popagandhi.com Archives - 09 May 2012, Wednesday

  • I Hate Cabbage Soup

    popagandhi.com 20 Jan '12, 2pm

    White cabbage is death. If there is a Creator, it is one of his less glorious moments. The only thing worse than white cabbage is white cabbage soup. I am a soup maniac, but white cabbage soup I do not touch with a ten foot pole. I cannot even sit at the same table when it is being dr...

  • Taj Mahal Foxtrot

    popagandhi.com 06 Jan '12, 5pm

    They were the crazy thoughts that slip into your head when you meet someone for the first time — at a bar, or at least that’s how it was for me. The furious back-and-forth binary exchanges through various electronic sources. A text. An email. A few stamps in your passport and many fli...

  • Is This Defunct?

    popagandhi.com 06 Sep '11, 8am

    My father was having a conversation with one of the students at the university where he works. Apparently one of them was a frequent visitor to this site. He told my dad as much and said I don’t write anymore, that this site is pretty much defunct. When your father brings you these ne...

  • Happy 46th Singaporeans. Here are some thoughts I've had about Singapore lately


    popagandhi.com 08 Aug '11, 10am

    I am a Singaporean who lives in a series of hash tags. They are: #iamchinese my race, my ethnicity, a language I speak, “mother tongue” classes I struggled with and the colour of my skin #iamasian a vague identity I hold; ‘one of them’ in the tribes of Northeast India and I am ‘one of...

  • I slyly bring in a twitter meme at 17:55 here while @skinnylatte does it in the title here

    Private Islands for Everyone

    popagandhi.com 14 Apr '11, 9am

    There comes a point in every traveller’s life when the experience of going to a foreign place no longer feels the same, nor as exciting as it used to be when she first began. Cities blur into similar skylines, restaurants and bars. Non-cities remain precisely that—good in small doses ...

  • Portraits Unphotographable | Popagandhi

    popagandhi.com 02 Apr '11, 9am

    Whether it’s a long-haul transatlantic flight or a regional short hop, or even just a trip out on a local bus, the process of meeting and eventually talking to strangers, can lead one to use quick heuristics in sizing them up. Perhaps it’s our automatic mechanism to do so in order to ...

  • The Country Codes My Girlfriend And I Have Known | Popagandhi

    popagandhi.com 25 Feb '11, 8am

    To put things into perspective the 10 000 kilometres between us means we you are only 20 times further from me than you usually are, and soon that will half to merely 5000. I can’t talk to you without shouting into a computer or pressing a million calling card digits followed by # fol...

  • Writing the followup to The Great Southern Trunk Road. 3rd in the series. I'm writing too slowly here

    The Great Southern Trunk Road | Popagandhi

    popagandhi.com 20 Feb '11, 6pm

    I could not have asked for a better way to end the Rickshaw Challenge, having had such a great first day; but something about Thiruvannaamalai did not sit well with me. The hotel’s staff started off friendly and grovelling, but when they found out my team did not intend to plan to sta...

  • Notes from a Rickshaw: a series I'm just beginning to write.

    We Have No Dungarees, Saar | Popagandhi

    popagandhi.com 12 Feb '11, 9pm

    We set off from Madras one hot morning, dressed to the nines. It was a good idea before flag-off, this brilliant idea we had of dressing just like a rickshaw wallah . The previous nights we had been in Pondy Bazaar every night, looking for various items to complete our get up. We’d pl...