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  • oh wow, this place near beauty world called Carpenter & Cook looks amazing.

    C A R P E N T E R & C O O K

    sarahs-loft.com 24 Jun '12, 11pm

    * C A R P E N T E R & C O O K * Hey everyone! When you view photos of the newly opened Carpenter & Cook in this post, you’ll think “this can’t possibly be in Singapore! ” I’m so happy to tell you that it is! Located near the iconic Beauty World and Bukit Timah Market , you’ll can’t mi...

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  • We stumbled upon your little blog post and l-o-v-e-d it! Thanks for the amazing photographs and feature! @Sarahsloft

    T T L E M E N *

    sarahs-loft.com 12 Oct '12, 9am

    If you’re in the Bukit Timah area, you’ll want to drop by Little Men for a little retail therapy. They have rare and eclectic wears, wares and little things like Forage bow ties (great present for the boyfriends, btw) and greeting cards by Quill & Fox . Little Men 7C Binjai Park Singa...

    1. T T E R * sarahs-loft.com 11 Oct '12, 2pm
  • [Daily Blog Reads] Yule Farmers' Market - Happy Sunday Greetings everyone! Hope your weekend's been going well. My S...

    Yule Farmers’ Market

    sarahs-loft.com 11 Dec '11, 7am

    Hope your weekend’s been going well. My Saturday was awesome at the Yule Farmers’ Market thanks to the many readers who came by! Sorry if I was a little awkward and major apologies if you thought I was talking rubbish. If you were feeling embarrassed, I was feeling even more so… and v...

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  • [Daily Blog Reads] Maison Ikkoku - Hello my lovelies! For all you fellow cafe-goers out there, you'd probably realis...

    Maison Ikkoku

    sarahs-loft.com 29 Nov '11, 4am

    I was to meet my friend, Aisyah for some cakes and coffee yesterday, but I had no idea where to go as the assumption was that all of my favourite hangouts (besides The Plain where I dropped by at last week ) were closed. After an intense internet search (thank you google, you’re the b...

  • Simple pasta and salad for mum by @Sarahsloft #cookforfamily

    C O O K F O R F A M I L Y

    sarahs-loft.com 06 Aug '12, 3pm

    When Daniel invited me to join the #COOKFORFAMILY Intiative and I immediately replied with a “Yes, I Want To Cook For My Family!”. It is a meaningful movement where we as bloggers hope to encourage you to cook for your family! I hope by the end of this entry, you might be inspired to ...


    sarahs-loft.com 28 Aug '13, 12pm

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  • Join my Chanel Coco Blue Giveaway! Share your beauty secrets with myself and other readers! :D

    Chanel Coco Blue Giveaway!

    sarahs-loft.com 09 Nov '11, 4pm

    Since I recently turned 25, I’ve been more conscientious of the body/skin care and cosmetic products that I use. And while I really like the products that I’m using right now, I’ve always been curious to find out what brands you ladies are using yourselves. In exchange for your list o...

  • [Daily Blog Reads] Matsumoto - Hello everyone! More on my trip to Japan! I don't know if many of you have heard of


    sarahs-loft.com 26 Oct '11, 4pm

    My mum and I took a day trip there from the ryokan at Chikuma City just so we could visit Matsumoto Castle . It looked so grand on the pictures, but I have to say I felt a little cheated when I saw its actual size. I think the phrase “Everything is smaller in Japan” is pretty evident ...

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