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  • What happens when a loved one passes away at home?

    World: Singapore: What happens when a loved one passes away at home?

    noelboyd.com 17 Oct '15, 12pm

    What happens when a loved one passes away at home in Singapore? I doubt many would know what actually happens unless one has been through it. I for one had no clue what the procedures were till my father died last month. Here are the key points that occurred that unfortunate night... ...

  • I'm working on a Q&A VLOG. Would love to answer some of your questions. Submit the form here.

    World: VLOG

    noelboyd.com 19 Oct '14, 5am

    The perfect Game of War: Fire Age Guide Update 26th July 2014: I am selling my SH17 account with 4.2 million power. I'm looking at US$200 for the account or the best offer. I... Tattoo Education: The Three Dot Tattoo There are different types of three dot tattoos. I have one on my lef...

  • I was invited for the first ever Don Quijote's BBQ Night last month. The food was amazing…

    Don Quijote's BBQ Night Review ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 15 May '14, 7am

    I was invited for the first ever Don Quijote's BBQ Night last month. The food was amazing! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Spanish food could taste so good. On any given night if I am served beer, I would go easy on the food. But not at Don Quijote. Here's why...

  • Also blogged about the coolest iPhone game 'QuizUp'!

    Review: QuizUp ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 12 Nov '13, 9am

    This is one gaming app parents should encourage their children to play. There's the Educational category that has subjects such as Math, Spelling and Thesaurus. There's is also a Disney category too which I think children (my girlfriend included) will love. Other great categories incl...

  • Noel's World: My Dolby Atmos Experience

    World: My Dolby Atmos Experience

    noelboyd.com 12 Dec '14, 6am

    Last week I made my way to Jem to catch the movie teenagers are going gaga about. Yup Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Now, Jem is located at Jurong Gateway and I stay at Upper Thomson Road. It took me almost an hour and a half to get to Jem! Best of it all, I watched Hunger Games alone. Yes...

  • Noel's World: Bloated iPhone 5 Battery (Bulging Screen)

    World: Bloated iPhone 5 Battery (Bulging Screen)

    noelboyd.com 29 Nov '14, 7am

    Three days ago I realized that the corner part of my iPhone 5 had popped up. It wasn't drastic but it did affect the 'home' button. Well I figured that it was wear and tear and didn't think much about it... This is how my phone looked when I woke up this morning! I did a search online...

  • Looking for a portable speaker? I have a fresh product review on my blog!

    Review: mook's Spiggy ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 13 Nov '13, 2am

    I have mad love for gadgets especially when it's a mobile phone gadget. A part of me feels like the ruler of a really cool and hip kingdom when I get my hands on an awesome gadget like the Spiggy ! And then there are days where I imagine I'm James Bond or Inspector Gadget. The Spiggy ...

    1. Review: QuizUp ~ Noel's World noelboyd.com 12 Nov '13, 9am
  • Stigma Against Tattoos ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 20 Sep '14, 3pm

    I think anywhere you go to in the world, there will always be this horrible stigma against tattoos. Based on the little travelling I've done, I can tell you that it happens more in Asia than anywhere else. Take my visit to India in 2007 as an example. In Bangalore, I got stopped three...


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