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22 hours ago ... I was supposed to do 27 km yesterday for my long distance run. After going successfully at 26 km the past two weekends, it shouldn't be too ...

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  • This is Spring

    rinaz.net 16 Apr '14, 1pm

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  • Just a quick blog post on how to grow your own bean-sprouts. Yes. Taugeh.

    How to grow beansprouts

    rinaz.net 14 Apr '14, 2pm

    But interestingly one of the ingredients, the bean sprouts, which is really cheap in Asia, can be quite expensive here. The only shop where I found it for sale costs about 3.50 euros for a small box. It may be organic and all, but I thought it was just too much.

  • New blog post : This is the show where the singing nun sang

    The voice of Italy – A different kind of singing competition |

    rinaz.net 11 Apr '14, 1pm

    The big difference between this show and regular singing competitions is that the four judges have their seats turned away from their stage. The seats are big, so they are not able to see the contestants and can only judge by what they hear.

  • New blog post : Is it a big deal to bandit a race?

    Is it a big deal to bandit a race?

    rinaz.net 09 Apr '14, 1pm

    It’s just that the final 10 km while I was doing the race, there was a crowd of workers hovering around the refreshment tables, the porta-potties that I saw were completely stuffed. I was surprised to see that there were people already disassembling the barricades and at the end of th...

  • New cartoon! This was what I've been up to the past week

    So the past week, I’ve been …

    rinaz.net 31 Mar '14, 9am

    One thought on “So the past week, I’ve been …” Rainie says: Monday, March 31, 2014 at 9:38 am tee hee hee indeed planning for the next one yet? Reply A comment a day keeps the doctor away? Cancel reply

  • New blog post : A slice of Naples in Rossopomodoro

    A slice of Naples in Rossopomodoro

    rinaz.net 07 Apr '14, 9am

    food fascination A slice of Naples in Rossopomodoro Monday, April 7, 2014 marina noordin Leave a comment As much as I adore Roman style pizza, there is a place in Rome that I like going to when I have a hankering for pizza al Napoli. Some years back, Cart and I visited Naples and we m...

  • New blog post : Just collected my race pack. Tomorrow's the race. Wish me luck! #rinazdoes42km @MaratonaDiRoma

    Collecting the race-pack for the maratona di roma

    rinaz.net 22 Mar '14, 8am

    While getting the race-pack was a simple affair, it was what came after was the headache inducing part. Visitors had to go through a maze of display booths. There is no way to do any short-cuts as there are barriers everywhere and there will always be someone watching you, which is an...

    1. The Maratona di Roma route 2014 rinaz.net 14 Mar '14, 2pm
  • New blog post : I am now a marathoner :-) #rinazdoes42km #aceamaratonadiroma

    I am now a marathoner

    rinaz.net 24 Mar '14, 7pm

    By the time I deposited my bag, the clouds were starting to get dark. The weather forecast said that it would rain the entire day but I was in denial, hoping for a sunny day. Unfortunately, while we were queuing up at the corral, it started to rain quite hard. While normally the rain ...

    1. The day we found out. kimberlycun.com 24 Mar '14, 11am