stuck behind four and half hours of traffic jam crawling from Singapore to Malaysia. I put my bladder to the ultimate test. Since then, we have not driven to Malaysia. According to local news, earl...

  • Friends With Benefits – Mila Is Adorable

    Friends With Benefits – Mila Is Adorable

    wilfridwong.com 16 Oct '11, 12pm

    I don’t think it has anything to do with aging (I hope). It was a pretty hectic week at work. In some instances, you can almost measure how overloaded one is by observing the number of mistakes one begins to make. I read the showtime of 17:30 as 7.30pm, which was obviously wrong. Satu...

  • Tatsumi Directed By Eric Khoo

    Tatsumi Directed By Eric Khoo

    wilfridwong.com 11 Sep '11, 6am

    For some strange reasons, my public life as you can see here is so full of movies these days. I can assure you that my passion lies in a sea of ocean, including tracking that lost penguin on a daily basis. Poor Happy Feet. We have not heard from him since September 8. Fairy tales exis...