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  • Spoon-feeding in SG's Schools? 19 Jan '13, 12pm

    I remember when I first started teaching in River Valley High right after graduation from the Institute of Education, many students and even the principal and head of department were alarmed at my method of teaching. I hate rote learning and spoon feeding. Some students only wanted to...

    1. 17 Jan 2013 17 Jan '13, 4am
  • Bad service at Birkenstock outlets 16 May '12, 1pm

    I was at the Wheelock Birkenstock branch with my bf today and the staff literally ranted at us when we merely told her we were upset with her attitude. My bf was trying on the sandals when one of the staff told us that it does not have his size, it's too small for him. However he stil...

  • BIRTHDAY BOY 01 Apr '11, 3pm