• 5 New Bag Trends Every Fashion Girl Will Be Carrying Come Fall

    thezoereport.com 17 Sep '18, 4pm

    When transitioning our wardrobes from summer to fall, clothing is often the starting point—a new dress here, a nubby sweater there. Then, comes accessories from footwear (closed-toe silhouettes and boots galore) to jewelry and, of course, handbags. New trends aside, the main point of ...

  • I never would've guessed this..

    This Is Officially The World’s Top Fashion Brand, And It Might Surprise You

    thezoereport.com 26 Sep '17, 6pm

    We can wax poetic about Alessandro Michele’s genius, particularly after last week’s grandiose runway orchestration—and Gucci’s classic pieces are perennial It-girl staples we don’t foresee ever stuffing into the far reaches of our closet. But it turns out another luxury brand has take...

  • Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Vintage Handbag

    thezoereport.com 19 Oct '16, 12am

    Los Angeles is a mecca for all things vintage, so it’s common to find yourself stopping on the palm tree-lined streets to shamelessly admire an aah-mah-zing Chanel bag as it passes by. A head-turning vintage purse is a worthy investment for so many reasons, but primarily because the m...

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    5 Seriously Stylish Bags For Under $50

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    Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up (say on a Monday after Halloween weekend). While we’d love to have the available loose cash for an extravagant splurge, sometimes we have to operate within slightly stricter budget parameters. Fear not! There are plenty of adorable purses avai...

  • One Bag Every Woman Should Own

    thezoereport.com 11 Aug '16, 3am

    women who strive to juggle it all , our schedules always seem to be jam-packed. And on days when we’re running from the gym to meetings to errands to dinner, we’re in desperate need of a versatile accessory to keep up. Enter the roomy tote. While we’ll always profess our love for an e...

  • A Birkin Bag Is Officially A Better Investment Than Gold

    A Birkin Bag Is Officially A Better Investment Than Gold

    thezoereport.com 24 Mar '17, 11pm

    Who can forget the SATC episode wherein Samantha so badly wants an Hermès Birkin bag that she uses Lucy Liu’s name to get one? That was almost 20 years ago, and the iconic bag has lost none of its luster. In fact, a new study finds the Birkin is more valuable than gold—literally. A si...

  • Fall 2015’s Top Handbag Trends |

    thezoereport.com 10 Aug '15, 3pm

    In the market for an investment purse? Unsurprisingly, the Fall 2015 collections are jam-packed with gorgeous carryalls sure too woo even the most discerning fashion girl. If you’re looking to splurge ASAP or need ideas for that big buy you’re planning to make later this year, allow u...

  • Team Zoe’s Spring Handbag Wish List |

    thezoereport.com 24 Feb '16, 1am

    Saving up for splurge-worthy accessories is always on Team Zoe’s to-do list. Although we’re not totally out of the woods when it comes to the shift in seasons, cold weather isn’t going to stand in the way of our illustrious spring handbag hopes and dreams. Here, seven bags our editors...