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  • Pizza for breakfast? Yes! Have fun with this recipe and create your own

    Breakfast Pizza

    weelicious.com 30 Aug '15, 7pm

    There are plenty of reasons for our family's ouef adoration and whenever we eat eggs in the morning I feel good knowing that my kids are heading out the door to school with a good dose of protein in their bodies. Kenya and Chloe are pretty happy when they see eggs on their breakfast p...

  • Lightened Zucchini Cake

    weelicious.com 30 Aug '15, 6pm

    A lot of kids tend to turn up their noses at zucchini. I like green zucchini, especially when it's turned into Zucchini Coins , but admittedly it's one of those vegetables that can taste limp and bland if not prepared with some extra love. My mom used to take pounds of grated zucchini...

  • 15 minutes to cook. Makes 90 puffs. #Win! #Recipe

    cheddar cheese puffs

    weelicious.com 31 Aug '15, 2am

    This recipe really has no business appearing here during a "New Year get back to health" period, but come on, you've got to live a little! What better way than with a cheddar cheese puff or two? I made these over the holidays as a little appetizer to pass around at parties, but my kid...

  • Supereasy Hummus VIDEO

    weelicious.com 29 Aug '15, 8pm

    I was at my friend Monica's house last week and noticed a giant glass container filled chickpeas soaking in water on her kitchen counter. I can't help myself from being nosy whenever I notice something out of the ordinary in someone's kitchen. I had to know what she was going to make ...

  • 5 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Home: Over the past few years we have tried to make some major changes in...

    5 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Home | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 28 Aug '15, 4pm

    Over the past few years we have tried to make some major changes in our home to protect the health of our family. 1. Buy Organic Produce - We buy most of our food at our local farmers markets focusing on organic or pesticide free foods that are locally grown as often as possible tryin...

  • Is there a more beloved kid's dinner than macaroni and cheese? #WeeRecipes

    Classic Macaroni and Cheese

    weelicious.com 29 Aug '15, 12am

    Is there a more beloved kid's dinner than macaroni and cheese? Combining two of the most kid-welcomed food stuffs -- pasta and cheese -- mac and cheese rarely requires moms to cajole, persuade or bribe their kids to eat at mealtime. Is it the healthiest dinner choice? Of course not. W...

  • Side Dishes Archives | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 27 Aug '15, 7pm

    The information on this Web site is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or fami...

  • De-Junk the LunchBox | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 24 Aug '15, 4pm

    People often comment on my school and camp lunch posts on Instagram that I make a lot of vegetarian lunches. Since my son is now a full-fledged vegetarian and both of my kids adore cheese, yogurt and sour cream, I have always incorporated those foods into their school lunch as a way f...


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