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Described in its early days as an area of picturesque loveliness, MacRitchie Reservoir and its surroundings, remains today an area in Singapore to find an ...

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  • urban redevelopment resettlement centre that became Funan

    Funan Centre, as it was known in its early days, was completed in 1985 after much delay (it was initially scheduled to be completed in 1979 but a design change resulted in its delay). Built as a permanent “resettlement centre” by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), it’s purpose w...

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  • 5 years ago tonight

    At least nine Dragon (or Snake) Kilns were once found along the 13th to 18th Milestones of Jurong Road, attracted by the availability of Jurong White Clay - ideal material for clay latex cups. The cups were fired by the kilns to feed a huge demand from the rubber estates in the area. ...

  • Hanging on – the amazing hanging bridge near Bilbao https://t.co/Hyb2hQ1ouH

    Hanging on – the amazing hanging bridge near Bilbao |

    Known also as “puente colgante” or “hanging bridge”, the Vizcaya Bridge as a structure, takes us back to the heyday of the industrial and maritime age in Bilbao and a time when the area’s deposits of iron-ore fed the hungry blast furnaces of Europe. This, as well as several other fact...

  • A church once occupied by Sin

    A church once occupied by Sin

    My memories of the buildings are ones which date back to my younger days (of which I have actually written about in a previous post ). The church building itself was always a curious sight each time I passed through the area, whether on the way home from church in the late 1960s and e...

  • Update on closure of the Rail Corridor

    Update on closure of the Rail Corridor

    The first stretch of the Rail Corridor affected by the Murnane Pipeline Project , will be hoarded up and closed from Monday 27 June 2016. The stretch is from Holland Rd (near Greenleaf Estate) to Tanglin Halt Road (including the former Rail Corridor Art Space ). Exact dates for the cl...

  • Well Well Well – A Natural Resource Lost https://t.co/wMHANlIhWD

    Well Well Well – A Natural Resource Lost |

    The method of drawing water at our place was with a metal (galvanised iron) bucket attached to a fibre rope with a big knot at the free end to prevent the rope from slipping though our hands. Some wells had a pulley system hung across the well but that meant having to reach out to the...

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  • A visit to a charcoal factory

    A visit to a charcoal factory

    I was rather surprised to hear that it was in fact the Japanese that brought in the charcoal making techniques that are employed at Kuala Sepetang during the occupation. This process, involves the heating of the kilns – in which logs are positioned vertically on blocks of clay to keep...

  • The moon between the coconut palms

    moon between the coconut palms

    Digital Photography has indeed simplified the task of producing quality images of the moon. The ability to mount my old 600 mm manual mirror lens to the body of my DSLR has allowed me to capture some good images indeed. However to push the challenge further I have for past few years b...


The Long and Winding Road
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