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Two years ago I found out I have an autoimmune disease. I will always have it. It changed everything about my life from what I do for money to ...

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  • Singapore’s So-Called Moral Majority |

    popagandhi.com 21 Jul '14, 4pm

    No doubt these people have barely met any real LGBT people, and have believed that the only group that is visible to them — caricatures of limp-wristed and/or well-toned gym-going gay men — are the only ones they are waving their flags against. Not the overweight butch with an over-si...

  • All In

    popagandhi.com 06 May '14, 12pm

    Write clear, concise emails. I wish I knew it earlier, but learning to ask for things clearly and briefly is a life skill. Talk about money without feeling weird. I don’t know about you, but I used to find it difficult to talk about money. Expected compensation, ballpark estimates, mo...

  • The Freedom to Love

    popagandhi.com 28 Jun '14, 5am

    Ten years ago the Internet was a different place. Singapore was a different place. While it wasn’t exactly the sort of pitchfork-wielding, gay-vilifying environment you would imagine, you certainly did not feel like people understood . You felt, at that time, at odds with large swathe...

  • An Indian Decade

    popagandhi.com 02 Feb '14, 5pm

    As a wee child in Varanasi before I threw away my backpacker wardrobe. I’ve been coming and going from India for the last ten years. In 2004 I started to hatch the first plans to flee the terrifying life laid out for me — that of a student in a Singapore university, doomed for the cor...

  • Videos Games & Political Consciousness

    popagandhi.com 05 Jun '14, 7am

    I’ve spent the last couple of nights binge-playing through the Mass Effect trilogy, which reminds me a little bit too much of the late nights I’ve pulled work- ing on political campaigns and social causes in the past. The setup is about the same: all of the above require a single-mind...

  • Life Is Short. Have A Kit Kat.

    popagandhi.com 27 Oct '13, 3pm

    Wherein the real gross monthly income of our lowest 20th percentile of employed residents rose only 0.1% each year from 2002 to 2012 (link ) Where an estimated one-quarter of Singapore households would be under the poverty line, if we indeed had one (link ) Where his Ministry’s profes...

  • How To Setup Business Email Without Google Apps

    popagandhi.com 16 Oct '13, 8am

    Google Apps seemed like a godsend to many businesses when they first came around. The free version was great, and I never had to upgrade. Eventually I came around to the same opinion that Marco Arment has stated many times : I want to pay for a service I need, especially one that is s...

  • This essay is in Elle Singapore: it's about being lesbian here. #lgbt

    Love, Singapore

    popagandhi.com 21 Aug '13, 9am

    I wrote a small piece for Elle Singapore (Sept 2013) about what it’s like to be lesbian in Singapore. Available on the newsstands now, page 147. Mention to someone in passing that you’re lesbian and one or all of the following are bound to happen: intrigue (“tell me more”), surprise (...


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