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  • Reduced Sugar Banana Bread: Banana bread is one of those classic recipes that you probably grew up making with... https://t.co/5vRO8nqvLz

    Reduced Sugar Banana Bread | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 25 Nov '15, 5pm

    Banana bread is one of those classic recipes that you probably grew up making with your mother in the kitchen. I made this recipe with my mom so often and now I love getting in the kitchen with my own kids to make a family favorite. Kids enjoy peeling and mashing the bananas, as well ...

  • Cornbread Cranberry Stuffing video | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 24 Nov '15, 5pm

    How I love you so. You remind me of my grandmother and all of the incredible recipes she would make with you especially during the fall and winter. She taught me how to make you plain and simple, sometimes in recipes like Cornbread Cranberry Stuffing and other times in Tiny Corn Muffi...

  • Cheesy Coconut Popcorn and Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow https://t.co/aEWdDVYvkZ

    Cheesy Coconut Popcorn and Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 26 Nov '15, 8pm

    If there’s one thing we love to do on the weekends it’s watch movies and TV programs together as a family and munch on popcorn. I generally make big bowls of popcorn to share while we watch as that’s our most beloved go-to snack and has become a family tradition. I’ve been using cocon...

  • Zucchini Latkes | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 23 Nov '15, 5pm

    You’re probably only days away from preparing tons of delectable Thanksgiving recipes. This time of year is golden for those who love to cook! I try to stay in the moment, but I’m already thinking about all the Hanukkah dishes we’ll be making from December 6th-13th this year. There ar...

  • Pumpkin Spice Mixed Nuts and Seeds https://t.co/wDU3FcdSli #weelicious

    Pumpkin Spice Mixed Nuts and Seeds | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 22 Nov '15, 3am

    I drove down the street yesterday enjoying the 70 degree Los Angeles weather and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Christmas tree stand being set up for the next few weeks. Is it really time to start holiday shopping already!? As much as I like buying gifts, I have to say that m...

  • Cauliflower Crusted Grilled Cheese: A few months ago the Dr Oz show put me to the challenge of coming up with

    Cauliflower Crusted Grilled Cheese | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 19 Oct '15, 4pm

    A few months ago the Dr Oz show put me to the challenge of coming up with No-bread sandwiches. Isn’t the point of a sandwich to have the bread? Trust me when I say this is no easy feat, but fun trying to come up with ideas that are filling and exciting at the same time. I offered up C...

  • BLT Wraps | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 16 Oct '15, 4pm

    I can still smell the bacon cooking up in my Grandmother’s cast-iron skillet as I walked into her house as a little girl. She kept a glass jar of bacon drippings in it and would cook up just about everything she made using a scoop of the fat. Whether it was crispy bacon to go with Cri...

  • Pumpkin Milkshakes Video: Chloe and I went to get frozen yogurt after school last week and when she saw the si...

    Pumpkin Milkshakes Video | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 13 Oct '15, 4pm

    Chloe and I went to get frozen yogurt after school last week and when she saw the sign for the pumpkin flavor she screamed “yeah, pumpkin”! Both of my older kids get super excited when pumpkin flavored treats start popping up in stores and especially in our kitchen. I made them a batc...


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