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  • Patriarchal values and the death penalty

    rachelzeng.wordpress.com 06 May '17, 8am

    Our friend above is pro death penalty. Don’t agree with you Rachel. It is very easy to be on the other side of the fence and talk about love and goodwill and be all goody goody. Yes this should be the base for humanity but for humans not for demons. Punishment also has it’s place and ...

  • Totally baffled by ELD’s police reports https://t.co/c2M1FWbebq

    What’s wrong, ELD? |

    rachelzeng.wordpress.com 30 May '16, 2am

    The above exception list, other than party political broadcast, also applies to Polling Day.” 1. Roy expressed his support for Dr Chee on his personal FB and blog; 2. Soh Lung expressed her support for Dr Chee on her personal FB; 3. TISG, while being a political news site, is not affi...

  • The Elections Department replied

    rachelzeng.wordpress.com 29 Aug '15, 12pm

    According to the Parliamentary Elections Act, election and campaigning period only begins after the Writ of Elections has been issued. As a concerned citizen of Singapore, I would like to obtain a clarification from the Elections Department on whether this sudden presence of the party...

  • The “psychopath” has returned to a warm welcome |

    rachelzeng.wordpress.com 09 Sep '15, 11pm

    In a discussion with some friends, there was a general consensus that Dr Chee is a changed man. I beg to differ. He is not a changed man, but society has changed. The Internet has widened our perspectives, and we now have access to information that has made the content of the mainstre...

  • Fear of being fixed: The impact of the climate of fear on the 2015 Singapore General Election

    rachelzeng.wordpress.com 14 Sep '15, 1am

    While one’s ballot may be secret, unfortunately the fear that is not is a pervasive amongst the population of Singapore. My personal experience of this came the day before the election, when in my local Cheers I asked the attendant who I know very well, how she was planning to vote in...

  • Some thoughts regarding the case of Rebecca Loh

    rachelzeng.wordpress.com 24 Jun '13, 11pm

    Rebecca’s case is a perfect example of what non-inclusive policies towards certain members of our society (i.e., single mothers, persons with serious medical conditions/ disabilities/ special needs) may result in. A State can never erase its mistakes by hanging victims of its failed p...

  • PAP flags are up!

    rachelzeng.wordpress.com 31 Jul '15, 3pm

    Now, under the Parliamentary Elections Act, the election campaigning period begins only after the Writ of Election has been issued. Since the Writ of Election has not been issued, is it safe to say that the PAP has violated the Act?

  • Rachel Zeng summarizes how the keyboard warriors have actually been doing the on-ground work. Salutes!

    Here here, look here, Dear Chuan-jin

    rachelzeng.wordpress.com 07 Aug '13, 5pm

    Now Mr Tan, I hope that you will look through the whole list and realise that there are many Singaporeans who are actually acting upon their unhappiness about different aspects of our society. They are constantly working towards changing things for the better and most of the work are ...


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