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  • Wild Shores of Singapore: Oil spill at Pulau Busing on 30 Apr 2016

    Oil spill at Pulau Busing on 30 Apr 2016

    wildshores.blogspot.com 04 May '16, 8am

    "SINGAPORE, May 3 (Reuters) - Cash discounts of Asian 380cst fuel oil narrowed on the first trading day of the week on unusually few offers for the more viscous fuel oil in the Platts window, industry sources said. Just three physical offers for 380cst fuel oil were made in the Platts...

  • Mass coral spawning in Singapore 2016

    wildshores.blogspot.com 03 May '16, 5am

    Singapore's corals are alive and well and very sexy too. Their annual orgy of explosive sex just happened! New life explodes from our corals! Photo by Chay Hoon on facebook . Once a year, on the fourth month, around four days after the full moon, our corals seed the seas with new life...

  • Pulau Semakau North in a purple sunrise

    wildshores.blogspot.com 25 Apr '16, 2am

    Pulau Semakau is NOT the same as the Semakau Landfill. The Landfill was created by destroying all of Pulau Saking, and about half of the original Pulau Semakau by building a very long seawall. Fortunately, the landfill was constructed and is managed in such a way that the original man...

  • Checking out the reefs on St John's Island

    wildshores.blogspot.com 10 Apr '16, 3am

    Sandflies: the bane of our shores Sandflies are the beasts I most dread on the shore. I fear them even more than mosquitos. Why? Because I can't see or feel them when th... Special anemones of Kusu Island Kusu Island is teeming with large anemones! In particular, it is a magnificent p...

  • Special anemones of Kusu Island

    wildshores.blogspot.com 06 Apr '16, 6pm

    Kusu Island is teeming with large anemones! In particular, it is a magnificent place to see the Magnificent anemone (Heteractis magnifica ). Clusters of many of these large sea anemones are found on this reef, just minutes from the city centre. The only other place this anemone is com...

  • Wild Shores of Singapore: Sunny at Chek Jawa!

    Sunny at Chek Jawa!

    wildshores.blogspot.com 17 Apr '16, 7am

    A great day out at Chek Jawa with families at the free monthly walk by the Naked Hermit Crabs ! It was a super hot day but we saw lots of interesting animals. Thanks to Zara and the visitors for spotting crabs, mudskippers, birds and many other creatures. I forgot to take a group phot...

  • East Coast Park: corals, seagrasses and otters!

    wildshores.blogspot.com 12 Apr '16, 1am

    This morning, a small team surveyed an East Coast Park shore that is only accessible at super low tide. We found lush seagrasses and corals! We also encountered a large group of Smooth-coated otters! And a seahorse too! Throughout our survey, a group of possibly 10 Smooth-coated otter...

  • 'Nemos' on Sentosa's natural

    wildshores.blogspot.com 13 Apr '16, 3am

    This morning, I did a solo survey of the natural shores that still remain on Sentosa near the Tanjung Rimau beacon. And found 'Nemos' in one of the many Giant carpet anemones there. There's still lots of seagrasses, a sprinkling of corals and other marine life. And no coral bleaching ...


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