• Eight Treasures #Tea with Empress Cixi and Queen Victoria

    Eights Treasures Tea 八宝茶 | Eevon

    eevon.sg 06 Mar '14, 2pm

    Victoria. Remember the Taiping Rebellion? I was 29. No celebration is ever enough for the downfall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. What a name. Do you still recall that ludicrous moment when Hong Xiuquan announced he had received visions in which he learned that he was the younger br...

  • A winter date with plum blossoms @TripAdvisor #lp @tcg_travel

    Plum Blossoms Garden at Mo Hill Scenic Area // Wuhan China | Eevon

    eevon.sg 13 Feb '14, 9am

    Back at Wuhan for Chinese New Year and managed to catch a teaser of the Plum Blossom (梅花) Festival (February-March). Very appropriate as the tree’s flowering in late winter and early spring is highly regarded as a seasonal symbol. A symbol of winter and harbinger of spring. No surpris...

  • New launch this week and why London? | Eevon

    New launch this week and why London? | Eevon

    eevon.sg 09 Oct '13, 1pm

    According to the Asia Property Market Sentiment Report (APMSR) 2013 conducted by iProperty Group, Asia’s No.1 network of property websites reveals top 5 preferred investment locations by Singaporean respondents. While overseas investment interest continues to be strong, there have bee...

  • Wanna try something different this weekend with Austrian princes, drama, myths and art? #Singapore

    Princely Treasures from the House of Liechtenstein | Eevon

    eevon.sg 07 Aug '13, 5pm

    Finally had a chance to visit after such a long time. This talk was held Princely Treasures from the House of Liechtenstein exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore. A collection of artwork kept by an Austrian dynasty of rulers from the House of Liechtenstein. Imagine how all th...

  • Why you should try #Gryphon #tea Osmanthus Sencha.

    Aphrodisiac for the Palate. The Gryphon Tea Company Osmanthus SenchaEevon | Eevon

    eevon.sg 26 Jun '13, 12am

    He had spontaneous adventures all his life but this is destiny. A destiny was so intertwined with his soul. She’s a delicate osmanthus flower. He recalls her pleasant scent of sweet jasmine, ripe peaches and apricots. That glimmer in her eyes. How those crimson lips beckon. His obsess...

  • @united pls pass along the positives

    Twitter Care. United AirlinesEevon | Eevon

    eevon.sg 15 Jun '13, 3am

    Ever had an awesome experience with service providers on social media? I did. With United Airlines. Confirmed a last minute trip to Michigan and Chicago. Somehow, The Husband’s corporate travel agency managed to secure designated seats for him but nothing for me. The awful thought of ...

  • Lovely @Dilmah tea for a Sunday morning. Got me writing.

    Stolen Moments. Dilmah Exceptional Peppermint and English ToffeeEevon | Eevon

    eevon.sg 09 Jun '13, 3am

    I’ve tried walking out of the darkness. Convincing myself that he wasn’t the only significant person I’ve met. But it’s always a losing battle. Futile. His piercing wit and polished charm is fatal. “With you, I’m me,” he said. Making it impossible to stop the remarkable game where rel...

  • Singapore: Wealth Over the Edge The new Monaco? Oh god NO (please!)

    What Makes a Luxury Property, Luxurious?Eevon | Eevon

    eevon.sg 01 Apr '13, 4pm

    For some reasons, living in the lap of luxury is strangely associated with adventures on the high seas. A yacht, anyone? Lazy weekend cruise with marshmallow clouds. Not a bad idea. Living on a yacht? I’m not in a position to comment if that is an improvement to the quality of life . ...