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I recently came across a theory called the “Heartbeat hypothesis”. It basically suggests that every living creature has a limited number of ...

Link: krisandro.com

  • Speaking of trolling, this is a classic from @krisandro

    Remember mIRC and #CyberSex? | k r i s a n d r o

    krisandro.com 25 Sep '13, 9am

    One of the most interesting channels that every person had to go in for at least once would be #Cybersex. Of course it didn’t take me long for me to figure out that 98% of the people in that chatroom are actually guys and the remaining 2% of the girls are too busy trying to fend off t...

  • The limited heartbeat hypothesis. To exercise or not?

    Limited Heartbeat Hypothesis | k r i s a n d r o

    krisandro.com 12 May '13, 9am

    I recently came across a theory called the “Heartbeat hypothesis ”. It basically suggests that every living creature has a limited number of heartbeats before death/failure occurs. Also, several studies have shown that a lowered basal heart rate equates to longevity.

  • 5 Reasons Why It's Better To Run In The Mornings. #running

    5 Reasons Why It’s Better To Run In The Mornings | k r i s a n d r o

    krisandro.com 03 Apr '13, 4am

    It’s tough to wake up early to run in the mornings and depending on your work or school, you might even need to wake up at 4 – 5am to squeeze in a run. I realize that waking up early is not the most difficult thing about this change; sleeping early is. All the electronics that I use b...

  • Revised Map Of Singapore For Samantha From Holland Village

    Revised Map Of Singapore For Samantha From Holland Village | k r i s a n d r o

    krisandro.com 25 Mar '11, 6am

    To aid a fellow Singaporean, I have helped her define the boundaries so that you uncultured, manner-less, loud-mouthed, Bugis Street cheap clothes wearing people from heartlands such as Ang Mo Kio, Yishun, Toa Payoh and Bukit Batok will understand her plight and keep to your zones.

  • A little summary and a big thank you to all that made the surprise proposal a success!

    We Are Engaged! | k r i s a n d r o

    krisandro.com 19 Aug '12, 9am

    At least 50 people were involved and I owe it all to the folks at Oasia Hotel, Josephine & Reena (Ruifang’s two best friends), Melvin Ho (Photography), Derek & Song (Videography), MINI Habitat, and all the loved ones and good friends who made time to come for the big surprise. It woul...

  • The Four Letter Word That Starts With “A”

    The Four Letter Word That Starts With “A” | k r i s a n d r o

    krisandro.com 09 Jul '12, 1pm

    Contrary to popular belief, I did have rather good and smooth looking skin back then you know. I clearly remember the strange and sudden outbreak when I was 17/18 years of age. Strange because I had already went through a round of puberty when I was 15/16. Sudden because in a matter o...

  • Goodbye Fat Cat.

    Goodbye Fat Cat. | k r i s a n d r o

    krisandro.com 05 Jul '12, 12pm

    It’s hard to “pen” my thoughts down for this as I am feeling almost as sad when my dog passed away 2 years ago. Yuniko, the cat in the office, has just been adopted by a family and I didn’t have time to say my goodbye. It feels as though a loved one has went away for good and I wasn’t...

  • MINI Cooper Cabrio? Yes Please! | k r i s a n d r o

    krisandro.com 22 Aug '12, 1pm

    The most important thing that totally bowled me over is how it drives; the power of the engine and how it handles the road. Bear in mind that I wasn’t even driving the Cooper S version. The acceleration is fantastic and simple things like how it throttled the speed when I let go of th...


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