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  • Cornerstone #NapaValley #SauvBlanc #recipe Cherry Tomato and Scallop Pasta

    Cherry Tomato and Scallop Pasta 27 Feb '15, 4pm

    cherry tomato and scallop pasta is a signature noob cook (read: lazy) style of cooking. I simply bake a small casserole of scallops and cherry tomatoes (pictured below; right), then toss in cooked pasta to soak in the baking juices. By doing so, I minimize oil splatters and messy clea...

  • Korean Seasoned Broccoli Banchan - Page 2 of 2 14 Feb '15, 2pm

    I love love broccolini. Last week, I bought one big pack and within one week they were gone! :) Good to know that even the markets in SG sells broccolini. Those who love Kai Lan esp. the tender stalks, and broccoli will definitely enjoy broccolini. Hope you enjoyed this banchan that I...

  • Baked Lobster Tail - Noob Cook Recipes

    Baked Lobster Tail 13 Feb '15, 3pm

    I love home cooking because it makes a dish like a baked lobster tail very accessible and affordable. I bought frozen lobster tails at a steal of S$99 for 12 tails from a seafood wholesaler during a sale (read more here ). That works out to about $8.25 per tail, which is a fraction of...

  • {NEW} Kitchen Tool Spotlight: Pineapple tart mould/cookie cutter * Visit

    Pineapple Tart Mould 26 Jan '15, 2pm

    pineapple tart mould (cookie cutter) is used to make open-faced pineapple tarts. In Singapore, you can buy them from baking shops such as Phoon Huat (where I got mine from several years ago, as pictured above) or

  • NEW: Cherry Tomato Pasta Recipe via @noobcook

    Cherry Tomato Pasta 10 Feb '15, 3pm

    This simple, budget-friendly and deliciously beautiful cherry tomato pasta recipe is just perfect for Valentine’s Day . It’s so easy to prepare, with the cherry tomatoes lending this pasta their natural sweet taste and creating a dish with loads of vitamins and anti-oxidants . I first...

  • Mee Pok 30 Jan '15, 9am

    (面薄) are flat yellow egg noodles of Teochew origin used in many Singapore hawker dishes , most prominently in bak chor mee (minced pork noodles) . The fresh noodles are blanched through a slotted ladle in boiling and cold (or room temperature) water multiple times to help to give a ni...

    1. Mee Kia 30 Jan '15, 9am
  • [NEW] Ingredient spotlight: "mee kia", thin egg noodles. * #Link: * ♪ Follow…

    Mee Kia 30 Jan '15, 9am

    The fresh noodles are blanched through a slotted ladle in boiling and cold (or room temperature) water multiple times to help to give a nicer springy texture when cooked. They are usually labelled as “Cantonese noodles” or “Hong Kong noodles” in local supermarkets, and can also be use...

    1. Mee Pok 30 Jan '15, 9am
  • Cornerstone #NapaValley #SauvBlanc #recipe Hong Kong Shrimp Roe Noodles

    Shrimp Roe Noodles Recipe 19 Jan '15, 2pm

    In this recipe, the seasonings are minimal – only shallot oil, soy sauce and shrimp roe powder! That is because the shrimp roe powder is already salty on its own, and full of umami flavour. This is almost as easy as making instant noodles! You can eat the noodles on its own, serve it ...

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