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  • Ottogi Korean Cheese Ramen 07 May '18, 1pm

    As a cheese lover, I was really excited to try out Korean cheese ramen (instant noodles) which seems really popular currently. Even the major supermarkets are selling them. The particular brand I bought was the “Ottogi” brand which is also endorsed by (the good looking) Nichkhun of 2p...

  • Chicken ABC Soup (Potato, Tomato, Onion, Corn) 18 Apr '18, 7pm

    Every family has their own special recipe and combination of ingredients for ABC soup. Some people add red dates and dried scallops which I don’t. I always add celery to mine which is not too common. My pot of vegetables typically consists of (pictured above) onion, potato, carrot, sw...

  • @GoldenKnights #GoKnightsGo

    Fried Shark Fish Fillet Recipe 01 May '18, 1am

    Marinade sliced fish fillet with soy sauce, ginger and white pepper for 5 minutes. In a large mixing bowl, whisk flour, water and egg until the batter is of a semi-thick and smooth consistency. Flatten any lumps with the back of a spoon. Add marinaded fish into the prepared batter. He...

  • @jmhorse Sure can, but I'm afraid it's not very vege friendly.

    Sambal Tumis Recipe 29 Mar '18, 2pm

    The quantities stated in the recipe are for using sambal tumis as a base sauce for cooking. If you are using the fried sambal as a condiment, do season to taste according to your preference. For example, add salt or home-made ikan bilis powder to taste, and double the amount of assam ...

  • Sesame Wine Chicken Mee Sua Recipe | 16 Apr '18, 7pm

    Despite appearances this is a relatively quick cooking dish. There is enough time to buy the ingredients from the supermarket after work and cook this right away for dinner. I personally love cooking this the night before, to be heated up and served for dinner the next day since this ...

  • One-Pot #Creamy #Soup #Pasta (Asparagus, Bacon, Hon Shimeji)

    One-Pot Creamy Soup Pasta (Asparagus, Bacon, Hon Shimeji) Recipe | 13 Apr '18, 7pm

    Alongside camping, the anime regularly showcases camp-style outdoor cooking. In episode 5 (where this recipe is adapted from), Rin-chan who is a solo camper made a delicious creamy soup pasta with bacon, asparagus and hon shimeji mushrooms . It’s a delicious and gratifying one-pot mea...

  • @Lomquiche I use this one, but for the love of God go easy on the gochujiang

    Korean Army Base Stew | Budae Jjigae 10 Mar '18, 10am

    In a soup pot, bring chicken or anchovy stock to a boil and dissolve (A) in it. Season to taste with fish sauce (or salt) and more gochugaru, if needed. Turn off the stove. In a shallow casserole, arrange all the ingredients in a platter. When ready to serve, add prepared soup base to...

  • Mango Sago Pomelo Recipe 12 Apr '18, 6pm

    This is possibly my favourite Chinese dessert. Maybe it’s because mango is also my favourite fruit. Though I am not really into sweet foods most of the time, an exception can be said for Chinese desserts like this one. When I am having a meal at a Chinese restaurant, I’ll check out th...

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