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  • Cornerstone #NapaValley #SauvBlanc #recipe Hong Kong Shrimp Roe Noodles

    Shrimp Roe Noodles Recipe 19 Jan '15, 2pm

    In this recipe, the seasonings are minimal – only shallot oil, soy sauce and shrimp roe powder! That is because the shrimp roe powder is already salty on its own, and full of umami flavour. This is almost as easy as making instant noodles! You can eat the noodles on its own, serve it ...

  • Chicken & Daikon Soup Recipe (Rice Cooker Method) 26 Dec '14, 6pm

    Add water to the rice cooker pot, set to "Cook'. When the water boils, add chicken in the rice cooker for 5-8 minutes with the rice cooker covered and discard the first change of cooking liquid. Set aside blanched chicken pieces. Add 1 litre of water to the rice cooker pot, cover and ...

  • New: Wafu Japanese Salad Dressing Recipe

    Wafu Japanese Salad Dressing Recipe- 29 Dec '14, 6am

    Happy Boxing Day! Here’s a healthy and delicious 15-minute salad with Japanese wafu dressing to make up for all that festive feasting . The wafu vinaigrette is currently my favourite salad dressing at the moment, because it’s pretty much low-fat, quick to make (5 minutes) and great ta...

  • [NEW #Recipe] Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

    Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon 02 Jan '15, 5am

    Happy New Year! Here’s wishing everyone a smooth-sailing and delicious 2015. These roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon is a simple, 5 or less ingredient recipe for getting back into the groove of cooking again. For me, Brussels sprouts were love at first bite, and I like everything ab...

  • NEW: Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef) Recipe link: Pin it: Click "Share" to save.

    Bulgogi Recipe | Korean Beef BBQ 20 Nov '14, 12pm

    My favourite meat at Korean BBQ restaurants has to be bulgogi or Korean grilled marinated beef . At buffets, that’s almost the only meat we take from the sumptuous spread of meats. The home-cooked bulgogi is even more enjoyable, as we get to buy a good cut of beef to cook with. This r...

    1. Black Pepper Beef Recipe 22 Nov '14, 8am
  • These noodles are indeed very VERY spicy. I think I added only a third of the sauce.

    Samyang Spicy Fried Chicken Ramyun 13 Dec '14, 3am

    Just for fun, I decided to post occassional reviews of the instant noodles I am currently eating and loving. Why not? Since instant foods are staples of a noob cook, I grew up on them (not milk, not rice) and still eat them frequently. I love to try out new flavours. I’ll start with t...

  • New #Recipe: #Ssamjang or #Korean spicy dipping sauce. Visit or clickable…

    Ssamjang Recipe | Korean spicy dipping sauce 17 Nov '14, 1pm

    Ready-made ssamjang is available at Korean supermarkets, but since I already have all the ingredients in my pantry, I make my own ssamjang only when needed, saving the precious fridge space from another random bottle of sauce. It’s really quick and simple too – it is non-cooking and t...

  • Wafu Japanese Salad Dressing Recipe- Noob Cook Recipes

    Wafu Japanese Salad Dressing Recipe- 26 Dec '14, 10pm

    The sauce keeps in the fridge for about a week. Upon refrigeration, the oil may float up and solidify; simply let it thaw at room temperature for 5-10 minutes before use. Feel free to substitute with your favourite seasonal salad ingredients, such as corn, hard-boiled egg and carrot f...

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