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  • Emma FTW You have 3 hours to get your votes in for #GoldenGlobes Best Dressed.

    Vote for Your Golden Globe Awards Best Dressed! 16 Jan '12, 8am

    After a few flutes of champagne to sooth the sharp Ricky Gervais jibes, Tinseltown stars at the 69th Golden Globe Awards would think that the worst is over. But oh, it’s only just beginning as we break out the style warrant and put the Golden Globe attendees under the magnifying eyegl...

  • Looks We Love in Philippines 16 Jan '12, 5am

    The fashion consciousness level has risen amongst our region in the past couple of years, and we have to say we’re loving it! It’s time to start giving tributes and recognition to our fabulous Southeast Asian countries who are positively oozing with style. We scouted stylish people fr...

    1. Looks We Love In Singapore 23 Jan '12, 12pm
  • Burberry A/W2012 Menswear Livestream 14 Jan '12, 7am

    Here’s why we think you should gather up your best mates and have a sleepover tonight. Guys, here’s a crash course in modern day dandyism; a how-to on updated classics for menswear from the maestros themselves, Burberry in their livestream of the Autumn/Winter 2012 runway. And lest yo...

  • @avrilchan here ya go,

    Payless ShoeSource Opens in Malaysia 13 Jan '12, 9am

    Located in Sunway Pyramid, the store offers a wide selection of dress shoes, wedges, handbags and accessories with an average retail price of RM79 per pair. Stocked with original designs by New York-based fashion designers, read: Christian Siriano, Lela Rose and Isabel Toledo, that’s ...

  • For inquiring minds who want to know The Rookie's Guide to Kenanga Wholesale City Mall

    The Rookie’s Guide To Kenanga Wholesale City 13 Jan '12, 9am

    With over 800 shops, there’s bound to be something for everyone. We saw a good enough variety for the guys and unlike Sungei Wang, some of the shops here do have sizes and didn’t expect us to fit into that teeny size S top. We wouldn’t say the selection here is comparable to Platinum ...

  • When Hermes met graffiti - how one man spread his tagging in staid Singapore and didn't get caught

    Kongo, the Graffiti Artist Who Tagged Hermes 13 Jan '12, 3am

    It may have taken the mysterious Banksy to thrust graffiti to the mainstream but the controversial art have always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with fashion. Picture the primal self-expression that comes with the colourful street art, that heeds no boundaries, even the law; and yo...

  • We’ve rounded up 5 easy trends that you need to update your wardrobe this year.

    5 Trends To Try In 2012 12 Jan '12, 6am

    Step into 2012 with a dash of style. We’ve rounded up 5 easy trends that you need to update your wardrobe this year. From pretty in pastels to peplum palooza, here’s a style guide for the new year. Throwback to the 20′s – The Drop-Waist Inspired by the golden era of the flapper look, ...

  • Shoe addicts, here's Underground UK creepers and Jeffrey Campbell lovelies with free worldwide delivery!

    The Best Multi-label Store Is in KL, Actually 12 Jan '12, 4am

    Given the time-poor schedule-rich pages that dominate the modern day organizer, it’s rare that you find anyone who can devote entire chunks of time to shopping, even if it remains an obsession. In between surfing online, whenever visits to the mall transpire, it’s strictly business, i...

  • DIY: Giving broken makeup a new lease on life

    Fixing Broken Makeup 11 Jan '12, 2am

    So you have your new year’s resolutions and you are working hard at making them happen. However, in the back of your dresser somewhere are skeletons of broken makeup. Broken makeup, which you don’t want to throw out but know not how to rescue.

  • Draw up your checklist - do you have these 5 essentials that you'll need for your wardrobe this year?

    5 Wardrobe Must-Haves for 2012 11 Jan '12, 2am

    The beginning of every new year calls for a review of essential staples needed for a brand new wardrobe makeover. We’re sure that most of you are able to relate when we say that we girls, are hoarders. We hoard way too many clothes, most of which we don’t even wear anymore, but are st...

  • Style Snaps: Manila, Philippines 10 Jan '12, 10am

    NIVEA Mobile Beauty Lab From today right up till 25th July, the Nivea Mobile Beauty Lab will be making its rounds in the Kla MTV World Stage 2009: The All American Rejects As you probably might already know, we've been giving out a pair of MTV World Stage passes a day. If Tongue in Ch...

    1. Mabuhay! I'm in Manila! 08 Jan '12, 9am
  • Call it the Wild West revival but somethings that are perfect always have a place in our day and age

    Old World Comforts with Izola 10 Jan '12, 8am

    Adding an old world touch to everyday staples, Izola offers bathroom accessories that combines practicality and design. Made with great care and attention to detail, Izola’s collection is inspired by five distinct themes: Scout, Maritime, Apothecary, Sport and Powder Room.

  • Plagued with sensitive skin? Here are 3 facial cleansers to suit your budget that soothes and improves

    Facial Wash for Sensitive Skin Across Budgets 10 Jan '12, 7am

    Those with sensitive skin will know this dilemma – perhaps more elusive than finding the Holy Grail, is the search for the perfect facial wash. The elements seeked are as such – one that doesn’t leave skin stretched and taut, one that cleanses without stripping all moisture and one th...

  • Black Plastic Rims 10 Jan '12, 2am

    While the RayBan Wayfarers proves its mettle in being the biggest style influence in the eyeglass category this side of the millenium, the fashion crowd continues to wear the glasses with style. From preppy looks to sartorial street king, here’s why black plastic framed rims continues...

  • Pretty 07 Jan '12, 10am

  • It's Sunday, back to work tomorrow! We know your pain, so here's something to shake up your routine a little!

    Spring/Summer 2012 Makeup Trends 06 Jan '12, 9am

    We’re only one week into the new year and we are already extremely hyped about sharing the Spring/Summer 2012 beauty looks with you, because we have to warn you – it’s all so gorgeous. Mention the two warmer seasons out of the four and our minds automatically divert to images of beach...

  • new colorful look is going to be a great start for the year ya? stay tuned for what coming next

    NYFW S/S 2012 – Get The Look Now 06 Jan '12, 7am

    Two-and-a-half fashion weeks in and it was confirmed that this would be cemented as a serious trend for Spring/Summer 2012. Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, BCBG Max Azria, Nicole Miller and Marc by Marc Jacobs gave us pieces inspired by gamut of sports: tennis, athletics, motocross, nasc...

    1. A New Look For The New Year 07 Jan '12, 2am
  • With only 50 pieces available per style, get your hands on Oroton's limited edition Entourage Tote bag

    Oroton Debuts Limited Edition Exclusive Tote for Malaysia 06 Jan '12, 4am

    As is the much aplomb Australian way of life, lauded luxury brand from Down Under, Oroton swept into the Malaysian retail arena, navigating the path with casual ease whilst sending locals into a tizzy. Founded in Sydney in 1938, Oroton has crafted a legacy built on quality luxury leat...

  • 12 Things To Jazz Up Your Workspace 05 Jan '12, 6am

    NIVEA Mobile Beauty Lab From today right up till 25th July, the Nivea Mobile Beauty Lab will be making its rounds in the Kla MTV World Stage 2009: The All American Rejects As you probably might already know, we've been giving out a pair of MTV World Stage passes a day. If Tongue in Ch...

  • Can Lana Del Rey give Adele a run for her money? We're not sure about that, but we know she's got style down pat!

    Closet Copycat: Lana Del Rey 05 Jan '12, 4am

    It isn’t everyday that the world is lucky enough to be blessed with yet another vocal powerhouse such as Lana Del Rey. Placed on the same ranks as musical chart-topping darling, Adele, the 26 year old singer-songwriter is gifted with a heartbreaking voice that has the ability to wring...

  • Remember that one time we had a chat with Scott Schuman? #goodtimes

    TIC 2011 – The Year in Review 05 Jan '12, 4am

    There were tantrums and tears in the tumultuous year which kicked off with John Galliano shoe-in-mouth controversial anti-Semitic statements . It was also a year of extremes as seen in the two biggest names that dominated 2011. The first, gender-fluid superstar Andrei Pejic , who ende...

  • If Ur still itchin 2 get yr CNY shoppin done but wnt 2 avoid the insane malls, hre's @popmusesic 2 help

    Tell Your Fortune with the Pop.Muse.Sic 2012 Zodiac Line 04 Jan '12, 8am

    A new year brings with it a fresh new slate, and for the fortune-forward folks, a whole new cycle of chance and fate. As it goes with the meeting of astrology and mass retail, the chosen creature of the year is plastered on every surface imaginable, fashion and beauty non-exempted. We...

  • Orange Crush 04 Jan '12, 6am

    A color that has taken over Spring 2012 – the opulent orange. However, as a color that’s often associated with Halloween, it’s not a colour most stylista would find flattering. So here’s how these fashion bloggers from around the region incorporate the color into their outfits and tur...

  • Here's a new beauty trick to try in 2012 - gather the nail polishes you don't want and make new ones!

    Beauty Hack: Frankenpolish 03 Jan '12, 3am

    If this nifty manicure trick is good enough for The Duchess of Cambridge – on her wedding day with 3 billion people looking on, no less – we say it’s good enough for you and me. The art of franken-ing involves combining two or more nail polishes – and for the adventurous, extra glitte...

  • More NYE dressing ideas... it is only once a year, right?

    What To Wear To: New Year’s Eve Parties 30 Dec '11, 8am

    What To Wear To: New Year’s Eve Parties by shantee lim on Thu, 29/12/11 11:45 UTC . Make heads turn this New Years Eve with these fabulous head to toe outfits. Sweetheart Sequin Dress RM99 from IWearSin Bikkia Peep Toe Heels RM169 from Mezzanine Black Chrome and Silver Collar Necklace...

  • When it comes to makeup, you're only as good as the brush you use. And we have cool holiday sets right here

    Holiday 2011 Brush Sets 30 Dec '11, 5am

    Colour makeup collections often take center stage during the holiday season. However, this is also the best season to nab a good selection of makeup tools. Holiday brush sets, especially those containing full-sized brushes offer the best value.

  • Put down your lipsticks and let your inner art-fiend go crazy with these lip markers instead

    Lip Markers, Your Year End Essential 28 Dec '11, 8am

    Nothing kills the joy of party pictures like checking them after and realizing that you ate all your lipstick along with the delish hors d’oeuvres they served right at the beginning. This holiday and new year season you want makeup that lasts just short of forever. And for your lips, ...

  • Here are 10 resolutions for the urban stylista to make in 2012

    2012 New Year’s Resolutions To Make Now 28 Dec '11, 5am

    While making new year’s resolutions may seem more fitted to the kiddie pool than a country club, this manifesto here is unlike any other. This is for the modern day high heel warrior, who knows her Proenza from her Prada; for the lady who isn’t afraid to get down but not dirty; for th...

    1. The 2012 Resolution 31 Dec '11, 5pm
  • Reading FASHION FAB OR FREAK: CHARLES YOUSSEF #Fashion #GAGA #Freak #Futuristic

    Fashion Fab or Freak: Charles Youssef 27 Dec '11, 11pm

    This week I’m taking a closer look at Lebanese-born Manhattan-bred 28 year old fashion designer, Charles Youssef , and his Autumn/Winter 2010 collection which has raised eyebrows in the fashion world. Now, Mr. Youssef is as thoroughbred as they come, with an impressive pedigree counti...