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16 hours ago ... I didn't even find out about this until today, but apparently one of the things that this restaurant is known for is this Spice Mum chili sauce, a sour ...

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  • The Traveling Hungryboy: The Ever-Changing Menu at Soup Stock Tokyo

    Traveling Hungryboy: The Ever-Changing Menu at Soup Stock Tokyo

    eatbma.blogspot.com 31 Aug '14, 3am

    , in part simply because the menu keeps changing, and these double-bowl sets let me try more flavors in one sitting. They've been doing a couple of Korean soups lately as well as a "Saba Minestrone" featuring katsuobushi on top. None of them were anything to flip out over (and no, tha...

  • Nitomen from Menya Musashi Kodou: check out great food from #Singapore #Travel

    Nitomen from Menya Musashi Kodou

    eatbma.blogspot.com 14 Aug '12, 6pm

    You can't really see it underneath all of that chashu in the photo above, but this tsukemen featured two kinds of noodles: the usual curly kind that you can see in the foreground, plus another one that was almost as wide as pappardelle , but thicker and cut into stubby lengths (maybe ...

  • The Travelling Hungryboy: Cheong Lian Yuen, Pulau Ubin, Singapore: In all of years that I've been in Singapore...

    Cheong Lian Yuen, Pulau Ubin, Singapore

    eatbma.blogspot.com 24 Mar '13, 2pm

    In all of years that I've been in Singapore, I'd never been to Pulau Ubin. I finally got here today after a rather tiring kayaking excursion across the channel, and this shop was right on the beach where we stopped. We grabbed a few snacks like fried chicken and a surprisingly good sa...

  • これはヤバイ (゚A゚;)ゴクリ The Travelling Hungryboy: Full of Crab on East Coast Road, Singapore /

    Full of Crab on East Coast Road, Singapore

    eatbma.blogspot.com 24 Jan '14, 9am

    place has opened up in Singapore (195 East Coast Road, 6348-8195), although interestingly, these guys intentionally tried to be as close to the Boiling Crab as possible. And they generally succeeded, with the right amount of butter in there to give it the punch that it needed. Granted...

  • via @Travelavenue: A Naked Chicken Bowl from Yoshinoya #Food #Singapore #Travel

    A Naked Chicken Bowl from Yoshinoya

    eatbma.blogspot.com 02 Aug '12, 2pm

    If something looks strange about that bowl above, it's the sauce, or rather the lack thereof. See, I needed a quick bite tonight, and I figured that the least healthy part of a Yoshinoya chicken bowl was the sauce...or at least, there was no way that it could have added much nutrition...

  • MRS PHO on Beach Road in Singapore

    Traveling Hungryboy: MRS PHO on Beach Road in Singapore

    eatbma.blogspot.com 25 May '14, 3pm

    We came here after seeing the little writeup in 8 Days this week, and I'm glad that we did (349 Beach Road, 6292-0018). Yes, the food here was good enough to come back for. Now, I still won't get cravings for the broth, as it was a bit on the light side (and I don't think they had the...

  • @ME0WL0 it's the one in glass jars, often soaked in peppers and olive oil~~ my mom's fave brand is Gustavo

    Gustazo Gourmet Tuyo from the Philippines

    eatbma.blogspot.com 28 Mar '13, 2pm

    My Filipina colleague brought me some more packaged food from the Philippines, this time being something called tuyo . The way she explained it to me was that it was some kind of stinky fish that traditionally is eaten by peasants but is now common among the masses. Based on that desc...

  • Standard Balti House, Brick Lane, London

    Standard Balti House, Brick Lane, London

    eatbma.blogspot.com 26 Oct '11, 10pm

    Once again I needed something more substantial to sit in my belly for dinner, so tonight I went back to Brick Lane to try to finally get that spicy phall. And oh yes, it was spicy. It was basically like a habanero curry, with that distinctive habanero signature making it a delight to ...


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