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  • Roasted Chicken Thighs & Vegetables with Tendril Oregon Pinot Noir

    Roasted Chicken Thighs & Vegetables Recipe | 15 May '17, 8pm

    Roasted Chicken Thighs & Vegetables Posted by wiffy on May 15, 2017 Get this recipe on the next page >> This is a one-pan meal of oven-roasted chicken thighs on a bed of potatoes and seasonal vegetables . You get a complete meal in one casserole. See Also: Easy Roast Chicken Recipe Ho...

  • Roasted #Duck Fat Potatoes

    Roasted Duck Fat Potatoes Recipe | 19 May '17, 6pm

    are so crispy that they make a rustling sound whenever they are touched or moved. They are the most perfect side-dish for any meal. Since it takes about an hour in the oven for them to achieve this crisp deliciousness, I’d have another slow-cooked main such as a simple roast chicken t...

  • How to Butterfly Prawns | Butterflied Shrimp | 20 Feb '17, 7pm

    Butterflied prawns (shrimps in US) are aesthetically beautiful, cook fast and very thoroughly cleaned. I didn’t have good results during early attempts to butterfly them. Usually the prawn curled up too much after cooking. After some trial and error, I found the best way that works fo...

  • Vibrant with Troon #Vermentino

    Stir-fried Asparagus with Scallop Recipe | 12 Mar '17, 2pm

    Stir-fried Asparagus with Scallop Posted by wiffy on March 10, 2017 Get this recipe on the next page >> Thick asparagus from Mexico are now in season, so it’s time to cook my favourite stir-fried asparagus with scallop . It is luxurious to cook this dish with thick asparagus just like...

  • 英語で書くとTeh C special Tehはティーのことで、下に黒蜜(だと思う)が入ってる。甘い。甘くて美味しい

    Three-Layer Teh C Peng "Special" Recipe 26 Mar '17, 3pm

    Teh C Peng “Special” (Three-Layer Milk Tea) Posted by wiffy on October 3, 2014 Get this recipe on the next page >> “Teh C Peng Special” is the local speak for iced (“peng”) tea (“teh”) with evaporated milk (“C”). This tea is “special” because it consists of three aesthetic layers of g...

  • Guacamole (Avocado Dip) Recipe | Page 2 of 2 | 17 Apr '17, 11am

    Cut avocado in half lengthwise, avoiding the seed in center. Twist the avocado halves to separate. Remove the seed. Using a spoon, cut the avocado to pieces and scrap out the flesh . Place avocado flesh in a mixing bowl and mash it up until creamy but still chunky. Add the rest of the...

  • [NEW] Make your own matcha latte (green tea latte). Fast and easy #recipe at

    (Green Tea) Matcha Latte Recipe | 24 Oct '16, 1am

    The thing I love most about the home version is that I can tweak the sweetness to my liking. Most of the time, the matcha latte at most cafes is too sweet, and it irks me that the sugar is usually pre-mixed into the green tea powder. In the home version, the drink is sweetened indepen...

  • Thai Basil Pork Recipe

    Thai Basil Pork Recipe | 10 Jan '17, 11pm

    I started 2017 staying at a hostel in Bugis – with no access to my kitchen or camera for a week (sobs). But the good thing was, I was walking distance from Thai Supermarket at Golden Mile Complex , and I made sure to buy holy basil before I go home to make this Thai Basil Pork (Pad Kr...

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