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  • Piers and I are going to decide whether or not to have a wedding by tossing a coin.

    Deciding a wedding on a coin toss

    sheylara.com 21 Jan '14, 2pm

    First, allow me to admit that I’m an awful decision-maker. I’m quite possibly the worst decision-maker in the whole world, and that is no casual boast. For example, I will totally forgo having a meal if I can’t decide what to eat, because copping out is just easier. I could write a wh...

  • Yes! I have another blog. Which you probably won't want to read. But you can read about it, anyway:

    Wow, I really needed another blog

    sheylara.com 08 Nov '13, 2pm

    Like I have so much to say that I’m flooding this blog with too many posts. Like I have too much time on my hands. Like I really need another platform to prove my existence. NO. But I’ve gone and jumped onto yet another social media micro blogging platform, anyway. This: Introducing m...

  • Facebook can now read your mind

    Facebook can now read your mind

    sheylara.com 21 Dec '13, 1pm

    So, I’ve decided to come out of my unexplained month-long solitary confinement because A) It’s about bloody time, and B) I just had to share this story. Remember that I have, on several occasions, remarked on Facebook’s sneaky monitoring of my Internet activities and then feeding me r...

  • This year, I’m making a wish |

    sheylara.com 01 Jan '14, 10am

    I always get melancholically introspective on New Year’s Eve. This year is no different. Some years I’m out partying my head off, getting drunk during the big countdown. Other years I’m at home sullenly watching some new year countdown show or other, sullen not because I’m home on New...

  • A big thank you to @NuffnangUK for my blogger survivor kit. Here's my post about it!

    Selfies and update on Nuffnang UK competition

    sheylara.com 29 Aug '13, 9am

    I have decided to start off with a bunch of selfies so you will feel inclined to read this post. (Because otherwise you won’t. Don’t try to console me with a pretty white lie; I know you won’t; the internet is an uncaring, cruel beast who only wants to look at selfies.) So, selfies. S...

  • Cute parrot entertains us at a bar in Mallorca:

    Parrot entertains us at the bar

    sheylara.com 26 Sep '13, 1pm

    Parrot entertains us at the bar Posted by Sheylara No Comments » I know I said I’d talk about jellyfish in my next post, but let’s pretend I didn’t, because I want to talk about a parrot, instead. So, I went to this bar in Mallorca one night, with Piers, his sister and brother-in-law....

  • What happens when a girl finds a spider in her bath tub? Find out here and retweet! #bloggers

    My boyfriend the defender of bugs

    sheylara.com 21 Aug '13, 2pm

    There is a spider in my bath tub. Brown, about an inch in diameter including the legs. The moment of discovery happened when I was brushing my teeth and at the same time reaching across the bath tub to get my facial wash. Shock. Adrenaline. Freeze response. In my lesser past, I would ...

  • A short holiday post! ! #mallorca

    What I do in Mallorca

    sheylara.com 10 Sep '13, 8am

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to blog from Mallorca but it appears that I’m able to. The wifi is good and I have pockets of free alone time, which is when everyone’s at the beach. Except me. I’m in Cala d’Or, Mallorca, for a 9-day holiday with Piers and his family. We’re sta...