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  • @chefmummytan

    Momma Kong Review ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 31 Jul '14, 2am

    I expected the restaurant to be big. What I got instead was a small intimate area. That's awesome! I dislike big restaurants. My mindset is the smaller the restaurant, the better the service. More about the service later... Momma Kong's has a computer station that allows patrons to su...

  • I was invited for the first ever Don Quijote's BBQ Night last month. The food was amazing…

    Don Quijote's BBQ Night Review ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 15 May '14, 7am

    I was invited for the first ever Don Quijote's BBQ Night last month. The food was amazing! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Spanish food could taste so good. On any given night if I am served beer, I would go easy on the food. But not at Don Quijote. Here's why...

  • My Phnom Penh Trip in a Nutshell ~ Noel's World

    My Phnom Penh Trip in a Nutshell ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 20 Jul '14, 3am

    This is one of the most rewarding things you could do in Cambodia! There are many spread out over the country so I guess you can say you are spoilt for choice? These orphanages are home to children that have either lost their parents through diseases such as H.I.V or their parents sim...

  • Also blogged about the coolest iPhone game 'QuizUp'!

    Review: QuizUp ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 12 Nov '13, 9am

    This is one gaming app parents should encourage their children to play. There's the Educational category that has subjects such as Math, Spelling and Thesaurus. There's is also a Disney category too which I think children (my girlfriend included) will love. Other great categories incl...

  • Blog updated: China You Need to Ssssh! #MH370

    China you need to Ssssh! ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 28 Mar '14, 11am

    image from www.lilymarliza.com While I know this post will receive backlash from some quarters, I do have an opinion and this is my blog. Faithful readers know that I have always been honest with my opinions. This post is none the different. I love Malaysia and it's people but rest as...

  • Looking for a portable speaker? I have a fresh product review on my blog!

    Review: mook's Spiggy ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 13 Nov '13, 2am

    I have mad love for gadgets especially when it's a mobile phone gadget. A part of me feels like the ruler of a really cool and hip kingdom when I get my hands on an awesome gadget like the Spiggy ! And then there are days where I imagine I'm James Bond or Inspector Gadget. The Spiggy ...

    1. Review: QuizUp ~ Noel's World noelboyd.com 12 Nov '13, 9am
  • Blogged! My Point of View: Ashley Madison Singapore Ban

    My Point of View: Ashley Madison Singapore Ban ~ Noel's World

    noelboyd.com 12 Nov '13, 9am

    The point I'm trying to make is this... If someone wants to cheat, THEY WILL DO IT! It's just the way it is. They don't need no Ashley Madison website! Banning Ashley Madison made Singapore look like a bunch of prudes. Instead Singapore should have come up with a movement to educate S...

  • @SnakeBytesTV Hi Brian! Did a short blog post about your show and the fantastic work you're doing.

    World: SnakeBytes.TV

    noelboyd.com 22 May '12, 9am

    If you love snakes, you'll dig SnakeBytes TV! This weekly web show from BHB Reptiles is not only educational, it's entertaining. BHB Reptiles is one of the largest snake breeding facilities in the world and most of the episodes are recorded there. Brian Barczyk, the owner and host of ...


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