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Sharks in Singapore Waters! Date October 23, 2013. During our dive at Pulau Hantu over the weekend, we were lucky to encounter a young pair of what we ...

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  • Magnificent Kusu Island – an urban reef |

    pulauhantu.org 04 Feb '14, 4am

    Magnificent Kusu Island – an urban reef February 4, 2014 Hantu Blog volunteers made a visit to Kusu Island on 26 Jan to explore more of Singapore’s marine life! We had to set out at dawn to catch the best tide for the dive. We got to catch a beautiful sunrise as we departed the mainla...

  • Cuttlefish Couple

    pulauhantu.org 28 Jan '14, 3am

    A pair of reef cuttlefish in the shallow and murky waters of Singapore’s Kusu Island. These animals were in a coloration and posture that is less commonly observed. I wonder what they might have been up to. They were also really really huge. The biggest I’ve seen around here. Cuttlefi...

  • Gotta Love Muck Diving

    pulauhantu.org 25 Jan '14, 9am

    , the visibility was absolutely terrible! It was daunting for first timers, and a little stressful for the guides because we always hope for the best conditions for our first timers! Regulars however, remained super enthusiastic and still saw a lot of critters during their dive! Divin...

  • How do Marine Flatworms swim?

    pulauhantu.org 20 Jan '14, 8am

    Locomotion of the marine flatworm consists of waves of extension and contraction on either side of the body, a pattern known as ditaxic locomotion (This means its foot is divided into left and right halves. A snail, for example, uses monotaxic locomotion). The waves begin at the anter...

  • Big Sisters Island with NParks

    pulauhantu.org 12 Jan '14, 6pm

    was invited to join NParks for a survey dive at Big Sisters Island this week! We’re always thrilled to check out the other islands especially since we are so focused on diving at Pulau Hantu ! It’s good to see what else is out there for us to find, and to learn what’s special about ea...

  • Seahorses and other spineless wonders!

    pulauhantu.org 16 Jan '14, 9am

    Seahorses and other spineless wonders! January 16, 2014 Did you know that you can organize your own dive trips to Pulau Hantu with our Hantu Blog guides? Over the weekend, a small group of family and friends got themselves together and arranged a private charter to our reefs! 19-year ...

  • Dive into the Holidays

    pulauhantu.org 06 Jan '14, 7am

    Project Officer at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity and Research, nudibranch enthusiast, and regular diver with the Hantu Blog , Chay Hoon, joined our last dive of the year in December, and reported “good visibility of about 3 meters”! Here are some of the critters she saw during he...

  • Learning logarithms from sea snails, and other benign creatures

    pulauhantu.org 27 Jan '14, 6am

    However, the amazing Chay Hoon managed to find a cone snail while out collecting rubble. She didn’t know it was a cone snail at first, and picked it up with her bare hands thinking it was an ordinary and benign snail. Cone snails are venomous. They hunt fish with the help of this veno...


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