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Kidspeak · What is up with girls and princesses? Me: Hey sweetie, what would you like to be when you grow up? Kirsten: A princess! Me: If you want to be a real  ...

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  • The Curious Incident of the Flying Marker

    motherinc.org 13 Jul '16, 2pm

    On this matter, upon investigation, her defence was that the marker slipped out of her hand and accidentally hit the child in the face. I’m no expert at throwing things, but in my entire life, whenever I’ve had things slip out of my hands accidentally, they’ve landed on myself or with...

  • Princess Golden Bottoms approves

    motherinc.org 11 Nov '16, 6am

    Girls are so awesome to have but as it turns out, both my girls have very delicate bottoms. I’ve had to deal with severe diaper rash twice (once for Kirsten and once for Hayley) and neither of those times were any fun at all. She’s all smiley now but Princess Golden Bottoms here just ...

  • I’ll have that with a side of doo-doo cake https://t.co/HemyYXTrpE

    I’ll have that with a side of doo-doo cake –

    motherinc.org 18 Apr '16, 11am

    I have a confession to make: I’m really, really enjoying having 4 kids. It’s such an obnoxious statement, making it sound like it’s a piece of cake. Which it isn’t. Unless you mean a piece of doo-doo cake, then well, um, fair enough. Parenting 4 kids is a lot like standing in the midd...

  • My #1 fan

    My #1 fan

    motherinc.org 26 Oct '16, 11am

    When I started the blog, I knew that one day, I’d want the kids to read it. After all this time spent writing, this would be a time capsule built for them one post at a time over at this little corner of the internet. And when they’re ready, they’d be able to draw out all the memories...

  • This.


    motherinc.org 07 Oct '16, 8am

    The thing about having kids is that you don’t expect anything in return for all the things you do for them. I mean, we try our best to teach them about being thankful for what they have so they don’t grow up to be entitled human beings but on a day to day, I really don’t expect them t...

  • The beginning of birthday season!

    The beginning of birthday season!

    motherinc.org 08 Jun '16, 7am

    It’s still taking a while to sink in, that I’m the mom of an 8-year-old. I’m not ready for this, I need time to process this information. I mean, I’ve got babies all figured out. They’re intense but all they need is milk and sleep and cuddles. I know toddlers too. They need milk and s...

  • Love Wins

    Love Wins

    motherinc.org 30 May '16, 10am

    This is a story of unrequited love. At least, that’s how it all began. We have Kirsten, the big sister who adores her cute little chubby baby with all of her heart. And one baby Theo, the chubby baby who is intent on rejecting her advances. From the day Theo was born, Kirsten has been...

    1. At the Beach sketchaway.wordpress.com 03 Jun '16, 12am
  • Welcome to crazy town

    Welcome to crazy town

    motherinc.org 21 Mar '17, 2am

    So you know it’s been a non-stop crazy train ever since Hayley was born. Adjusting to 5 kids has been an adventure, and by adventure, I mean the kind where you get attacked by giant spiders only to escape into a snake pit and barely make it out alive then eventually get ambushed by a ...


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