3 days ago ... I was admiring a ladys' rings on her fingers the other day when I realised I have not been wearing my wedding rings for close to 3 years now.

  • iCook


    life-muse.blogspot.com 10 Jun '13, 7am

    I'm really a noob when it comes to cooking, baking or anything related to making raw food taste good. Just ask my husband. I only started making food proper was when I had to feed a weaning baby and even then, it was mostly puree or mashed up stuff. Porridge, I had to consult my mothe...


    life-muse: ONAKA

    life-muse.blogspot.com 30 May '13, 4am

    "Their food is a merging of Asian culinary cultures and traditions with modern Western influence, using only wholesome and selective organic ingredients. They are dedicated to using all-natural ingredients without artificial additives, chemicals, colourings, flavorings, MSG, preservat...

  • Good shopping are worth sharing

    Good shopping are worth sharing

    life-muse.blogspot.com 20 Sep '13, 10am

    Recently the husband introduced me to Zalora and got me hooked on it. Unbelievable. And I went shopping like never before! All from the comforts of my home and sometimes even from the office, heh. This site offers a wide variety of shopping options for women and men which includes wel...

  • If you like it, you should put a ring on it

    life-muse.blogspot.com 03 Sep '13, 3am

    Sean and I both wore our rings everyday, from the day we got married. But we stopped wearing them like 2-3 years into our marriage. It's mostly for practical reasons. For him, having to return to camp for reservist then, he saw a guy got his finger ripped out because the wedding ring ...

  • Next


    life-muse.blogspot.com 16 Aug '13, 2am

    We shifted house last week over the long weekend and I'm still bone tired from all the packing and unpacking. I had only planned for us to packed everything on Thursday and the movers to move on Friday. A highly ambitious plan but thankfully, it worked. But definitely NOT recommended....

  • A-Z


    life-muse.blogspot.com 18 Jun '13, 5am

    A fellow SMB mummy did this and since I've not much happenings to blog about, thought it'll be fun to join in! A. Attached or Single? Attached for the past 11 years. B. Best Friend? Hmm, I don't have a best friend, but good friends, yes. C. Cake or pie? Cake D. Day of choice? Saturday...

  • Weekend at Pasar Bella

    Weekend at Pasar Bella

    life-muse.blogspot.com 01 Jul '13, 3am

    Oh, this weekend was a good one. We went to this new place, Pasar Bella that was opened recently at Turf City. The concept is sort of like a farmer's market, only that it is indoors instead. There were lots of stalls selling fresh organic produce, cakes, jams, coffee, waffles, flowers...

  • A family staycation

    A family staycation

    life-muse.blogspot.com 04 Jun '13, 5am

    Over the long weekend we had a mini family staycation at a new hotel, Pickering @ Park Royal, courtesy of a hotel voucher given by my mother-in-law. Initially, I had wanted it to be just for the husband and I, but as it turns out, it became a family affair. Well, not to say it was all...