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  • Habitatnews

    habitatnews.nus.edu.sg 05 Feb '16, 5am

    It is 13th February 1942, and the Japanese Imperial Army which stormed through Malaya turn their attention to Pasir Panjang Ridge. Approaching Singapore City from the west, a seasoned Japanese army is forced to engage the small force of the Malay Regiment on the high ground of Pasir P...

  • Once upon a time we had tapirs on Pulau Ubin. More info:

    Pulau Ubin Stories: Photo Archives: Tapirs

    habitatnews.nus.edu.sg 14 Dec '15, 4am

    " on 3 June 2004, I wrote about the pair of Malayan Tapir on Ubin that met a tragic end when one fell from the top of a quarry and met a bloody death. Without pictorial visualization, I always thought the tapir drowned because having never seen a fuctioning quarry, I had the impressio...

  • The Hopea sangal Time Line

    habitatnews.nus.edu.sg 29 Dec '15, 12pm

    The grand old Chengal pasir (Hopea sangal ) tree is felled . N. Sivasothi is on the scene shortly after and witnesses the logs being loaded onto a lorry. He calls and sms' Joseph Lai, Shawn Lum, Vilma D'Rozario and others from Nature Society (SIngapore) who call the media. Interviews ...

  • Habitatnews

    habitatnews.nus.edu.sg 21 Jul '15, 11am

    Archives - Nature Links - Submit Mammal Records - Blog RSS Feed - Comments RSS - Email me News about nature and the environment in Singapore - Archives List of Categories : about * animalwelfare * articles * books * coastalcleanup * cycling * education * envt * errata * events * herit...

  • watching dolphins in singapore for pleasure and study

    habitatnews.nus.edu.sg 08 Aug '15, 7am

    According to the ongoing Singapore Wild Marine Mammal Survey (SWIMMS) conducted by the Dolphin Study Group at the National University of Singapore, four types of small cetaceans have been sighted in Singapore waters: the Bottlenose, Indo-Pacific Humpback and Irrawaddy dolphins, and th...

  • Habitatnews

    habitatnews.nus.edu.sg 16 Jan '15, 10am

    It is 13th February 1942, and the Japanese troops which have stormed through Malaya have invaded Singapore. Approaching Singapore City from the west, a seasoned Japanese army is forced to engage the small force of the Malay Regiment on the high ground of Pasir Panjang Ridge. A fierce ...

  • bird-dung crab spider (phrynarachne sp.)

    habitatnews.nus.edu.sg 13 May '15, 8pm

    Female The blobs and warts over the thick and somewhat glazed body surface give the "wet" and "lumpy" look of a piece of fresh bird excrement. Classification: Family Thomisidae, Crab Spiders Habitat: Undergrowth at forest fringes. Female: 10 mm. The spider reinforces the simulation of...

  • Habitatnews

    habitatnews.nus.edu.sg 18 May '14, 3am

    Another museum volunteer Cheong Wei Siong (Bishan/Lorong Chuan sightings) reported, somewhat sadly, that junior college boys had also been seen running away screaming in terror at the sight of these moths. More significantly, he reported that his parents associate the moth with the sp...


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