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At the last management council meeting of the last year at my condo, we were presented with a request by the cleaning company for a 20% contract fee hike.

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  • I Have Old Stuff From My Dad’s Office Too: Part 1

    miyagi.sg | I Have Old Stuff From My Dad's Office Too: Part 1

    miyagi.sg 07 Apr '15, 3am

    Living , People Published on April 7, 2015 I Have Old Stuff From My Dad’s Office Too: Part 1 written by Mr Miyagi 28 October 1972: Check out the hand-painted banner Since PM Lee Hsien Loong is slowly going through his family’s treasure trove of historical artefacts, I thought I might ...

  • miyagi.sg | A Comrade of The Workers

    miyagi.sg 28 Mar '15, 6am

    "On behalf of the Labour Movement, farewell comrade, farewell" – S.R. Nathan #RememberingLKY A photo posted by Benjamin "Mr Miyagi" Lee (@miyagisan) on Mar 27, 2015 at 4:24am PDT Lee Kuan Yew began his political career representing trade unions while as a young lawyer with the firm La...

  • miyagi.sg | Merely A Near Namesake

    miyagi.sg 03 Apr '15, 2pm

    People Published on April 3, 2015 Leave a comment Merely A Near Namesake written by Mr Miyagi Mr & Mrs Lee Kuan Yew in 1969 I’ve just realised how much my father was affected and impressed by Lee Kuan Yew. I remember him telling me how in 1965 when he watched the televised announcemen...

  • Anglo Minus Chinese School

    miyagi.sg | Anglo Minus Chinese School

    miyagi.sg 01 Mar '15, 10am

    To commemorate ACS Founder’s Day, the good people at Temasek Clothings have made a special t-shirt celebrate the school’s historically renowned standard of Chinese As A Second Language (or “Your Mother’s Tongue”).

  • miyagi.sg | How Cheap Is This Dashcam?

    miyagi.sg 14 Mar '15, 9am

    How Cheap Is This Dashcam? March 14, 2015 ~ Mr Miyagi Does the job I’ve become that discount-seeking uncle by making my first Groupon purchase: an in-car dashboard camera by this brand called “Chronovski”. It shoots and records 720p video onto a micro SD card, but I suppose the best f...

  • miyagi.sg | #CardboardConstable Origins

    miyagi.sg 22 Feb '15, 4pm

    In case you didn’t know, #CardboardConstable was commissioned in November 2013 , and mrbrown and myself started Instagramming his deployment locations last year. If you, like us, find the recent crime prevention video with the mass dance damn jialat, here’s a list of #CardboardConstab...

  • Adding To Our Melting Pot

    miyagi.sg | Adding To Our Melting Pot

    miyagi.sg 15 Feb '15, 1pm

    Adding To Our Melting Pot February 15, 2015 ~ Mr Miyagi It is part of Singapore life to have foreigners in our midst, and that there are people grumbling about how there are too many of them. There are also terms first used by the Government – such as “Foreign Talent” , that have take...

  • miyagi.sg | Far Cough

    miyagi.sg 05 Feb '15, 12pm

    Yesterday Kai asked me if I knew what a fart and cough at the same time was called. I said, “No, do you?” He said yes and then took out the last consonant of “fart” and joined it with “cough” to make one word. I told him never to say it again.


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