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  • Enter to win one of THREE Crock Pot Cook and Carry Digital slow cookers! #weeliciousgiveaways

    Crock Pot Cook and Carry Giveaway - 3 Winners! | Weelicious.com | Weelicious.com

    weelicious.com 23 Oct '14, 4pm

    One of the ways that our school raises money is to offer what are called "party books". Basically, families offer to host a party or activity at their house for other parents to attend and you sign up and pay to be part of the fun. I’ve gone to a cocktail making class, hiked and had l...

  • {New} Caramel Popcorn makes a super fun Halloween treat for a classroom party!

    Caramel Popcorn | Weelicious.com | Weelicious.com

    weelicious.com 20 Oct '14, 3pm

    I arrived in Santa Rosa last night to start shooting another season of Guy's Grocery Games for Food Network . The show is a ton of fun to do, but I have to say that from the second I get on the plane, my heart starts aching terribly for my babies. I simply can't stand being away from ...

  • {New} Super easy Shrimp Scampi for a weeknight dinner!

    Shrimp Scampi Video | Weelicious.com | Weelicious.com

    weelicious.com 21 Oct '14, 3pm

    Where did the time go? Recently It dawned on me that I’ve been making cooking videos for Weelicious for over 7 years. I started creating them to help show parents how to make easy recipes and learn time-saving cooking techniques. Since 2007, I've continued to put them out every week a...

  • {New} Creepy Pizza Dough Bones for Halloween!

    Pizza Dough Bones | Weelicious.com | Weelicious.com

    weelicious.com 17 Oct '14, 3pm

    This summer when our family was in Italy we visited a crypt in a teeny tiny town in Umbria. Due to a naturally occurring spore in the dirt below the crypt, the crypt houses the almost perfectly mummified remains of bodies which are hundreds of years old. Spooked out yet? I was. When y...

  • {New} Spooky Coconut Eyeballs for Halloween! They're dairy free, too!

    Coconut Eyeballs | Weelicious.com | Weelicious.com

    weelicious.com 13 Oct '14, 3pm

    I’m not sure who’s more excited about Halloween this year, me or my kids. Whenever October rolls around I get way jazzed to make treats like Cookie Dough Bites , Gravestone Brownies and Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts , so this year I’m adding a spooky new fun dessert to my Halloween sweets lis...

  • Planet Box Shuttle Giveaway - 5 Winners! | Weelicious.com | Weelicious.com

    weelicious.com 09 Oct '14, 3pm

    School is in full swing now and us parents are all likely back in the groove of making school lunches non-stop for our little scholars. It's possible though that you're getting tired of packing them the same old thing, in the same old container day in and day out. If it's new ideas fo...

  • {New} How to make Coconut Eyeballs for Halloween!

    VIDEO: How to Make Coconut Eyeballs | Weelicious.com | Weelicious.com

    weelicious.com 14 Oct '14, 12pm

    For the past five or so Halloweens our family has celebrated October 31st at my friend Keri’s house for her annual party. We show up on the doorstep of her "haunted" house along with tons of other families, adults and kids alike dressed up in their costumes and ready to bob for apples...

  • Come celebrate @ohjoystudio's baby girl with a digital baby shower and Celery Root Soup!

    Celery Root Soup Video | Weelicious.com | Weelicious.com

    weelicious.com 07 Oct '14, 2pm

    Last week I shared with you one of my favorite party recipes, Celery Root Soup , and this week I present to you this How to Make Celery Soup video in honor of the lovely Joy Cho of Oh Joy Studios . Joy is about to have her second baby, and so I got together with a bunch of my favorite...


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