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  • How to make Croutons Video - Weelicious

    weelicious.com 19 Dec '14, 5pm

    might seem a little unusual to you, but I think its actually quite useful...and timely. It’s a busy time of year, but it’s also a time that you’re hopefully home with the kids and want to come up with some fun and easy activities. The inspiration for this video came when I made a huge...

  • Maple Roast Sunflower Seeds - Weelicious

    weelicious.com 16 Dec '14, 5pm

    There are less than 9 days till Christmas! How did that happen? No matter how hard as I try to get ahead of myself in the gift department, time always seems to slip away from me. For past holidays I’ve made and gifted everything from Gingerbread Men Cookies to Double Chocolatey Hot Co...

  • @ashleykoff @DrGreene What do you think of this simple recipe - squash and cinnamon? #LTKH

    cinnamon roast butternut squash

    weelicious.com 16 Dec '14, 2am

    Squash recently started showing up again at our farmers' market and I've been buying and cooking it non stop. I never give up on trying to get Kenya and Chloe to eat it, but for about two weeks I was met with the same turned up noses and choruses of "I don't want it" and "I don' like ...

  • Crispy Onion Rings Video - Weelicious

    weelicious.com 11 Dec '14, 5pm

    You might think that making homemade onion rings is time consuming or just downright difficult. Well, I’m here to dispel those notions. It's so easy! Watch this Crispy Onion Rings Video and get a few quick tips and tricks to making the crunchiest, sweetest and healthiest onion rings t...

  • YumBox Giveaway - 5 Winners! - Weelicious

    weelicious.com 15 Dec '14, 5pm

    When Kenya and Chloe were toddlers and I was running them around regularly to music class, the library and the park in between naps, I remembered the dreaded feeling of what to pack their snack food in and how to offer them the right balance nutritionally. When it comes to snacking an...

  • {New} Enter to win one of FIVE $50 gift cards to the fab Towne and Reese! #weeliciousgiveaways

    Towne and Reese Giveaway - 5 Winners! - Weelicious

    weelicious.com 08 Dec '14, 5pm

    If you look at pictures of me as a toddler, in over half of them I am dripping with jewels. I have so many early memories of hours spent sifting through my mother's and both of my grandmother’s boxes of costume jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets and more. It was a little gi...

  • Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf Bites Video - Weelicious

    weelicious.com 09 Dec '14, 5pm

    How often do you hear the word meatloaf and immediately lose your appetite. Just the name can make you feel heavy. As a kid, I so wanted to like meatloaf, but honestly, it just wasn’t my favorite dinnertime fare. My mom used to make it with big hunks of bell pepper, onions and never e...

  • Gingerbread Animal Crackers

    weelicious.com 02 Dec '14, 5pm

    One food I've really got on the brain in December is cookies. My kids have already been listing off for me all the different kinds of holiday cookies they want to bake, including some of our favorite roll-out cookies like gingerbread and animal crackers . Our family loves the flavor a...


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