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  • More NYE dressing ideas... it is only once a year, right?

    What To Wear To: New Year’s Eve Parties 30 Dec '11, 8am

    What To Wear To: New Year’s Eve Parties by shantee lim on Thu, 29/12/11 11:45 UTC . Make heads turn this New Years Eve with these fabulous head to toe outfits. Sweetheart Sequin Dress RM99 from IWearSin Bikkia Peep Toe Heels RM169 from Mezzanine Black Chrome and Silver Collar Necklace...

  • When it comes to makeup, you're only as good as the brush you use. And we have cool holiday sets right here

    Holiday 2011 Brush Sets 30 Dec '11, 5am

    Colour makeup collections often take center stage during the holiday season. However, this is also the best season to nab a good selection of makeup tools. Holiday brush sets, especially those containing full-sized brushes offer the best value.

  • Put down your lipsticks and let your inner art-fiend go crazy with these lip markers instead

    Lip Markers, Your Year End Essential 28 Dec '11, 8am

    Nothing kills the joy of party pictures like checking them after and realizing that you ate all your lipstick along with the delish hors d’oeuvres they served right at the beginning. This holiday and new year season you want makeup that lasts just short of forever. And for your lips, ...

  • Here are 10 resolutions for the urban stylista to make in 2012

    2012 New Year’s Resolutions To Make Now 28 Dec '11, 5am

    While making new year’s resolutions may seem more fitted to the kiddie pool than a country club, this manifesto here is unlike any other. This is for the modern day high heel warrior, who knows her Proenza from her Prada; for the lady who isn’t afraid to get down but not dirty; for th...

    1. The 2012 Resolution 31 Dec '11, 5pm
  • Reading FASHION FAB OR FREAK: CHARLES YOUSSEF #Fashion #GAGA #Freak #Futuristic

    Fashion Fab or Freak: Charles Youssef 27 Dec '11, 11pm

    This week I’m taking a closer look at Lebanese-born Manhattan-bred 28 year old fashion designer, Charles Youssef , and his Autumn/Winter 2010 collection which has raised eyebrows in the fashion world. Now, Mr. Youssef is as thoroughbred as they come, with an impressive pedigree counti...

  • Could this be the bag to detract all snatch theft cases far and wide?

    The Leather Takeout Bag 27 Dec '11, 8am

    Bringing reusable bags to the next level, the Leather Take-Out Bag is the alternative to the ubiquitous brown paper lunch bag. Made of soft, kraft paper colored leather, this leather takeout bag works as a clutch or inside a larger bag to carry all your essentials. The idea came to Be...

  • Need outfit inspiration for #MysticalEve tmr? Party perfect dresses and hair just for New Year's Eve!

    5 Hairstyles & Dress Combos That’s Party Perfect 27 Dec '11, 3am

    Get a head start on planning your new years’ outfit this season with our amazing holiday party dresses and hairstyle combos. Here are 5 party-approved pieces and ways to dress up your do’ for the holidays. Look 1 You can never go wrong with a glitzy gold dress for the holiday. Pair it...

    1. The Luxury Party Kit 26 Dec '11, 5am
  • Fred Perry Subculture Party 26 Dec '11, 7am

    Some of the stylish folks at the first installment of Fred Perry’s music initiative – Subculture in KL. It was a hipster’s day out with activities like UV ping-pong, photobooth fun, coupled with drinks and a talented line-up of Twilight Action Girl, Tenderfist, Oj Law and DJ Oddjob to...

    1. Fred Perry Subculture Party 26 Dec '11, 4am
  • Bejeweled party hats, faux leather masks, designer water and gourmet popcorn - your NY Eve is going to be like no other

    The Luxury Party Kit 26 Dec '11, 5am

    and ringing in the new year with a party that oozes sophistication and class. Enter the luxury party kit, featuring the usual party suspects, but juiced, blinged and pumped up with a dose of luxury. Here are nine items that would keep any Daisy Buchanan-wannabes feeling right at home.

  • Fred Perry Subculture Party 26 Dec '11, 4am

    Some of the stylish folks at the first installment of Fred Perry’s music initiative – Subculture in KL. It was a hipster’s day out with activities like UV ping-pong, photobooth fun, coupled with drinks and a talented line-up of Twilight Action Girl, Tenderfist, Oj Law and DJ Oddjob to...

    1. Fred Perry Subculture Party 26 Dec '11, 7am
  • just realized last week this was up on the website for the past six months! lol

    Contest: Style It Up with Wrangler & Tongue in Chic ft. Hui Wen of Revel in Me 24 Dec '11, 3pm

    Why do people spend so much time, effort and money on fine-tuning their style? Be it personal expression, trendspotting or simple female envy, the quest for style is one we all embark on with and Wrangler and Tongue in Chic have come together to explore this sartorial terrain. We’re g...

  • Thinking of updating your bag collection? Here's our picks that you can't simply go wrong with

    Top 10 It Bags of 2011 23 Dec '11, 6am

    The best part about the end of a year is looking back at all the fashion statements, trends and news of 2011. And what a year it was for bags. It came in all shapes and sizes, skins and colours, making 2011 the year of the bag. These are some of our top picks of the most photographed,...

  • Christmas gift ideas for people you really, REALLY, don't like

    10 Worst Christmas Gift Ideas 22 Dec '11, 4am

    Accepting a gift graciously with a fake smile stapled to your face, sounds familiar? ‘Tis the season to be grateful but it’s also the season for giving crappy and inappropriate gifts. The cliche of “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t necessarily help. Some gifts are given with a lo...

  • Start your new year with some Rock and Republic jeans up for grabs from @thejeansbar

    Contest: Rock and Republic Arrives at The Jeans Bar KL 22 Dec '11, 4am

    Foodies will tell you that there’s nothing quite so exciting than a good buffet. And they’re right – having a range of saliva-inducing gastronomic pleasures all in one place is an epicurean’s wet dream. Since fashion people don’t eat (or so the usual stereotype dictates), what we do h...

  • Markets at Jaya One – Part 2 21 Dec '11, 9am

    The second installment of style snaps taken at Markets at Jaya One consists among others, a dapper gentleman, vintage vixen and as always, loads of style.

  • Oooh photos I took of @thirtyfourme Bespoke is on @tictweets. Peep em

    Tailor made gems with thirtyfour bespoke 21 Dec '11, 5am

    Hot on the heels of the rise in bespoke retail trends, thirtyfour , the accessories label by local designers Shuennkee Chong and Linda Chong have opened thirtyfour.bespoke, catering to the quietly stylish woman. thirtyfour is not new to Malaysian retail; they started as a small design...

  • Luxury brand names that are previously foreign to Malaysia are now available for purchase from Eranzi – Asia’s Luxury E-Tailer 20 Dec '11, 9am

    When we talk about buying luxury online, the usual names that come to mind have their home in America or Europe. Consider then, a newly launched homegrown talent that aims to fill the gap between desire and locality. Meet Eranzi, a local online e-tailer with international dreams and a...

  • Contest 20 Dec '11, 8am

    In the age of smartphones, HTC has been quietly building and releasing slick and brilliant smartphones. The HTC Rhyme is the newest addition to their smartphone stable, and with...

  • Holiday Shopping Gift Guide for Her (boys, we like our thanks in the form of chocolate cupcakes)

    Holiday Shopping Gift Guide for Her 19 Dec '11, 8am

    , we attempt to shed light on this headache-inducing question (or so the members of the XY chromosome pool would say) — what do you get for the ladies in your life? Here is our list, from budgets big to small. No need to thank us. We merely want everyone’s Christmas morning to be devo...

  • Like @ninahidayat, did you see anyone you know in our style snaps?

    Markets at Jaya One 4 – Part 1 19 Dec '11, 4am

    NIVEA Mobile Beauty Lab From today right up till 25th July, the Nivea Mobile Be MTV World Stage 2009: The All American Rejects As you probably might already know, we've been giving o Tongue in Chic Turns 2, Day 5: Burt's Bees While birthday celebrations are often cause for decaden TiC...

  • The menswear trend us girls are claiming for our own now. (Sorry, dudes)

    Brogued Beauties 19 Dec '11, 3am

    The new staple shoe is the brogue. Other menswear styles may have their moment – loafers are on every high street shop, and the blogger-propelled smoking slipper trend may soon overwhelm. But classic brogues, be they lace-ups or slip-ons, can be paired with everything from preppy shir...

  • @Azira_hanafi @haziqMC

    Save the Date – It’s Chic POP: Street Market 6! 18 Dec '11, 10am

    It is with much glee that we announce this piece of news – Chic POP: Street Market 6 is coming at you soon! The new year is a mere two weeks away now and if you’re wondering what lies ahead in 2011, let it be known that the year kicks off with a huge bang for it’s the return of Chic P...

  • How to wear red and green for Christmas (without looking like Santa threw up all over you)

    How to Wear Red & Green For Christmas 16 Dec '11, 4am

    How does one wear red and green without looking like Christmas had too much eggnog and threw up all over you? The answer, as we posit, lies here. Exploring different shades of the colour – pastel green, anyone? – to contrasting fabrics like velvet and sequins, here’s how to get into t...

    1. Going Gray 16 Dec '11, 3am
    2. red 12 Dec '11, 11pm
  • @iamsweetheart what about this

    Holiday 2011 - Palettes On A Budget 16 Dec '11, 4am

    Behold, our picks for holiday makeup that are kinder to pockets. Great for seriously mobile makeup and even better for testing out brands without breaking the bank.

    1. Holiday 2011 Palettes 15 Dec '11, 3am
  • The hottest nail colour of the season isn't actually red or green

    Going Gray 16 Dec '11, 3am

    We needed a good transitional color from summer to fall, so here’s a color that’s sophisticated but still edgy – gray nails. In and out of the runway trends for the past few years, gray nails has re-emerged as a hot nail polish trend for Fall 2011. Khloe Kardashian | Lauren Conrad See...

  • Gift ideas as well for the guys you like in your life (now with correct linkage action!)

    Holiday Shopping Gift Guide for Him 15 Dec '11, 5am

    Fact: shopping for a gift for guys ranks just above a trip to the dentist on the pleasure scale. Another fact: the sentence preceding this may not actually be factually accurate. But hey, doesn’t it sure feel like sound truth. Scouring the physical and virtual aisles of malls off and ...

  • Not forgetting makeup palettes for the beautyaholics we all graciously take tips from

    Holiday 2011 Palettes 15 Dec '11, 3am

    Holidays are around the corner. Expect to be seduced and downright confused by the selection of colour palettes available. If you are new to makeup, looking to increase the range of your colour cosmetics, or perhaps on the hunt for an all-in-one travel palette, this is the season for it.

  • It isn't Friday but here's why you should follow @the_talks @AriSethCohen @individualism @tbdofficial now

    5 Blogs We’re Currently Reading Part 2 14 Dec '11, 9am

    5 Blogs We’re Currently Reading Part 2 by karen wong on Wed, 14/12/11 05:53 UTC . We celebrate men and women, both old and new, who possess bucketloads of style in this new roundup of things we’re reading on the Internet. Take a break from work with these informative Web distractions ...

  • Or how about ringing in the new year with some new skincare? Completely ready for Christmas!

    TIC Christmas Blowout 2011: Aesop Skincare 14 Dec '11, 4am

    Aesop was launched in 1987 with the purpose to create great products for skin, hair and body. Truly a different type of skin care brand, Aesop believes that well-being and external beauty are ultimately a result of a healthy diet, moderate exercise and consistent attention to, and pro...