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Link: noelboyd.com

  • New podcast! We talk about the WWE event in Singapore.

    The Noel Boyd Blog: Podcast episode 04: WWE LIVE SINGAPORE

    noelboyd.com 10 Jun '17, 9am

    In this podcast, we talk about the upcoming WWE LIVE in Singapore tour. Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Chris Jericho, Sasha Banks, Bayley and many more Superstars will be in town. Who are their favourite wrestlers? Listen to find out!

  • Christian Csermak. It's been more than 2 years. Where is my money?? @ChrisCsermak @die_Haubitze

    World: The Truth About Christian Csermak and Marc Uthay

    noelboyd.com 23 Jan '17, 11am

    I will do everything in our power to ensure that they cannot do business in Singapore and Indonesia. If you are a social media influencer or have the ability to reach out to friends and loved ones, I plead with you to share this post. Do not do it because you pity me but do it so your...

  • Our first podcast is out! We're working on the audio for future eps but listen to this one ok?

    World: Our first Podcast!

    noelboyd.com 15 May '17, 6am

    So Gabby and I started a podcast! We're calling it 'The Grago Show ' because well, that's what we are called in Singapore. So... In our first podcast, we talk about cosmetic disasters! From the unique Vajazzle to the crazy Lip Plumping trend and plastic surgery gone wrong. We know the...

  • I'm working on a Q&A VLOG. Would love to answer some of your questions. Submit the form here.

    World: VLOG

    noelboyd.com 19 Oct '14, 5am

    The perfect Game of War: Fire Age Guide Update 26th July 2014: I am selling my SH17 account with 4.2 million power. I'm looking at US$200 for the account or the best offer. I... Tattoo Education: The Three Dot Tattoo There are different types of three dot tattoos. I have one on my lef...

  • Also blogged about the coolest iPhone game 'QuizUp'!

    Review: QuizUp ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 12 Nov '13, 9am

    This is one gaming app parents should encourage their children to play. There's the Educational category that has subjects such as Math, Spelling and Thesaurus. There's is also a Disney category too which I think children (my girlfriend included) will love. Other great categories incl...

  • I was invited for the first ever Don Quijote's BBQ Night last month. The food was amazing…

    Don Quijote's BBQ Night Review ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 15 May '14, 7am

    I was invited for the first ever Don Quijote's BBQ Night last month. The food was amazing! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Spanish food could taste so good. On any given night if I am served beer, I would go easy on the food. But not at Don Quijote. Here's why...

  • [Daily Blog Reads] Singapore Haunted - Episode 2 - Episode 2 is out!!! Click here if you have not watched it yet!&nb...

    Singapore Haunted - Episode 2 | A Tattooed Blog by Noel Boyd

    noelboyd.com 03 Sep '11, 7pm

    ps: I know there are some folks that are saying we FAKE stuff on the show. If that isn't insulting enough, a Singapore based paranormal group that calls themselves API, mentioned to not one but two Chinese newspapers that the voice heard in my EVP session is fake. My question is...who...

  • @SnakeBytesTV Hi Brian! Did a short blog post about your show and the fantastic work you're doing.

    World: SnakeBytes.TV

    noelboyd.com 22 May '12, 9am

    If you love snakes, you'll dig SnakeBytes TV! This weekly web show from BHB Reptiles is not only educational, it's entertaining. BHB Reptiles is one of the largest snake breeding facilities in the world and most of the episodes are recorded there. Brian Barczyk, the owner and host of ...


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