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At the last management council meeting of the last year at my condo, we were presented with a request by the cleaning company for a 20% contract fee hike.

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  • Just Like Your Dad Did – miyagi.sg

    miyagi.sg 14 Jun '18, 1am

    I am the quieter parent, just like my Dad was, but my heart bursts with so many things I want to say to my son, hoping that these things help him become better than I am. I’m quite sure that’s what my father thought, because once when I asked him how come he never told me much about h...

  • Flea Powder

    Flea Powder – miyagi.sg

    miyagi.sg 17 Jun '18, 5pm

    I’m recalling memories of my father by occasionally visiting places significant in his life. Every time I do, these places give up a little bit more about what made my father who he was. It was when I was maybe twenty two that my father and I started talking a little bit more. We took...

  • A Year As An Ad Man

    A Year As An Ad Man – miyagi.sg

    miyagi.sg 01 Oct '17, 6am

    Nicely photoshopped (Thank you CK) publicity shot for the hire announcement So my boss Jeff Cheong thought it’d be funny to repost an article from last year announcing my hire at Tribal Worldwide, captioning it “Happy Birthday”. After spending a bit of time trying to explain it wasn’t...

  • miyagi.sg | Meme Is Not Teochew For Quickly

    miyagi.sg 17 Jul '16, 1pm

    I got into the Facebook Page thing late, but I’m having a bit of fun with pictures and captions. Here’s a collection of what’s been posted since last August. Do go check out the page and ‘like’ it while you’re there, thanks!

  • The Serious Business Of Dengue Prevention

    miyagi.sg | The Serious Business Of Dengue Prevention

    miyagi.sg 31 Mar '16, 2pm

    Minister Masagos Zulkifli and others help hold up the banner showing the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout It’s been a few years since I’ve been involved with the dengue prevention campaign, and you would think with a couple of years, the disease would have been controlled, or even eradicated. Un...

  • Limestone Cowboy – miyagi.sg

    miyagi.sg 09 Aug '17, 2pm

    When I was in kindergarten, I spoke little English, and communicated mostly in the Hokkien that my nanny and my family used with each other. Aunty Jackie from Seremban lived with us while she attended secondary school here, and one of the little liberties she had living away from my g...

  • Welcome back to miyagi.sg – miyagi.sg

    miyagi.sg 24 Jun '17, 3am

    June 24, 2017 Uncategorized Standard TLDW (too long didn’t write): Site got hacked, switched database, and now trying to figure out how to transfer posts from old SQL database to this one. Any help is appreciated!

  • Thanks for having me, SGBuzz!

    miyagi.sg | SG Buzz: Boston, Chicago, And Pittsburgh

    miyagi.sg 12 Nov '16, 12am

    I was honoured to be invited to speak last week to Singaporeans working and studying in three American cities. Organized by the US Liaison of the Overseas Singaporean Unit – the same people who bring Singapore Day to known Singaporean hubs around the world – the talks were held at coz...


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