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  • Dead #fish found @ #SungeiBuloh Wetland Reserve. #dumped #FishFarm

    Thousands of farm fishes rot at Sungei Buloh

    wildshores.blogspot.com 18 Apr '14, 6am

    Thousands of dead farm fishes are floating into Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, raising a stink and many questions. Another mass fish death at the Singapore's Western fish farms? Why are the farms not disposing of their dead fish properly? This has happened before in July 2013 . What is...

  • wild shores of singapore: Pulau Ubin with the Drone! - #drones

    Pulau Ubin with the Drone!

    wildshores.blogspot.com 14 Apr '14, 3pm

    Hurray, the water near Pulau Ubin is no longer brown 'teh-o' coloured, like it was last week . Let's hope this means there is less of a risk of a plankton bloom and mass fish deaths. A small team headed to Ubin to recce for the upcoming Imagine Ubin Leafmonkey Workshop , as well as to...

  • wild shores of singapore: Signs of mass fish deaths ahead?

    Signs of mass fish deaths ahead?

    wildshores.blogspot.com 08 Apr '14, 9am

    Brown 'teh-o' coloured water reported near Pulau Ubin over the last few days. What does this mean? Please let me know if you notice coloured water on our Northern shores, or you spot many dead fishes. You can send it to me via facebook or email me [email protected] Plus, an insi...

  • How do the professionals deal with oil spills in Singapore?

    How do the professionals deal with oil spills?

    wildshores.blogspot.com 30 Mar '14, 5am

    Ship-owners: According to Hetherington, C., Flin, R., Mearns, K. (2006) Safety in shipping: the human element. Journal of Safety Research 37(2006) 401-411, between 43% to 80% of incidents are caused by human factors, and amongst the most common causes are: error of judgement, improper...

  • [Announcement] Calling youth who love wildlife and have some admin abilities! New internship position open...

    Intern (Apr-Jun 2014) - Now open for applications!

    wildshores.blogspot.com 04 Mar '14, 2am

    We're looking for help to organise nature outreach activities including workshops and other nature events. Help organise important workshops like NMP Faizah Jamal 's session about Parliament during the recent Leafmonkey Workshop . Applications now for a brand new Wild Intern position!...

  • 2 Feb (Sat): World Wetlands Day - Wetlands and Agriculture: Partners for Growth

    wildshores.blogspot.com 26 Feb '14, 10am

    2 Feb is World Wetlands Day and in 2014, the theme is "Wetlands and Agriculture: Partners for Growth". How is this relevant to urban Singapore? Wetlands help mitigate flooding and when drained and burnt for agriculture can result in haze. Download the full comic strip here . In Singap...

  • Marine litter in Singapore featured in a magazine for Singapore school children

    Marine litter featured in a magazine for Singapore school children

    wildshores.blogspot.com 13 Dec '13, 3am

    He had included it in Think Earth, a magazine targetted at children 12 and above and sold to schools in Singapore. The article features the good work of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) which has been collecting data on marine litter in Singapore for 20 years! ICCS i...

  • [Singapore] Let's welcome 2014 with more, rather than less marine and intertidal wildlife!

    Help stop mass balloon release at Punggol on 31 Dec 2013

    wildshores.blogspot.com 06 Dec '13, 4pm

    Thanks to an alert from Jesmyn, I learnt of plans for a mass balloon release at Punggol on 31 Dec 2013. The shores of Punggol are alive with sea creatures, just like most of Singapore's shores. Please help stop this balloon release. Visit the Punggol West facebook page post and leave ...


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