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    sarahs-loft.com 28 Aug '13, 12pm

    I'm currently represented by lovely folk at Nuffnang Singapore . For event coverages, product reviews or advertorials etc. on my blog, please contact: [email protected] If you run a small independent creative business, and would like to sponsor my blog, please

  • oh wow, this place near beauty world called Carpenter & Cook looks amazing.

    C A R P E N T E R & C O O K

    sarahs-loft.com 24 Jun '12, 11pm

    * C A R P E N T E R & C O O K * Hey everyone! When you view photos of the newly opened Carpenter & Cook in this post, you’ll think “this can’t possibly be in Singapore! ” I’m so happy to tell you that it is! Located near the iconic Beauty World and Bukit Timah Market , you’ll can’t mi...

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  • We stumbled upon your little blog post and l-o-v-e-d it! Thanks for the amazing photographs and feature! @Sarahsloft

    T T L E M E N *

    sarahs-loft.com 12 Oct '12, 9am

    If you’re in the Bukit Timah area, you’ll want to drop by Little Men for a little retail therapy. They have rare and eclectic wears, wares and little things like Forage bow ties (great present for the boyfriends, btw) and greeting cards by Quill & Fox . Little Men 7C Binjai Park Singa...

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  • Simple pasta and salad for mum by @Sarahsloft #cookforfamily

    C O O K F O R F A M I L Y

    sarahs-loft.com 06 Aug '12, 3pm

    When Daniel invited me to join the #COOKFORFAMILY Intiative and I immediately replied with a “Yes, I Want To Cook For My Family!”. It is a meaningful movement where we as bloggers hope to encourage you to cook for your family! I hope by the end of this entry, you might be inspired to ...

  • M A K U R A *

    sarahs-loft.com 02 Feb '14, 5pm

    Kotoku-in Temple with the second largest Buddha in Japan / Hase-dera Kannon Temple Happy Chinese New Year my loves! I’m in Tokyo with my parents now…. enjoying the wonders of my second home! It’s so good to be back here, although somehow I’ve forgotten how to get around and in general...

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  • @poisonpoppyz I think I was influenced when I saw this post of all people. an ops gets influenced by a post..lol

    K O N 1 *V 2

    sarahs-loft.com 13 Jul '13, 7pm

    A lot of people always ask me what camera I use, and I feel that when I tell them I use a DSLR, they get a little disappointed because most of the time, their reaction would be “oh.. but they are so heavy.” Me, being a frequent traveller, can definitely relate to that problem and unde...

  • [Daily Blog Reads] Yule Farmers' Market - Happy Sunday Greetings everyone! Hope your weekend's been going well. My S...

    Yule Farmers’ Market

    sarahs-loft.com 11 Dec '11, 7am

    Hope your weekend’s been going well. My Saturday was awesome at the Yule Farmers’ Market thanks to the many readers who came by! Sorry if I was a little awkward and major apologies if you thought I was talking rubbish. If you were feeling embarrassed, I was feeling even more so… and v...

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  • [Daily Blog Reads] Maison Ikkoku - Hello my lovelies! For all you fellow cafe-goers out there, you'd probably realis...

    Maison Ikkoku

    sarahs-loft.com 29 Nov '11, 4am

    I was to meet my friend, Aisyah for some cakes and coffee yesterday, but I had no idea where to go as the assumption was that all of my favourite hangouts (besides The Plain where I dropped by at last week ) were closed. After an intense internet search (thank you google, you’re the b...