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I had high regard for Police but that regard has diminished in recent years. I helped several people to lodge two complaints to the Commercial ...

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  • Books

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 12 Sep '18, 12am

    I am offering a collection of 8 books, written by me, at a discount of more than 70%. Click here to order them for only $20. Enjoy free delivery Order the books Videos on Financial Planning These short videos teach young people the basics of financial planning, investment and life ins...

  • History of the CPF Minimum Sum Scheme

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 17 Jun '18, 11pm

    Minister for Health Howe Yoon Chong chaired a ministerial committee to study into the Problems of the Aged. The committee submitted a report in 1984 recommending that the withdrawal age for CPF savings be raised from 55 to 60 years. This caused an uproar among the public. The proposal...

  • Singapore Taxis United!

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 07 Jan '17, 4pm

    When they first comes, they took the low income job and you thinks its does not affect you! Some old folks affected! Then they took the drivers job, again you thinks it wont matters. Some less educated folks affected! Again they proceed to service line, Once again, you claims local to...

  • Buy travel insurance?

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 22 Nov '16, 1am

    Many people automatically buy a travel insurance policy when they travel. They may not realize that there is a better approach and that the travel insurance policy is not necessary. This is explained in an article here:

  • Treatment at Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC)

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 05 Oct '16, 10am

    I went to Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC) for a lasik treatment to remove the cells that were deposited on my left lens and blocking my vision. The lens was inserted after a catarract operation a year ago. Time spent: Eye test - 5 min Consultation with doctor - 10 mins Lasik oper...

  • Get ready for the next wave of enbloc sale

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 13 Jun '16, 2am

    Is your condominium ready for the next wave of enbloc sales? This will come some time in the future. It could be triggered by a change of government policy, relaxation of property financing rules, opening of a nearby MRT station or a global economic recovery. At that time, many old co...

  • Converting air lines to a ticket on SIA website

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 25 Jul '16, 5am

    I have 60,000 air miles. I wanted to convert it to a return ticket between Singapore and London. I visited the Singapore Airlines website. I had a lot of trouble in locating the right page to view the number of air miles required for the different class of seats. After passing through...

  • The appeal of Bernie Sander's messages

    tankinlian.blogspot.com 28 Mar '16, 11pm

    For a few decades, Americans were told that America is the land of opportunity, a country where they can pursue the American dream. They were told that socialism is bad for the pursuit of the American dream. Many people believed this ideology. They did not realize that they were worki...


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