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惡の華」の仲村さんを描きました pic.twitter.com/4YuulQMKBp. — 山下しゅんや (@ ShunyaYamashita) September 30, 2013. Posted in Anime ...

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  • Persona 4 Gurren Lagann

    gordonator.com 17 Jul '16, 10pm

    darkness447 says: 12 August 2012 at 2:44 am Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog. and commented: This is pretty awesome! xD Reply sergeant gordon says: 12 August 2012 at 7:50 am Thanks for rerblogging. ^_^ Reply Pingback: Persona 4 Gurren Lagann – Som2ny France

  • 15 Years Old JUNNA Revealed as Lead Singer for Macross Delta

    15 Years Old JUNNA Revealed as Lead Singer for Macross Delta

    gordonator.com 27 Mar '16, 5pm

    But, frankly speaking, does JUNNA looks like a 15 years old to you? No I am not doubting the authenticity of her age but she looks a wee bit mature for a 15 years old, at least in this official pic. Maybe it’s because she’s not smiling? There’s no other photos of her online to compare...

  • Sumire Uesaka

    Sumire Uesaka

    gordonator.com 14 Mar '16, 1pm

    Posted on 14 March 2016 by sergeant gordon Congrats to Sumipe for winning Best New Actress at the 10th Seiyuu Awards on 12th March 2016. OMG don’t she just look beautiful? Anyway I think only in Japan would one be considered “new” even with 5 years of experience under her belt. www Ra...

  • Secretary Day

    Secretary Day

    gordonator.com 26 Apr '16, 4pm

  • Mount Haruna

    Mount Haruna

    gordonator.com 08 Oct '15, 3pm

    The mountain is featured in the manga / anime series Initial D under the name Akina (秋名) where the protagonist Takumi Fujiwara, delivers tofu every day down the mountain in his father’s car. As you can clearly see, a tiny car divining down’s Haruna’s butt.

  • Ore no Imouto Meme

    Ore no Imouto Meme

    gordonator.com 03 May '16, 8am

    Ore no Imouto Meme gordonator.com/2016/05/03/ore… https://t.co/1y6JHZk1XX 1 hour ago

  • I Will Protect you

    I Will Protect you

    gordonator.com 26 Dec '15, 4am

    A collection of “I will protect you” spoken by the Heroine in various anime series. The line is first spoken and made famous by Rei Ayamami in the 6th episode of the anime TV series back in 1995.


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