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  • Want to win Win one of three lunch box & backpack sets from SoYoung. ? I just entered to win and you can too.

    SoYoung Lunch and Book Bag Giveaway | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 31 Jul '15, 4pm

    Years ago, when I started focusing on not only what to pack everyday in Kenya and Chloe’s school lunches, but also what to carry it in, I discovered a company that I fell madly in love with. You know the kind of love a girl experiences when she finds the perfect pair of shoes that she...

  • How To Make School Lunch

    weelicious.com 31 Jul '15, 3pm

    Parents racing against the morning clock while trying to prepare school lunch have one single goal in mind: get it made and in that brown bag quick ! Rarely do we take, or even have, the time to think about what will inspire kids to eat the lunch we provide them day after day. Not to ...

  • These #homemade bars are rich in protein, omega-3s, and are a great nut alternative. #Recipe

    Fruit and Seed Bars | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 01 Aug '15, 12am

    Food allergies are a serious problem in this country -- nuts being a particular culprit. Most schools in our area (and many around the country) have banned nuts all together, regardless of whether or not the kids are known to have nut allergies. Thankfully, safety measures like those ...

  • Love heading out to the grill to cook up this delicious #summertime entree: Halibut Pesto Kababs > #Pesto #Recipes

    Halibut Pesto Kabobs | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 31 Jul '15, 7pm

    Right now, our garden is overgrown with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes, so I came up with this recipe trying to use what we have on hand. I always think one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is a garden, even if it's a little pots of herbs on the window sill. Having the e...

  • Perfect on-the-go #breakfast that is packed with #protein - PB&J Pop Tart > #Homemade

    Homemade Pop Tarts

    weelicious.com 31 Jul '15, 4pm

    When I discovered last week that we had four (yes, four) half-eaten jars of peanut butter in the refrigerator, I was determined to not let it go to waste. There are plenty of great uses for peanut butter such as "O" Cookies , Bugs on a Log , Cold Soba Noodles and, of course, PB&J sand...

  • {New} Fattoush Salad makes the perfect summer salad with all it's freshness and crunch!

    Fattoush Salad | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 29 Jul '15, 3pm

    International food has been at an all time high on my list of food cravings and Greek right at the very top. I love anything grilled, crunchy or briny, so Greek cuisine makes a ton of sense. When we go out Chloe and I always order a double portion of grilled octopus, Kenya a meze plat...

  • Superfood Salad Video | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 28 Jul '15, 4pm

    Now that I’m coming close to the end of my pregnancy I can look back at all of the foods I can’t seem to live without and have had endless cravings for on a daily basis. For the most part just keeping up with two kids and life it’s been about planning ahead as much as possible to get ...

  • What do you get when you take a #classic combo like PB & J and give it a #healthy twist? > #SomethingDelicious

    PB&J Pancake Sandwiches

    weelicious.com 30 Jul '15, 9pm

    Recently, I was asked to come up with five recipes using peanut butter and jelly for LilSugar . Not only did they ask that the recipes be different than the standard PB&J sandwich that gets stuffed into most kids' lunch boxes everyday, but they also wanted them to be healthy. I had th...


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