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22 hours ago ... I was supposed to do 27 km yesterday for my long distance run. After going successfully at 26 km the past two weekends, it shouldn't be too ...

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  • Stop saying Nasi Lomak!

    rinaz.net 03 Jul '16, 4pm

    I can prove to you that I can pronounce 1 – 10 in mandarin to be just as well as a chinese can

  • Goruck Urban Ops experience

    rinaz.net 02 Jun '16, 11am

    For those of you thinking of participating for Goruck Urban Ops, while the fitness requirement is low – moderate, my advice to you is to train in some circuit training anyway. Carry a towel so that it will soften the barrier between your back and the weights and just enjoy the experie...

  • Anyway a quick blog post about strawberry cake

    Vegan Strawberry Cake

    rinaz.net 20 May '16, 10am

    Recently, I saw an event for a strawberry faire in Carchitti, which about 40 minutes drive from Rome. I was so looking forward to it. I planned to buy several punnets and make a cake from the recipe I read from my booklet. I even charged my batteries, my camera and formatted the SD ca...

  • Experiencing Viareggio Part 2

    rinaz.net 11 Mar '16, 2pm

    We met up with Andrea, one of the staff working at the citadella and before I knew it, the camera was rolling. The hosts Mas and Seri started talking excitedly in Malay and I was listening in and the continued talking … and then out of the blue they asked me, “So Marina, can you ask h...

  • You'll never guess what's in this moka pot. The answer will shock you! OMG

    The most stylish urn

    rinaz.net 19 Feb '16, 12pm

    When guests come over to Rome, one of the things that I’d recommend that they get as a souvenir is a moka pot. It’s something that I think that is symbolic of Italy – since coffee is such a way of life here. And using a moka pot lets you enjoy espresso quality coffee at home.

  • The Obsidian Anomaly in Vienna

    rinaz.net 16 Apr '16, 9am

    Anyway, the day before our flight to Vienna was so busy. I had to teach in the afternoon and as soon as I reached home, Cart and I rushed off to get some last minute things ready – I wanted to collect my pins and patches and Cart wanted to give away some capsules so that he’ll have so...

  • I hate being sick!

    rinaz.net 23 Nov '15, 10am

    p.s I just think it odd that I get sick for so long here, while in Singapore, I’d be sick for at maximum 2 days. I wonder why that is?

  • Experiencing carnevale di Viareggio – part 1 |

    rinaz.net 17 Feb '16, 6pm

    A little back story. A couple of months earlier, I got a message from a production company who was looking for someone who was living in Italy to be a co-host for a documentary show in Singapore . I don’t know anything about hosting and I’ve never hosted before – youtube-ing is a whol...