You have a vocabulary of…. well, I've stopped counting at 70+. Your vocabulary count exceeds the norm for your age so counting the excess is just cocky ...

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  • Russ taught me a lesson on being specific. #proudmama

    Russ taught me a lesson on being specific. #proudmama

    joy.nu 15 Nov '13, 7am

    We have a bedtime routine and part of it is reading nursery rhymes. We would read these two books by Kate Toms. You love these two books because they are full of colourful illustrations and you love to point out things I ask for, because I’d clap when you get them right and you live f...

  • Fifi Print arrived! ❤HeART. Waiting for my Lavendar Fifi iPhone case next.

    JOY {&} NU (Fifi Chloe Daydreaming)

    joy.nu 10 Oct '11, 1pm

    Ask me anything RSS Archive Likes JOY {&} NU → A whole lotta love & a whole lotta other nonsense twitter.com/nu : 3 hours ago Fifi Chloe Daydreaming Waited ages for a Fifi Print. When prints are available again, I saw Fifi wearing Chloe 70s inspired mini dress and just had to get it. ...

  • JOY {&} NU

    joy.nu 23 Feb '12, 7am

    Your relationship with your pet or preferences for certain animals does not make you an animal lover. You naturally love your pet, or by extension love all cats for example, which would make you a cat lover. But I’m not convinced by anyone who say they are an animal lover if they eat ...

  • Why I love Stars. And no, not because they are pretty.

    Why I love Stars. And no, not because they are pretty.

    joy.nu 22 Jan '13, 2am

    Because I need to do my tumblr username {star} some justice to please the countless numbers of requests I get each day for my username. For your information, I am obsessed with Astronomy. I stayed up at night to look at my favourite stars and constellations, I invited friends over to ...

  • I plan to do or learn a new thing each month!

    joy.nu 09 Jan '13, 2am

    So I’m going to do something completely new each month. Here are some of what I have in mind. Silver Jewellery Making (in January with sisters) Bake a Cake (learn from Pearleen) Learn acoustic guitar (learn from Pearleen) Learn electric guitar Host a cosy dinner party (with Bunny) Lea...

  • joy.nu - My Husband

    joy.nu 18 Feb '15, 1am

    If Russell is my Sun, Bun is probably my Moon. 2 Feb 2015 - 5th year wedding anniversary. Half a decade! That’s a milestone. I haven’t written much about him in the past 5 years because if you haven’t already noticed, this blog isn’t even about me anymore. I’m not very expressive in p...

  • @Omuhle_Gela sorry to only reply now hey. I haven't been checking out blogs but here's one

    @Omuhle_Gela sorry to only reply now hey. I haven't been checking out blogs but here's one

    joy.nu 20 Jan '13, 4pm

    You started laughing….and I’m the first and only person who can make you laugh. That achievement is unbeatable! For you’ll see, happiness is everything. Everybody else is trying, I know. You inspired many of our friends to want to make babies. Uncle Jason & Auntie Carol’s baby are arr...

  • {joy.nu} Bean's lil quirks at 12 weeks.

    joy.nu 29 Nov '12, 5am

    You smile readily at strangers and toys with smiley faces. You love to grumble with your baby language and it is hilarious, so we let you grumble longer. Your pout is a perfect :( . It is also unfortunately hilarious, so we let you pout longer. You are sleeping longer and deeper, whic...