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  • Irritating Words: Neoliberalism (TA)

    gssq.blogspot.com 16 Nov '14, 1am

    BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Allowed, Work and Consumption; Neo-liberal Economics : Laurie Taylor : "Now, I know from experience that there are certain words and phrases which when used by my guests or myself in this programme, arouse varying degrees of irritation. 'Hegemony' is on the list...

  • "Islamophobia" in Europe (TA)

    gssq.blogspot.com 13 Nov '14, 1am

    BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Allowed, Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism; Sociology of Sleep Laurie Taylor : I've also been looking at some figures and there are some alarming statistics for the growth of anti-Muslim feeling within... Europe, for example. Isn't there a possibility that what is ...

  • 13 Words That The Author of "25 Common Words That You’ve Got Wrong" Got Wrong

    gssq.blogspot.com 12 Jul '14, 4pm

    What you think it means: To destroy or annihilate What it really means: To destroy ten percent. This one is really goofy and one day this won’t be true. For the time being, decimate actually means removing only ten percent of something. If you know a little bit about words it’s not di...

  • 'Free' 'My' Library?

    'Free' 'My' Library?

    gssq.blogspot.com 12 Jul '14, 1pm

    All this is basically a fight over underlying values - not about the place of a library (or even about 'censorship'). It also reveals that the gay agenda is about more than just equality and non-discrimination - it's also about claiming the public space in full. In a broad sense of eq...

  • Links - 26th April 2014

    gssq.blogspot.com 26 Apr '14, 11am

    Barbarians at the Campus Gates - "student activists invaded the meeting, seized the microphone, and shouted down a student who rose in the audience to object. Although there were professors and administrators in the room — including the college president — apparently nobody had the gu...

  • The Superior Virtue of the Oppressed

    gssq.blogspot.com 25 Jan '14, 12pm

    The Superior Virtue of the Oppressed Bertrand Russell ONE of the persistent delusions of mankind is that some sections of the human race are morally better or worse than others. This belief has many different forms, none of which has any rational basis. It is natural to think well of ...

  • God Hates the Privileged

    gssq.blogspot.com 26 Dec '13, 12pm

    • And on a more stylistic note, these complaints are often prefaced with phrases like "Um," and other condescending affectations. It's challenging for me because the values motivating these complaints are completely in line with both my personal politics and my professional passion fo...

  • Ten Gurumantras for a cool life

    gssq.blogspot.com 25 May '14, 8am

    Ten Gurumantras for a cool life : 1. Money is not everything. There's also Mastercard & Visa. 2. One should love animals. They are tasty too. 3. Save water. Drink on the rocks. 4. Fruits/Salads are healthy. So leave it for sick. 5. Books are holy. So don't touch them. 6. Don't shou...


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