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Two years ago I found out I have an autoimmune disease. I will always have it. It changed everything about my life from what I do for money to ...

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  • On The Spectrum

    popagandhi.com 21 Nov '16, 4pm

    What’s it like to be on the spectrum? It is to be able to do wonderfully complex and abstract things, at the speed of light, yet to be stumped at how to give straightforward directions to others. To be diagnosed after the age of 30 is to learn quite resolutely: the weirdest feature in...

  • Why Omar Mateen ripped into the memories of queer people the world over. RIP, #Orlando.

    Panic at the Disco

    popagandhi.com 13 Jun '16, 5pm

    I’m 31 in a few months. Not old, but old enough to remember how coming out was not on Tumblr, it was at Taboo. I would go with my best friends, all of us so drawn to each other (boys and girls) because we saw a spark of — what was it? We thought it was weirdness at the time — in each ...

  • Tan Boon Chye

    popagandhi.com 07 Nov '16, 11am

    When I came home (to Singapore) a couple of days ago, I instructed the taxi driver to go to the Caltex station at East Coast. Most cabbies know this place, but he didn’t. He’s 74 years old, so he only knew this spot as “Tan Boon Chye & Co” (brain GPS never update firmware). Tan Boon C...

  • This Morning’s Downtown Line Tragedy

    popagandhi.com 18 Jul '12, 8pm

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. This morning, we awoke to tragic news that two workers had died while building the Downtown Line in Bugis. They were buried alive by cement while pouring wet concrete into a mould. The scaffolding collapsed. They were stuck in the cemen...

  • India, I am curious: why do so many of you google "naked Indian aunties" and end up on my blog,

    Footloose again

    popagandhi.com 06 Jul '12, 9am

    1. I must watch too many scifi movies. I’d rarely been convinced of the malleability of time, but these days I measure out everything in two-week units. Time seems to race ahead of me. It always has, now more than before. 2. When I say these days , I don’t mean it facetiously. Yes, I ...

  • An Indian Decade

    popagandhi.com 02 Feb '14, 5pm

    As a wee child in Varanasi before I threw away my backpacker wardrobe. I’ve been coming and going from India for the last ten years. In 2004 I started to hatch the first plans to flee the terrifying life laid out for me — that of a student in a Singapore university, doomed for the cor...

  • Someone I know almost got scammed into coming to SG on a fake work permit. Here’s how to get help.

    A Public Service

    popagandhi.com 08 Sep '12, 9pm

    Recently, a friend from Bangalore messaged me on Facebook and asked me for some help. Her family friend, who was not very educated, had paid a lot of money to an agent in Bangalore to get work in Singapore. He had his work permit issued, and was told to leave for Singapore as soon as ...

  • In Small Rooms with Betawi Women – Popagandhi https://t.co/lWVFC8gxIf

    In Small Rooms with Betawi Women

    popagandhi.com 27 Apr '16, 1pm

    Not for the first time, I found myself in a tiny room on a hot day, the youngest among old women. Each with a different thing to say to me, also the only person not from around these parts. “You’re so old now! And unmarried!” “Your hair is too white! Eat more soy beans!” One woman rub...


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