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14 hours ago ... Real cosmetic scientists and formulators answer your beauty product questions.

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  • Can I pre-treat oily hair with shampoo?

    thebeautybrains.com 24 Jan '15, 6am

    LindyGirl longs to learn… I deep condition using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil once a week. I had tried oils before but would end up having to shampoo so many times to remove the oil it seemed to defeat the purpose of the deep conditioning process. Then I read some ‘how to’ directions on a...

  • Can I make my own aluminum free deodorant?

    thebeautybrains.com 22 Jan '15, 1pm

    Floraesthetics asks… After reading your blog post about scare tactics, I decided to try my hand at homemade deodorant. I looked at all kinds of recipes, and I created one based on the available ingredients I had in my kitchen. The result was amazing! I was so excited to have created a...

  • Don’t waste money on expensive beauty brands

    thebeautybrains.com 20 Jan '15, 6am

    Don’t waste money on expensive beauty brands by Randy Schueller on January 20, 2015 Tune in to this week’s show to find out how your brain reacts to expensive beauty brands. And how to pick beauty products based on your astrological sign. (Yeah, right.) Click below to play Episode 66 ...

    1. Don’t Piss on the Ashes | sgpolitics.net 20 Jan '15, 10pm
  • Does 3 day deodorant really work?

    thebeautybrains.com 15 Jan '15, 6am

    QM’s query… The boyfriend and I were watching tv and there was an ad about a drugstore-brand deodorant that touted “3-day efficiency”. Me : “3-day efficiency ? Does it means that you’re supposed to go 3 days without washing your armpits ? Ewwww !” Him : “Well, deodorant crawls into th...

  • Is Bare Minerals 100% Natural lipstick worth the hype?

    thebeautybrains.com 18 Jan '15, 3pm

    Bandana asks… Since I’ve been trying to get pregnant over the last year, I’ve become more concerned about toxicity. I probably eat a sizeable amount of lipstick. I am not your usual “organic” type, but I was surprised to see the list of ingredients for my favorite lipstick, Avon’s Bey...

  • Don’t be duped by drugstore doubles

    thebeautybrains.com 13 Jan '15, 6am

    Look at the claims to see if the dupe really is indeed claiming to do the same thing as the original product. This step is especially important if there’s a key function that you’re interested in like anti-aging claims. Find out who makes the dupe. You can do this very easily by check...

  • Can I get a mole from popping pimples?

    thebeautybrains.com 20 Jan '15, 8pm

    Afrogal asks… Recently I popped one of my pimples and a big lump formed on my forehead. I’m starting to wonder whether it is going to go away. Are moles genetic or can they appear when you pop pimples or have bad skincare routine? The Beauty Brains responds Moles are not caused by pop...

  • Why can’t I put my foot product on my face?

    thebeautybrains.com 10 Jan '15, 6am

    Miniature muses… Skin Laboratory has a Salicylic Acid Peel (okay to put on your face). Dr. Scholl’s has a Liquid Corn and Callus Remover (not okay to put on your face). Obviously, both have a high amount of Salicylic Acid, but other than that, I was curious to know which ingredients m...


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