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At the last management council meeting of the last year at my condo, we were presented with a request by the cleaning company for a 20% contract fee hike.

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  • miyagi.sg | Meme Is Not Teochew For Quickly

    miyagi.sg 17 Jul '16, 1pm

    I got into the Facebook Page thing late, but I’m having a bit of fun with pictures and captions. Here’s a collection of what’s been posted since last August. Do go check out the page and ‘like’ it while you’re there, thanks!

  • Brands Commence Schooling, Including Brands

    miyagi.sg | Brands Commence Schooling, Including Brands

    miyagi.sg 14 Aug '16, 8am

    While Joseph Isaac Schooling experiences a Great Way To Fly home on Singapore Airlines First Class , let’s take a look at what who else has come on board the brand wagon. McDonalds Maccers may start pushing Big Breakfasts as the breakfast of champions. Great timing considering their m...

  • My Father And The Melbourne Olympics

    miyagi.sg | My Father And The Melbourne Olympics

    miyagi.sg 07 Aug '16, 8am

    In another age altogether, my father scored a temp job at the Melbourne Olympics as a general clerk/intern assisting the accounts department. The Games then were a small affair, unlike the massive logistical behemoth it is now. It would’ve been remarkable enough to be able to tell you...

  • #KaiFly at iFly Singapore

    miyagi.sg | #KaiFly at iFly Singapore

    miyagi.sg 30 Jul '16, 2pm

    Kyra Poh of Team Firefly very kindly lent #KaiFly her old full face helmet today. Our son Kai has taken to indoor skydiving like – I don’t want to say ‘a fish to water’ so we’ll just say he likes it very much, and that he’s learning pretty quickly. He’s been wanting to fly since he wa...

  • The Serious Business Of Dengue Prevention

    miyagi.sg | The Serious Business Of Dengue Prevention

    miyagi.sg 31 Mar '16, 2pm

    Minister Masagos Zulkifli and others help hold up the banner showing the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout It’s been a few years since I’ve been involved with the dengue prevention campaign, and you would think with a couple of years, the disease would have been controlled, or even eradicated. Un...

  • Thank you ACS

    miyagi.sg | Thank you ACS

    miyagi.sg 01 Mar '16, 4pm

    A smaller turnout for the Class of ’85. But we were still the rowdiest. I wasn’t in ACS when I was in primary school, and so when I qualified via PSLE to get attend secondary school there, I was thrilled because my Sunday School friends were all ACS boys. And I was terrified, because ...

  • Something Is Seriously Wrong With SingPost/SpeedPost

    miyagi.sg 21 Mar '16, 2pm

    For a few years now, we’ve experienced phantom attempted deliveries from SingPost/Speedpost – where we get a slip either under the door or in our mailbox saying that delivery of a package was attempted but unsuccessful because ‘no one was in the premises’. Sound familiar? Been home al...

  • My Father The King Of Kuachee

    miyagi.sg | My Father The King Of Kuachee

    miyagi.sg 13 Feb '16, 12pm

    My father vacillated between a stable career and adventures in enterprise. He had the former in establishing his own chartered accounting practice – which he later sold, and which still bears his name – and the latter in a series of remarkable and unconventional business deals which m...


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