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I had high regard for Police but that regard has diminished in recent years. I helped several people to lodge two complaints to the Commercial ...

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  • We need more technicians rather than degree holders

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 22 Feb '14, 6am

    We need to respect technicians for their knowledge in their technical field and recognize that they may be more useful than degree holders who does not have the same technical knowledge. Here is the definition of a technician from Wikipedia. A technician is a worker in a field of tech...

  • Different school environment

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 07 Mar '14, 12am

    A Singapore citizen was able to send his children to an international school, after getting permission from the ministry. He visited his children in the school and found the children very lively, playing like children during recess time. It was like the environment when he was in scho...

  • Guarantee to IMF - Appeal by Kenneth Jeyaretnam

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 20 Jul '13, 5pm

    The Govt must understand we are not objecting for the sake of opposing the Authorities. This is not our aim. We are fighting to preserve Singapore's future, for our kids' and grandkids' future. Like what KJ said, imagine a scenario where a future rogue Govt, monkey see monkey do, on t...

  • Allow elderly to join Medisheld without underwriting

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 18 Jun '13, 3am

    Editor, Forum Page Straits Times Mr. Geoffrey Kung, secretary of the Reverse Cooperative, suggested that seniors should be helped by allowing them to join a group health insurance scheme. I support this suggestion and to use Medishield to achieve this goal. I suggest that elderly citi...

  • The Gold Guarantee

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 07 Mar '13, 11pm

    t is Sunday Times feature of the founder of T he founder of Gold Guarantee. Just proves one more what poor disservice The Straits Times does to the public in advertising examples of fake successes bordering on fraud. The Straits Times Jan 15, 2012 He plans to give millions to charity ...

  • Lessons from a Bank Robbery

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 11 May '13, 12am

    There was this robbery in Guangzhou, the robber shouted to everyone: "All don't move, money belongs to the state, life belongs to you". Everyone in the bank laid down quietly. This is called "Mind Changing Concept --> Changing the conventional way of thinking". One lady lay on the tab...

  • Tan Kin Lian's Blog: Improve your skill in stock trading

    Improve your skill in stock trading

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 06 Jul '13, 3am

    Property in Johore My friend, who is a Malaysian PR, brought me to see a few condos in Iskandar. Most of them are being sold at M$500 (S$200) psf, are freehol... Shocked about ILP Hi Mr Tan, I regretted not coming across your website earlier. I started working last year and I got "con...

  • Will overseas education lead to a brain drain?

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 08 Feb '13, 12pm

    Someone asked, "Being denied of the chance to further your studies in Singapore with no reasons given, do you think local students will feel attached to their homeland? This is no longer the Singapore they know and love anymore." Here is my reply. 1. I observe that many students who s...


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