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  • #WednesdayWisdom Always choose an ugly-ish doctor. Not hairy-nut-finder ugly, but unremarkable. Or else this:

    Adonis and The Boar

    stephanieklein.com 07 Feb '18, 6pm

    A new mark popped up on my hand, and it wasn’t a sun spot. I noticed it three weeks ago. “I’ve gotta go to the doctor,” I kept hearing myself say. I called last night and was in first thing this morning. “This doesn’t look normal,” I said. “Look how it dips in the middle.” I was shown...

  • I Feel (Think, and Do) Pretty

    I Feel (Think, and Do) Pretty

    stephanieklein.com 30 Apr '18, 8pm

    I don’t care what the critics say; I loved it. I mean, I really loved it. I never laugh at comedy films anyway. It takes a lot to get me to laugh aloud, and most films are so set-up-punch that I expect everything–it’s too easy–so I never laugh. I usually laugh at something very true a...

  • dumb reade

    stephanieklein.com 10 Dec '17, 6pm

    If you’re traveling to New York, or if you live here, and want to stay sane, avoid Duane Reade (not the streets downtown, the actual store). It doesn’t matter what time you go; there is always a string of people, exhaling audibly, deep in wait. I’m not talking about the DMV. It’s wors...

  • Shit Blizzard

    Shit Blizzard

    stephanieklein.com 13 Mar '18, 8pm

    I have a memory similar to today’s shit story (the memory was recorded here ). Both involve dogs and white carpeting and the ever popular ‘rhea. Today we awoke to a blizzard. Yes, snow outside. And yes, shit everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean Abigail’s bedding, the floor in...


    stephanieklein.com 26 Sep '17, 7pm

    his is the gallery index of albums. Each thumbnail below represents a unique album of photographs. Click the thumbnail photo to explore each album, and feel free to share your favorites on social media. Cause, well, duh.

  • Some Nerve

    stephanieklein.com 29 Jun '17, 12am

    I was bored by my life’s routine of gym, followed by shower, followed by errands, followed by coffee and yawn. As much as I tried forcing myself to the library to write, it would realistically only happen twice, maybe three times, per week. It just wasn’t a priority. That, and I secon...

  • how we spend our 4th of July

    stephanieklein.com 04 Apr '17, 8pm

    I'm sorry about what happened between you and Phil. No matter who said what, or who's more wrong, these strange moments of sudden aggression where we are triggered and become emotionally incontinent can feel completely blindsiding. I know that in my life with both of us working from h...

  • Naming your style helps to identify the elements that represent it.

    Clothing Capsule: March – April |

    stephanieklein.com 06 Mar '17, 3am

    A transitional wardrobe. That’s what is needed come March because the weather in the Northeast is indecisive, throwing its weight between 65 and 20 degrees. Snow one day, sleeveless the next. And plaids are out of the question. Any hint of holiday clothing won’t work. All the magazine...