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  • [bugs] if i decide to get another morph i might get dalmation of these guys

    Little Sea Roly-Poly - Roach Crossing

    roachcrossing.com 02 Aug '17, 6am

    Despite having only two days to search the Florida Keys on my first trip for bugs (and half of that time was spent unpacking, eating, and packing), I was able to locate these cute isopods in very strange places. Most were collected from bone dry logs (all the while I was being nipped ...

  • [bugs]

    Clown Roly-Poly - Roach Crossing

    roachcrossing.com 02 Aug '17, 6am

    The clown isopod has been the holy grail of roly-poly collectors the world over. These delightful isopods are festively adorned with white and yellow polka dots on a smooth black background and decadently skirted with a tasteful trim of red-orange. Unlike the species most are familiar...

  • @nidofeathers just a random smallish species of roach! but they are very fancy

    Question Mark Roach - Roach Crossing

    roachcrossing.com 21 May '17, 8am

    This pretty roach can be slow growing, with nymphs occasionally taking two years to reach adulthood. The long wait is worth it, as the stunning adults are day active and comical. A deep, layered substrate with crushed dead hardwood leaves is needed to keep the nymphs happy. The adults...

  • @akihitocetacia

    Brown Burrowing Roach - Roach Crossing

    roachcrossing.com 13 Dec '17, 1pm

    This species is often misidentified as Byrsotria fumigata . The males have two wing forms; short and long (long is pictured above.) This species reproduces at approximately the same rate as Blaptica dubia . However, the males (far right) are shorter but fatter while the females (middl...

  • A sad story. But I'm so happy roach hobbyists exist to keep them alive! I may get some to breed.

    Extinct Roach - Roach Crossing

    roachcrossing.com 30 Dec '16, 3pm

    The story of the extinct roach is incredibly bittersweet. It was discovered and described in 2004 from a single cave in the Simandou range in Guinea; the only location it has been found at to this date. In the wild, it lived in the top layers of bat guano and was found nowhere else. A...

  • #TarantulaForum: Roach Crossing: Haven't seen a review for

    Roaches for Sale - Roach Crossing

    roachcrossing.com 07 May '16, 11am

    My goal is to provide quality feeder roaches at affordable prices, present a dazzling array of pet species, to dismiss the common myths about the honorable cockroach, and to spread the knowledge and passion of my hobby. If you have any questions or would like to place an order on any ...

  • @JayLouis Fun fact: Zebra striped roaches not only exist but are for sale. Which, given the context, feels poetic?

    Cockroaches for Sale - Roach Crossing

    roachcrossing.com 12 Jun '17, 3pm

    By Continent / South America / By Adult Size / New Species / Cockroaches / For Sale / By Type / Intermediate / Pet / Care Level / Climbing / Large 28 Jan, 2017 Mega Glowspot Roach Lucihormetica grossei Mixed nymphs: $15/each (Contact for availability) Starter colony (8 mixed nymphs): ...

  • The Sexy Legs Roach - Roach Crossing

    roachcrossing.com 05 Aug '15, 2am

    As its name declares, this species has very sexy legs. The newborns are dull brown (much like other native Ectobiid nymphs) but their legs get sexier as they grow. This locality enjoys heat and moisture with good ventilation, and the nymphs have very hearty appetites. In the wild, mal...