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  • The 10 best shows at Paris Fashion Week - where feminine meets masculine and the result, pure genius

    The 10 Best Shows at Paris Fashion Week 22 Mar '12, 3am

    They said ‘save the best for last’, and with Fashion Week, they indeed do. Paris Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated week in fashion month, and this time around, the designers surprised us with fresh perspectives on womenswear. The Parisians brought back 70′s shoulders, emphas...

  • Bigger, better and CHUNKIER - the 10 earrings to get now

    10 chunky earrings to buy now 22 Mar '12, 2am

    Dramatic earrings make the perfect jewelry to spice up any outfit. Where it’s floral embellished, bold and chunky or long chandelier types, oversized earrings work with most hairstyles. Just remember to keep everything else simple and let the earrings make the big impact.

  • 12 Hours in Tokyo - What to do, where to go and how to get there

    12 Hours In Tokyo: A Fashion Pit Stop 21 Mar '12, 4am

    Some of us may not have the luxury to stay in Tokyo for long periods due to everything being rather wallet-breaking there. Or perhaps you might be stopping by the city for a transit. So if you’re on a tight budget or short on time, here’s a tried and tested guide on how to experience ...

  • Got your tickets for #HungerGames already? Now how about some Capitol approved looks to go with the premiere

    Getting The Hunger Games Look 21 Mar '12, 2am

    Bid avada kedavra to your caped wizards and sparkly vampires. There’s a new young-adult-fiction-turned-movie-franchise in town and we’re all a-tizzy over the adventure and adrenaline rush that runs rampant through The Hunger Games . Set to open in cinemas this Thursday, we’ve been lik...

  • Getting the Skinny with these Jeans 20 Mar '12, 8am

    In the recent years, skinny jeans has made its mark as the most favourable style of jeans amongst teenagers and adults alike. With its versatile uses from laid back chic to a night out in town, skinnies are the perfect option for the fashion forward denim enthusiast. Inject some rock ...

    1. Hovey Skinny in Green 25 Mar '12, 12pm
  • This may have been the very final thing Amy Winehouse worked on

    The Final Amy Winehouse X Fred Perry Spring/Summer'12 Collaboration 20 Mar '12, 4am

    Celebrating her love for vintage 1950′s Americana, Winehouse’s last collection includes prints of Cadillacs, jukeboxes and other retro items on silhouettes gleaned from her favourite period. The most poignant piece, a black and white checked button up shirt with Amy embroidered on the...

  • Festival Dressing at Future Music Festival Asia 19 Mar '12, 4am

    This March, Malaysia was host to the 2012 Future Music Fest Asia (first time in Asia ever!). Emulating the atmosphere of excitement and vigor, bright-eyed music fans came out to play in the most vibrant, and eclectic outfits to date. Here’s a look at the styles that rocked our boats!

  • yes @sephoramalaysia brought Stila in!

    Bliss & Stila Arrives In Sephora Malaysia 15 Mar '12, 6am

    Sephora, a beauty buff’s haven brings us two new exclusive brands for Spring 2012. Stila In 2009, we thought we heard the last of Stila when they bid goodbye to Malaysia after Stila ceased its distribution in Malaysia. Well, we bear good news for fans because Stila is back and they wi...

  • Dare we say London Fashion Week was the most exciting of them all? A look at our 10 favourite shows

    The 10 Best Shows at London Fashion Week 14 Mar '12, 10am

    Perhaps it’s something in the water, or the clash between modernity and tradition, or even the rich tapestry of cultures that London is rife with but the fact that there are endless possibilities leads to one of the most exciting fashion events in the fashion calendar. There’s a reaso...

  • We paid a visit to Sg-based Malaysian designer Priscilla Ong Shunmugam's atelier and fell in love. Here's why

    Atelier Ong Shunmugam 13 Mar '12, 6am

    Our friends at Poskod.SG tipped us off to Singapore-based Malaysian designer Priscilla Ong Shunmugam, whose beautifully designed and crafted clothes has been quietly collecting fans, and press inches, in Singapore. Thanks to the cancellation of the Foo Fighters concert, I found myself...

  • The Stylish Roam All Around Melbourne 12 Mar '12, 10am

    As summer reaches its tail end Down Under at the moment, the city’s stylistas ready up their layers. If you ever need a lesson in dressing for in-between climates, look no further than these stylish Melbourne-ites for a lesson.

  • Minty Fresh 12 Mar '12, 5am

    We’re obsessed with this season’s cool new hue – mint green. This shade is a lovely mix between blue and green that gives off a very spring-appropriate vibe. Here are some style inspirations from fashion bloggers around the region that gave the color mint a refreshing twist.

  • Coloured Denim 09 Mar '12, 11am

    As seen all over Levi’s Spring 2012 collection, coloured denim has returned to the forefront of the fashion scene. The streets of KL are sporting vibrant colours such as mustard, bubblegum pink and as well as cerulean. Whether dressed up or down, it is certainly gives that playful twi...

  • Trippin’ Around KL 09 Mar '12, 9am

    Spotted: colours, prints and patterns! You can never go wrong injecting a little more happy in our wardrobes.

  • Described by Time Out HK as the Net-a-Porter for independent designers, here is a site that celebrates high fashion

    Shop des Createurs – The Fashion Path Less Traveled On 09 Mar '12, 8am

    Relocating your life from Paris to Hong Kong would undoubtedly leave many with crippling jet lag and culture shock. But for Cedric Delzenne, the move from the fashion capital of the world to the fashion capital of Asia served as inspiration for a site that have earned the love of fash...

  • Most of us probably lived with it for a year or two. But would you wear your braces on your wrist?

    Love or Hate: Bracedlets 08 Mar '12, 7am

    It has been a trend for a while now, to have stacks of bracelets and bangles hanging on your wrists, and sometimes they might be a tad silly but still cute, like the Silly Bandz craze late last year. However, jewelry designer Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost and her orthodontist sister Jenni...

  • Market Madness 07 Mar '12, 4am

    On a summery Saturday, bargain hunters and fashion enthusiasts all alike made their way to Jaya One for a thrilling retail escapade. Markets at Jaya One was host to over 100 vendors selling everything from deliciously scented handmade soaps to a wide range of (new and pre-loved) appar...

    1. Market Madness 07 Mar '12, 3am
  • Market Madness 07 Mar '12, 3am

    On a summery Saturday, bargain hunters and fashion enthusiasts all alike made their way to Jaya One for a thrilling retail escapade. Markets at Jaya One was host to over 100 vendors selling everything from deliciously scented handmade soaps to a wide range of (new and pre-loved) appar...

    1. Market Madness 07 Mar '12, 4am
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    TiC Pick: AzuraAzwa 06 Mar '12, 2pm

    Our TiC pick of the month goes to AzuraAzwa . Made up of two sisters with a passion for crafting and experimenting with designs, they’ve conjured one-of-a-kind pieces using a blend of materials and colours. From designing and sewing their own baju kurung for Raya, Azura develops and e...

  • Tommy Ton is shooting for bag style with his collaboration with Club Monaco

    Shooting for Some Style: Club Monaco X Tommy Ton Bags 06 Mar '12, 7am

    Tommy Ton, fashion photographer and founder of style blog, Jak and Jil has teamed up with Club Monaco to create a capsule collection of limited edition handbags for men and women. As a man who’s always on-the-go, Tommy Ton knows the importance of a functional yet attractive bag. The c...

  • Nestled in Sungai Wang, a shop that strays from the mass and hides the best vintage finds

    Chalk It Up! 06 Mar '12, 3am

    Hidden in the hustling plaza of Sungei Wang is Chalk; a charming store that houses a wonderful collection of vintage and thrifted apparel and accessories. The store is owned by Peas Hon, an avid fashion enthusiast/hairdresser that has a hodgepodge personal style of classic and hip. Ha...

  • "A good night’s sleep is better than any concealer."

    “Look beyond the packaging and marketing hype”, says Alli Sim 05 Mar '12, 7am

    Having racked up time as former Senior Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, to say that Alli Sim is something of a beauty and skincare enthusiast is akin to describing the sky as blue or the grass, green. Transplanted from Australia to Singapore, here is a woman who has parlaye...

  • new

    Contest: Levi’s Curve ID X Tongue in Chic Lookbook 05 Mar '12, 2am

    It’s safe to say that since the Levi’s Curve ID debuted, the world of denim has undergone a revolution unlike any other. Gone are the days of plumber’s butt, whale tails, and muffin tops as the new era of denim matches the fit to your body, instead of the other way around. For Spring ...

  • @eleenahidayah swag bro, swag

    POP Street Market 10 Part 1 03 Mar '12, 8am

    NIVEA Mobile Beauty Lab From today right up till 25th July, the Nivea Mobile Beauty Lab will be making its rounds in the Kla MTV World Stage 2009: The All American Rejects As you probably might already know, we've been giving out a pair of MTV World Stage passes a day. If Tongue in Ch...

  • @clashboomband Girl, you will love this couple. Check out their interview!

    Carolyn Chon & Julian Oh from Redd Bulletts 02 Mar '12, 5am

    It started with a band, Explosions in the Sky. The mutual love for these post-rock titans served as icebreaker for when Carolyn Chon met Julian Oh and five years later and a walk down the aisle, this husband and wife combo are now making waves as Redd Bullets . Theirs is the poster ex...

  • Enjoy your exclusive TIC discount at @shoperiin today!

    The Toast of Asia Pacific Designers at 01 Mar '12, 4am

    With Jason Wu sending out an army of leggy glamazons in an Asian-influenced Fall/Winter collection at New York Fashion Week, the call of the continent has been broadcast loud and clear. Behold, your fashion revolution, Asia! In an act of thinking global and acting local, is ...

  • Put away your skinnies. Fall/Winter is all about the wide and thick

    NYFW F/W 2012 – Get The Look Now 01 Mar '12, 3am

    As New York Fashion Week officially come to a close, we’ve identified five key trends to look out for. Whether it’s planning your winter wardrobe or simply borrowing some style inspirations from the runway, here’s the complete roundup of NYFW Fall/Winter 2012.

  • The colours of Spring/Summer 2012 for your lips, eyes and face!

    Pastels and Neons are this Spring/Summer 2012 Colour Trends 29 Feb '12, 5am

    We’ve basically laid out everything that we can for this year’s spring/summer collections -fashion trends, wardrobe essentials, type of shoes and bags and will be big this year. We’re going to round it up by introducing the beauty trends for this year’s spring/summer collections, and ...