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  • Chek Jawa with jellyfish and otters!

    wildshores.blogspot.com 23 Nov '15, 8am

    Another glorious day at Chek Jawa with families and kids at monthly free guided tour of the Chek Jawa boardwalk with the Naked Hermit Crabs yesterday. We saw jellyfishes and otters! These are more commonly seen at high tide! So it's not true that you should only visit Chek Jawa at low...

  • Wild Shores of Singapore: Kids day out at Chek Jawa by @wildsingapore

    Kids day out at Chek Jawa

    wildshores.blogspot.com 11 Oct '15, 6am

    Yesterday, I had a lovely time with enthusiastic families at Chek Jawa for the monthly free guided walk with the Naked Hermit Crabs . Fortunately, the haze was quite low in the morning. We saw lots of wild boar and other interesting wildlife as usual. I also made a quick stop to congr...

  • Otters at Berlayar Creek!

    wildshores.blogspot.com 14 Oct '15, 10am

    Yesterday, while walking along the boardwalk at Berlayar Creek, I saw otters swimming and playing in the creek! The tide was low and the otters swam quite far upstream before turning back. I caught a glimpse of one of them appearing to eat something. Berlayar Creek boardwalk is just n...

  • How does haze affect Singapore's life at sea and marine life? From shipping to corals, here's more

    How does haze affect marine life?

    wildshores.blogspot.com 14 Sep '15, 2am

    CONDUCT OF HARBOUR CRAFT DURING REDUCED VISIBILITY IN THE PORT OFSINGAPORE 1 Visibility in the Port of Singapore may be affected due to prolonged and widespread haze or other environmental factors. In the interest of safety of navigation and life at sea, the Port Master may restrict t...

  • Global mass coral bleaching to hit Singapore soon?

    wildshores.blogspot.com 13 Oct '15, 3am

    The third global coral bleaching event in recorded history has been declared by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Mass coral bleaching in Singapore's Terumbu Bemban in Jun 2010 Boosted by an expected strongest-ever El Nino, bleaching may spread globally ag...

  • Pasir Ris check in the haze

    wildshores.blogspot.com 03 Oct '15, 4am

    On a very hazy evening, yesterday we checked out Pasir Ris because we heard there were signs of algae in the water in the area. The seagrasses were lush, marine life seemed well, and I didn't come across signs of mass deaths. There are some large patches of seagrasses on this artifici...

  • Wild Shores of Singapore: You can make a difference for our Marine Park! by @wildsingapore

    You CAN make a difference for our Marine Park!

    wildshores.blogspot.com 29 Sep '15, 4am

    The Classroom Workshop is intended to develop confidence in new guides. And to come up with fun and effective ways to raise awareness about our shores. The bulk of this classroom session will involve small group discussions and role playing facilitated by experienced volunteer guides,...

  • has wild dolphins! Aug-Sep 2015 sightings

    wildshores.blogspot.com 21 Sep '15, 3am

    they were just "outside" the water breakers off west coast pier and the rsyc. i was very surprised to see them so close inshore... capt David Ho had informed his kakis to steer with care in this area. i sincerely hoped that by sharing this video, we can be aware of/that there are many...


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